Chapter 17: He Likes Man

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They did not stop driving until they got to the busiest street of Shengjing Road.

It was still early, the commercial streets in Shengjing had already very busy, the sound of hawking rising and falling all along the street and the good smell of food come to people.

It was the first time for Lucas to see such a morning scene.

"Right there!"

Evelyn pointed to the Manni Mall across the street, it is a towering international building with great decorations, which looks very elegant.

The combination of handsome men and beautiful lady caused many passers-by to exclaim, many people also took out their mobile phones to take pictures secretly, they are full of admiration.

Evelyn was pretty, she has delicate facial features, white skin, good looking and long legs, and a simple grey coat made her more graceful.

She is tall, but standing beside Lucas who is over 1.8 meters, she is just like a timid and lovable little girl.

Lucas is also a quite charming man. His facial features are as handsome as sculpture. His black hair fit well with his obsidian eyes, and his cold temperament makes him fearful and give people cold feelings.

Looking at the people around them, Evelyn was a little helpless. Is it so serious to go shopping?

It seems that there were activities in the shopping mall, and the colored lights were very pleased.

The two attracted the attention of many salesmen, but no one dared to go forward to them.

Evelyn had nothing to buy.

But grandpa had always been very kind to her, so she wanted to buy some clothes for him to show her filial piety.

As for Lucas, he didn't go shopping and didn't know what to buy. He just wandered around with Evelyn.

The shopping mall was very big. When they passed a men's clothing store of hugoboss, Evelyn couldn’t help but stop. After a glance, she thought that the temperament here was very suitable for Lucas. She turned to Lucas and said, "Let me pick out some clothes for you, OK?"

Lucas's clothes were mostly made in Milan. He wanted to say no, but it was still early, so he nodded and went in with Evelyn.

The clothes were well made and had different kinds of styles.

Not bad.

Evelyn walked past the rows of display shelves, she should be more meticulous to buy clothes for Lucas.

Lucas followed her and looked at her quietly. Just a while, his mobile phone rang continuously. After looking at her, he turned to answer the phone outside without disturbing her.

The phone was from his company. There were some business stuff have to be approved by Lucas. He had never dared to do things carelessly in his work. So he spent a long time dealing with them.

" Lucas, how do you like this one?"

No one answered, Evelyn turned around and found that Lucas had disappeared. She shook her head and could only continue to choose by herself.

Who knows that she had not taken a few steps but suddenly met Austin.

Evelyn originally wanted to escape, but Austin has already seen her with his sharp eyes.

" Nora!" Austin was surprised to see Evelyn here.

Seeing Austin coming towards to her, Evelyn had to stop, and carefully asked, "Why are you here?"

"I’m shopping with my sister."

Austin was in a good mood. His amorous eyes kept looking at Evelyn. "What about you? Why are you alone?”

Evelyn said “Oh” softly that she didn't want to answer what he said.

But Austin had no intention of leaving at all, he kept staring at her up and down.

Evelyn was uncomfortable by his watching and frowned, stepped back a few steps from him quietly.

"Who are you going to buy clothes for?" Austin saw the clothes in her hands, asked with some unreasonable expectations.

"..." Evelyn was speechless and began to feel more headache. She could only perfunctorily reply, "I just choose it at will."

Austin was a little disappointed, but he still smiled and asked, "Would you like to have dinner with us in the evening? It's been a long time for we haven’t met each other."

He blinked wittily and stared eagerly at Evelyn.

What's the matter with this guy?

Did he forget the things happened last time?

If she goes to have dinner with Austin, she didn't know what else will happen.

Anyway, she did not dare to make Lucas angry again. She thought a while and answered Austin euphemistically, "I'm sorry, I'm going to have dinner with Lucas at night, I'm afraid I can't eat with you."

Evelyn gently refused him, even emphasized Lucas's name, so as to remind him.

She now got married, Austin, is that suitable to approach a lady who has got married?

It’s better to keep a little distance.

Austin had always been good at observing, seeing Evelyn's alienation, he was a little upset, said with excitement. "Lucas? Oh, Nora, don't use Lucas as an excuse. I know you don't like Lucas. You're just in a marriage of interest. And he doesn't like you either. Otherwise, why doesn’t him come back after getting married for a year, he let you live widowed life."

Evelyn was speechless, the fact is that he had came back!

And what did it have to do with you?

Before she began to say something, Austin had already pressed her shoulder forcefully. " Nora, it is rumored that Lucas likes man, and you will not be happy with him. Only I ... I can only give you happiness, so ... can you give me a chance?”

Evelyn couldn't help staring at him, and there were many people around him.

" Nora, I like you. I don't want to wait any longer. Lucas doesn’t fit you at all."

What’s the hell?

"Austin, stop, please respect yourself!"

Evelyn wanted escape from him, but she was totally caught by him.

He persisted and said, "Nora, don't hide from me. I really like you... Even if there's only a little chance, I'll cherish it as long as you're willing to give it to me.”

Evelyn 's face turned white, and saw Lucas standing behind Austin. He was staring at them gloomily.

Seeing her silence, Austin continued, " Nora, Lucas likes man, you..."

"Shut up!" He was interrupted by Evelyn before he finished.

Rumors is just rumors, Evelyn knew that Lucas couldn’t like man.

This was what she had personally experienced, and she still clearly remember the night they spent together.

Evelyn was quite afraid. What Austin said really startled her.

Seeing she was angry, Austin wanted to explain something, but to hear a gloomy voice behind him, "Whether I like man or not, my wife should know better than anyone else."

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