Chapter 14: Us

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Next evening, at the Hawk family.

Under the beige light, several servants were busy in silence in front of the new Chinese-style dinner table.

Evelyn and Lucas were rarely able to sit together for dinner.

The room was very quiet, and there was a little bit warmth between the couple, which was better than any conversation.

It was simple and warm.

Evelyn loved this feeling. She had been uncomfortable for being alone at home these days.

It would be nice if someone could accompany her for dinner every day.

While Evelyn secretly complained, someone was entering, and servants were busy greeting her.

"Why have dinner so early?"

Amelia took a chair, feeling at home. She sat between the couple, as if she was the master here.

From the view of Evelyn, Amelia seemed to be in a good mood today, dressing lovely.

A pink-purple dress made her skin white, a little curly hair ribbon showed her style and amorous eyes faintly stared at Lucas.

Lucas seemed to sense nothing, staying calm.

Evelyn could feel the hostility of Amelia. Seeing her like this, Evelyn was somewhat on the alert.

How did she come? Evelyn secretly questioned.

Once she appeared, there was no good thing.

Putting down the tableware, Evelyn waited for a long time to found that Amelia had no intention of bothering her. Since entering the room, Amelia’s sight had always been on Lucas.

Lucas asked coldly, "Is there something?"


Amelia smiled for Lucas’s response. She took a delicate invitation from the bag, put it in front of him, looking at him with expectation.

It seemed that Evelyn wasn’t there.

"What is it?"

Lucas glanced at the golden cover and asked carelessly.

Hearing his question, Amelia smiled more brightly, “Lucas, soon our college will hold an alumni association. Professor James Sharp will attend, who always appreciates you and you also know that. Since you went aboard in sophomore year, he had always felt pity.”

"This time he asked me to send you an invitation, expecting to see you, his excellent student.

Amelia deliberately showed that she was so familiar with Lucas. It seemed that no one could disturb she and Lucas. And she glanced at Evelyn every now and then.

When hearing about the professor, Lucas was surprised and glanced at the invitation, “When?”

"Tomorrow night!"

Amelia had inquired things about the alumni early.

She just wanted to be there with Lucas and waited eagerly for his reply since he questioned.

Lucas nodded, "I will be there then."

He had never liked these occasions, but James was a highly-respected predecessor and took good care of the younger generation.

And they used to get along well.

In the heart of Lucas, he had always respected James.

Amelia dared to send the invitation because she had already known that.

She became more and more proud due to his agreement, and even defiantly raised her chin towards Evelyn.

Evelyn showed the carelessness on her face. It was Lucas’s freedom to go anywhere.

In fact, although she was his wife , she had no right to inquiry his private affairs.

However, from the view of Amelia, Evelyn pretended to be calm. She couldn’t help feeling more proud.


The next evening, at Shengtian International Club.

Lucas and Amelia went into the room together where many people had already been.

Many top students of various subjects in their college were now the major figures in various fields.

All their eyes was lighted up as Lucas and Amelia came in.

The match of them attracted many people to discuss. Even someone asked Amelia , “Do you two fall in love? I thought you were totally matched during college. What a perfect match."

Amelia smiled without words, but all of them regarded it as a silent admission.

Lucas was too lazy to explain.

Even James, who was on the first seat, looked at them and nodded frequently. "They are well matched. "

James talked with Lucas, many women next to him were holding Amelia, talking about the whispers of women.

Everyone envied her to find Lucas, such a handsome and competent boyfriend, and some wanted to ask their current situations.

Amelia felt pleased, and was a little drunk when the dinner was over.

Seeing Amelia stumbling, even walking unsteadily, Lacus had to drive her home first.

"Amelia, be sober, we have reached home."

Lucas held her out of the car with one hand, and stopped her hand touching everywhere.

If she was not drunk, Lucas almost wanted to leave her there.

Amelia went mad on the way, crying for hotel.

Seeing the door was closer, she became more and more noisy and fierce, attracting some servants on the duty, "No, I don't want to go home. Lucas, let's go to the hotel! Hotel!"

She was so troublesome. Lucas looked at the other side of the big house where lights were out. If the drunk was sent back, it would definitely be so annoying that his parents couldn’t sleep well.

Lucas had to turn her back on the half way.

Evelyn, who fell asleep early, woke up due to the sound of the door and the noise from outside.

She tossed and turned, couldn’t sleep. Thus she put on a coat to go out and see. Unexpectedly, there was a smell of wine as soon as she opened the door.

Amelia was noisy before Evelyn’s bedroom, “No, I want this room. Lucas, please don’t chase me off.

This room was the master bedroom!

It was the bedroom of Lucas and Evelyn!

"Have it been enough!"

Standing in front of her with cold face, Lucas held out one hand, seeming to stop her.

"Lucas, you are yelling at me!"

Amelia suddenly became very aggrieved. When she found Evelyn at the door, she pushed her and shouted. "Who are you? Why are you here? Go out, out..."

Evelyn was not ready to be pushed several times, and her body fell down unsteadily.

"Watch out!" Lucas hurriedly reached out and held her.

At the moment, Amelia had stumbled and fell down on the big bed, and breathed smoothly.

Lucas changed face and was already very unhappy.

No one had ever provoked his bottom line so much. He was going to throw out Amelia.

Unexpectedly, his clothes were grabbed by Evelyn. She shook her head towards him.

"She wants to sleep here, jsut let her."

"It would be bad if the family were waken up the family at night."

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