Chapter 15: Throw the Bed Away Too

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Lucas looking at Evelyn with dissatisfaction; Could anyone else get into their bedroom casually?

Seeing that he was unhappy, Evelyn spread her hands and said a little helplessly, "She has been drunk. I have no choice."

Besides, depending on the sixth feeling as a woman, it was very likely that Amelia just pretended to be drunk.

Since Amelia wanted to make trouble, she simply helped her to achieve her aim and saw what she could do.

What Evelyn said made sense.

Then looking at Amelia who was inelegantly sleeping on the bed, Lucas frowned and was disinclined to quarrel with a drunk.

Turning around to the servant at the door, he said lightly, "Give her a wash and throw the sheets away tomorrow morning." After that, he added with a slight disgust, "Throw the bed away too!"

His look which made servants frightened.

Seeing this, Evelyn reached out and pulled him, "Go back to the room."

This young master was really demanding. It was really exaggerated to throw the bed away.

Evelyn wanted to say something. But she was wise to shut up when looking at Lucas's disgruntled and handsome face.

Everyone gradually returned to the room.

In the master bedroom, Amelia, who, originally, had been sleeping soundly, suddenly turned over from the bed and sat up.

She put her legs over the ground, with her fingers holding the sheets tightly.

Her eyes were dark and grim, which seemed that she wasn't drunk at all.

She had been eager to live in this bedroom for a long time.

This was not the way in which she lived in this bedroom.

It was obvious she had planned that she would pretend to be drunk and drive away Nora during the Alumni Association.

Then she took the opportunity to sleep with Lucas.

Once they two had sexual relations, she could find Sophia to decide for her.

But now the situations had been out of her expect.

Lucas preferred to sleep in the guest room for the sake of that bitch.

Besides, he was going to throw the bed away!

Did he think that she was impure? Wasn't she as good as Nora Davis, that loose woman?

It was as if a fire had blocked her chest and burned her brain.

Why? Why?

No, no. This isn’t what she want.

"Nora Davis, Nora Davis!"

This name was just like a curse. Amelia rushed to the table crazily, stretched out her arms and swept a vase from the middle of the table to the ground.

With a few clatters, the vase broke to pieces.

She still didn't satisfy and wanted to find more to abreact.

But she was walking too fast and the light was dim, so she slipped and fell forward heavily on the ground with her palms on the vase she had just broken.

The pain in the palms made her scream.

Evelyn and Lucas slept next door. They were shocked by the clatters and noise in the master bedroom.

Lucas calmly returned to the bedroom.

Evelyn, weary and tired, followed him.

When the two arrived, the door had been opened by the servant.

But everyone stood far away, only Amelia was sitting in the center of the room, staring at her hands in a daze.

Her hands were white, which made the color of the blood brighter and brighter.

Seeing this, Lucas rushed in hurrily, grabbed her arms and said anxiously, "How are you?"

He was very powerful and wanted to compress blood vessels to reduce bleeding.

The servants next to him was frightened and dumb, just hearding that Lucas roared, "What are you stunned to see? Get the medicine box!"

"Oh, oh." The servant handed over the medicine box in a hurry.

As soon as they found out that Amelia was injured, they took the medicine box here.

But they didn't expect that Amelia didn't let them touch her at all.

They were standing too far away to realize that she had been so badly injured. When they saw Lucas anxious look, they couldn't help feeling a little frightened.

"Why are you so careless?" Lucas stopped the bleeding for Amelia and asked her, "How is your feeling now?"

Amelia stared at Lucas for a while, and burst into tears suddenly, "It is too painful! Lucas, will I die?

She cried bitterly, as if she was aggrieved.

Lucas frowned and pulled her up from the ground, "Let's go. I'll take you to the hospital."

"I'll go too!" Evelyn took her coat from the hanger and hurried to follow them.

After all, it happened at her home.

The two had just sent Amelia to the hospital and had not had time to catch their breath.

They saw Mrs. and Mrs. Hawk rushed over anxiously, "What about Amelia? What happened to her? Why can she get hurt?"

" Today,she drank too much during the Alumni Association and hurt herself carelessly."

Lucas said simply, rubbing his eyebrows with one hand.

"Accidentally get hurt?"

It was not appropriate to be angry at her son. But, she saw Evelyn standing beside and then scolded her, "Amelia is Lucas' nominal sister. You're a sister-in-law. Don't you know how to take care of her?

Evelyn raised her eyebrows: What did this have to do with her?

There was no need to make her take the responsibility for all bad things.

"Miss Morgan drived me away from the bedroom and didn't want me to take care of her," she said lightly.

"How dare you answer back?" Sophia was so angry that she covered her chest. She still wanted to continue to be in trouble with Evelyn.

But she was stopped by Lucas, "Mom! Let's go and see Amelia first!"

Hearing that, Sophia regained her composure, hummed, bypassed Evelyn and went directly into the ward.

Lucas and Evelyn followed her. As soon as they entered the ward, they saw Amelia sitting by the bed. She had just drunk the sobering soup from the doctor and was awake, even the wounds on her hands were bandaged.

Next to her was a doctor who was sorting out the medical equipment he had just used.

"How is it?" Is that all right?" As soon as he entered the door, Lucas asked her.

Amelia was shy, "It's all right. Thank you, Lucas."

"That's great." Lucas responded, but his voice was suppressed by the voice of Sophia who was behind him.

She hugged Amelia and said, "Amelia, are you painful? What else is wrong with you?

Lucas looked at his mother and asked the doctor beside him, "Doctor, when can she leave the hospital?"

"It's not a big problem. There's no need to be hospitalized." The doctor took a look at Amelia, and said expressionlessly.

Lucas just wanted to say a few more words to thank the doctor, but Amelia held her head in her hands suddenly and cried out in pain, "Pain, pain!"

"Where was it painful? Well, don't leave the hospital hurrily and have a body check again." Sophia was anxious.

Lucas stood behind and was afraid that she would have somthing wrong with herself because of the anxiousness.

Evelyn stood by and looked at them coldly. All the family members in the room surrounded Amelia.

It seemed that they were one family, but she was just an outsider.

This feeling made Evelyn feel a little lonely.

Seeing that, Amelia was very proudly in her deep heart, "Evelyn, do you still want to fight with me?"

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