Chapter 12: The Secret of Wife

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"Are you all right?"

Seeing the two men go, Lucas looked at Evelyn with some worries.

Fortunately, he happened to see her today. Otherwise, he didn't know how much she would suffer.

"That's all right. Thank you for helping me."

Evelyn pretended to be relaxed. "What about you? Why did you suddenly come back?”

"Take the document!" Lucas shook his car keys.

"Then go head!" Evelyn nodded to him, took a deep breath, and stooped to pick up the broken vase on the ground.

When Lucas just frowned and wanted her not to pick it up, he heard Evelyn humming.

He found her finger has been cut by fragments, and the blood drops on the porcelain bottle were more and more dazzling.

She was stunned.

"What's wrong? You are so careless."

Lucas came back in three or two steps, pulled her away and said to a frightened servant, "Hurry up to get the medicine box."

"Yes!" The servant did not dare to neglect, but came back with the medicine box in the arms instantly.

Evelyn looked at Lucas's and said with amusement, "It's only a minor injury. Just bandage it. There’s no need to use the medicine box."

"Disinfected before medicated, or the wound will be infected. Don't you understand?"

Lucas was somewhat serious. As he spoke, he fixed Evelyn on a chair beside him and reached out to the stuffs of the medicine box.

Evelyn was speechless. She was not Nora, who was so delicate.

However, seeing that Lucas was so persistent, she had to let him do it.

Lucas was cautious about dipping some medical alcohol with tweezers and gently pressed it on her wound.

Evelyn took a deep breath because of the painfulness.

"Does it hurt? Just bear it for a while and you'll be all right soon."

Lucas said seriously.

He paid attention to Evelyn’s finger and carefully sprinkled powder on the wound.

It was so close. Evelyn could feel the temperature of the man's breathing on her finger.

She felt warm in her heart. No one had so patience with her since she was a child.

She couldn't help looking at Lucas a few more times. She was attracted.

He was really delicate, with sharp outlines and white skin. His eyes were like the dark Jade which were very deep and attractive. He was staring at her hand without blinking. His thin, sexy lips were slightly opened and blew the wound that he was wrapping up.

Evelyn stared at Lucas in a daze. How could he look so perfect?

When Lucas dealt with the Evelyn’s wounds, he was also full of doubts.

He has investigated Nora, but the person in front of him was not like the same woman in the data who was arrogant and domineered.

Was she trying to get her attention? Did she playact in front of him on purpose?

After all, since he returned home, there had been no more extraordinary and bad things she had done.

Lucas thought as he bandaged Evelyn's wound. Suddenly, his hand stopped. It were some thin calluses.

Nora didn’t do housework. How can there be calluses?

Lucas was puzzled and doubted himself.

"What's wrong?" Evelyn was aware of his anomalies, which made her come to herself.

Fortunately, Lucas didn't find it, otherwise she would make a fool of herself.

"Oh, nothing. It's done." Lucas stood up and said, "Don't let the wound touch water these days."

"The company is still busy. I'll go first."

Evelyn nodded. When he saw that she was obedient, Lucas went upstairs and took the documents and rushed back to the company.

Outside the window, the scenery quickly disappeared. Lucas was a little dazed handing the documents. The driver in the front seat dared not speak, for fear of interrupting his thinking.

As soon as Lucas's car arrived at the entrance of the company, a special car boy came.

Then Cater came up and said, "President!"

Lucas responded and discussed the plan with him as they walked. The two people stopped talking when they entered his office.

According to Lucas's favour, Cater made a cup of coffee and put it on his desk.

Lucas stopped looking at the information. "Cater, was it true that the last you brought me the information about Nora?"

Cater was stunned and said, "It's true. Before you went back from abroad, the young lady did have a group of friends. But they all seemed to be the flaky friends. As for other relationships... I don't know."

Seeing Lucas did not speak, Cater didn’t get excited the moment,"President? Is there anything wrong?”

"Oh, nothing? Tell the Planning Department to put the final plan on my desk before leaving work tonight.”

"Yes." Cater closed the door of the office thoughtfully.

Lucas stood up from behind the table and went around to the huge landing window. He put his hands in his pockets and took a deep breath.

Did he think too much?

He could feel and distinguish whether Nora was the first time.

But the facts were facts after all.

It was necessary for him to get to know his wife.

In the evening, Lucas finished his day's work.

When he got home, Evelyn had fallen asleep.

Lucas stared at her sweet little face for a while before he changed into the clothes and went downstairs.

Many servants had stood downstairs, waiting there respectfully.

Lucas nodded to the housekeeper.

Seeing him enter the study, the housekeeper whispered, "You will go in one by one in a moment. When the young master asks questions, all of you must answer truthfully!"

"Yes, yes!" The servants echoed in unison.

They also got the news ahead of time. The young master wanted to ask the things about the young lady today. They needed not hide it and could speak freely.


"Mrs. Hawk often comes back late and occasionally gets drunk."

"The young lady likes drinking. Sometimes she is in a bad mood and she will find someone to vent her feelings. The scar on my head was hit by her!" A servant pointed to his forehead.

"The young lady often contradicts Mrs. Hawk and Mrs. Hawk gets her chest sore with anger."

"The young lady likes to bully us very much. Every time she is not happy outside, she will find fault with us."

"Sometimes she likes not to go home at night..."

After asking, Lucas's face grew grave slightly, and his eyebrows tightened.

There was so many servants in the family. All of them complained of Nora's arrogance and domineering manner.

The housekeeper looked at his face, fearing that he might be angry to illness, and could not help worrying, "Young Master?"

Lucas tapped the table in a slight way, which was his habit of thinking.

"Well, nobody should let out a little of what happened today."

"Yes!" The housekeeper nodded in a hurry.

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