Chapter 3 Divorce

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“Fuck you! Was that you who planned this fucking accident?” Finn Chen roared. Chen’s family was so insane that to force Finn to return to family, they threatened with Grant Shawn’s life.

“Young Master, it’s you who said that, not me.” Jones Chen smiled slightly.


Finn suddenly hit the wall. Though he hated Jones much, now Jones was the only one who could save Grant’s life. In terms of their conspiracy, though Finn could gather five million yuan by himself, the doctor wouldn’t help.

Besides, Finn had no way to gather five million yuan.

This was a totally obvious conspiracy, uncomplicated but impossible to avoid.

To force Finn to return, Chen’s Family could do anything. Finn knew that and accepted, but he couldn’t accept Maura Shawn’s family to be hurt because of him.

“Young master, make a decision quickly. Mr. Grant can’t hold long.” With a confident smile on his face, Jones knew Finn well. Finn’s weakness was too glaring. Once Maura Shawn got any hurts, Finn would lose his mind.

If today, Finn watched Grant die, his relationship with Maura would die as well.

Jones firmly believed that Finn wouldn’t make such a stupid choice.

Finn laughed miserably. He had tot admit that Jones was right. Even without Maura, he wouldn’t have watched Grant die, who had saved Finn’s life before!

“Save!” Finn’s voice was terribly cold. He finally made the decision. “If Grant has anything wrong this time, I’ll be no mercy to all the people of Chen’s Family as a payment!”

“Young master, for the moment you were born, you had the noble blood of Chen’s Family. Now, you have made the wisest decision. Believe me that the benefits Chen’s Family can give you are much more than trillions of assets!”

Jones didn’t care about Finn’s threat. His voice was full of pride. Chen’s family, known as the No.1 noble family in the Capital, was rich and contained a vast power beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

“Wise?” Finn bit the bullet, with a torrent of hatred.

Kind people would always be offended. Finn had compromised again and again, but in return, Chen’s Family forced more and more.
People of Chen’s Family all thought Finn as a dog, coming or going when they called.

But they didn’t know that dog would bite if it was forced too much.

At this moment, Finn decided never to compromise a little from today on. There was no concession between him and Chen’s Family!

He would make Jason Chen pay for his self-confidence!

“Chen’s Family, it’s you who forced me!”

Jones didn’t know Finn’s thought in mind. He took out the prepared contract and looked at Finn with a smile. “Young master, this is the meeting gift from the master. As long as you sign it, all the assets of Chen’s Family in City C will be yours.”

Finn stared at Jones coldly. The contract contained various industries, such as real estate, catering, communication, entertainment, internet and so on, involving almost all works of life.

Roughly estimated, it was worth tens of billions!

Finn knew for the first time how terrible Chen’s Family, the most powerful family in Capital, was.

Just in City C, a prefecture-level city, the value of all its industries was worth tens of millions.

How about all its industries around the Country C?

Invincible wealth!

The more understanding of Chen’s Family Finn got, the greater pressure he felt.

But the arrow was on the string, which was bound to fire. Finn had no way back.

Even if there was a hole, Finn must jump in.

Finn no longer hesitated and signed his name on it.

“Congratulations, young master. From now on, you’re the richest man in City C.” Jones bowed respectfully.

“The richest man?” Finn sneered. For ordinary people, he would go mad with joy if he became the richest man in City C, but Finn wouldn’t.

Finn would rather live a life of ordinary people with Maura than be the richest man.

But Chen’s Family didn’t intend to give him this chance.

From the moment he accepted the property in City C, he could die at any time.

When Finn left, Jones took out his mobile phone.

“Master, he agreed,” Jones spoke respectfully.

“Fine.” The voice on the phone was a little indifferent, obviously not surprised by the result. “You stay in City C for some time to help him control the industries there as soon as possible.”

“Yes, master.”

“Besides, I’ll send The Ghost to protect him.”

The Ghost?

Jones was shocked. He didn’t expect that Jason would send The Ghost to protect Finn.

What was with that illegitimate child that deserved Jason’s such careful caution.

The Ghost was the most critical armed force of Chen’s Family. Jason had spent more than 30 billion overseas to buy a small island as a training base for The Ghost.

Then, from all the world, they found young children with excellent talents to train since childhood. Every child must accept the cruel hell-like training, and all their instructors were either the masters of martial arts or the kings of killers.

Thousands of children entered the training base every year, but eventually, only one could become a member of The Ghost!

By that, it could be imagined how terrible The Ghost was!

The so-called kings of war and top killers, who were well known in the world, just joked in front of The Ghost.

Jones never expected that Jason would send The Ghost to protect Finn.

Even Jason’s son was not eligible to be protected by The Ghost, but Finn was eligible.

Jones was frightened. There must be an unknown secret in Finn.

And this secret was even tens or hundreds of times more important than the trillion assets for Chen’s Family!

For Jones’s arrangement, Grant’s operation was done without danger.

Grant was weak. Finn went out to buy some breakfasts. Leah Lin and Maura might be hungry, for they had stayed in the ward all night.

Finn with breakfasts came to the door of the ward and was about to push the door, but Leah’s voice came from the ward.

“Maura, when your father recovers, you divorce Finn.”

“Mom, I’ve said many times. I won’t divorce Finn.” Maura frowned, with a tired voice.

“You must divorce this time!” Leah kept a tough attitude and a firm tone. “Maura, I can follow you in other matters, but this matter has no discussion. If you don’t divorce Finn this time, I’ll never take you as my daughter.”

Maura looked at her mother in a daze. Obviously, Leah was serious. Leah had said divorce many times before, but as long as Maura refused, Leah would give up.

But this time, Leah’s attitude was surprisingly tough.

“Maura, it’s not that I’m cruel to break you up, but you’re not compatible. Finn doesn’t deserve you.”

“I could see from the day he came into our house. If it weren’t that your father promised me that Finn would have a promising future, I wouldn’t have agreed to your marriage.”

“Now, three years later, what thing has Finn done well? Now he is still a delivery man, with a dead salary of six or seven thousand yuan. Are you really willing to live with such a good-for-nothing all your life?”

Finn stood outside the door, calm and upset. What Leah said were true. In the past three years, he hadn’t done anything well and didn’t make Maura live a good life.

Now, it was time for Maura to make a decision. No matter what decision Maura made, he could accept it. Even if she wanted to divorce, he would leave without tangle.

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