Chapter 5 Hans Shen

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“Hey, what are you doing here?” The leading tall and swarthy guard was staring at Finn Chen.

“Looking for someone,” Finn replied.

“Looking for someone?” The guard sneered. “Do you know where there is?”

“Spring Hill,” Finn answered.

“Fuck, since you know there is Spring Hill, you still dare to look for someone here. Can there be anyone you know?” Wang, the guard, sneered. It would be less than one hundred yuan for Finn’s clothes, and he was riding a delivery man’s scooter. How could such kind of guy know the people in the villa area?

Finn frowned. He didn’t want to be ostentatious, which didn’t mean he would accept a guard’s disdain.

Seeing that Finn didn’t speak, Wang became more arrogant, for he thought he had seen through Finn.

“Guy, speak that who are you looking for, Mayer Li or boss Shen?” Wang satirized. Mayer Li and Hans Shen were the most famous people in City C. One was the head of this city, and the other was the richest. Many people came here and said they knew the two, but all had been penetrated by Wang.

“I’m looking for Hans Shen. I bought a villa from him, and now I’m here to have a look.” Finn sighed. He knew Wang wouldn’t believe the truth that he said, but he still wanted to give Wang one more chance. If Wang allowed him in, Finn could forget it. After all, he would live here in the future.


As expected, the response was wanton laughter.

Wang laughed so hard that he convulsively bent down, tears also coming out.

“Hahaha! Did you hear that? This fool said he has bought a villa from boss Shen. I’m going to die fucking laughing!”

“Is this fool stupid? Doesn’t he know that he can’t afford even one square meter of the villa here all his life?”

“If he can afford a villa here, I’ll eat this scooter!”

These guards were all laughing. They had seen a lot of braggarts, but they hadn’t seen someone like Finn, who dared to speak that he had bought a villa here.

It was not bragging, but fucking dreaming!

Finn shook his head. Why didn’t people believe the truth now?

“Well, guy, for the sake of making me laugh, I won’t hurt you today. Go away down by yourself. Here is not the place you can come to.” Wang waved his hand to Finn, as driving a fly.

Originally, according to Wang’s temperament, Wang would at least beat Finn, teaching this little guy to know who himself really was.

But Finn made them laugh. Wang thought he could be kind today to let Finn go.

Meanwhile, in a luxurious living room in the villa area, Jones Chen walked back and forth in front of the window, and behind him stood a rugged man.

With swarthy skin, a feeling of disobedience, looking from appearance, no one would know he was Hans Shen, the richest in City C.

“Mr. Jones, young master Finn...when will he come here?” Now, Hans was also a bit nervous. He had stayed up all night after hearing Jones said that the successor of Chen’s Family would come.

Hans was disturbed, for he didn’t know if that young master of Chen’s Family was easy to get along with.

Though people called Hans the richest in City C, Hans knew that he was only somebody in City C but nobody in Capital, where dignitaries lived everywhere.

“He...” Jones was a bit uneasy as well. It had been more than an hour since the phone call. Normally, Finn should have been here long ago, but he didn’t present yet.

Jones wanted to call and ask Finn, but he was afraid to trouble Finn.

Just then, Jones’s phone rang first.

“Young master!”

“I’m at the gate.” Only five words left, Finn hung up the phone.

Jones’s face changed. Gate? Why didn’t Finn come in?

“Hey, guy! I’m asking you to go away. Are you deaf?” Finn’s disobedience to leave enraged Wang.

Finn smiled faintly. “You want me to go away?”

“What? Do you want me to help you?” Wang sneered, fingers squeaking, and then kicked the scooter.

The scooter which Finn had used for three years was broken into pieces.

Finn frowned, with frost in his face, upset and enraged. He had ridden this scooter to deliver for three years, which was enough to develop a feeling, but now it was kicked to pieces by a guard.

Wang didn’t care so much. He ordered several guards to surround Finn.

“Little guy, since you don’t want to go by yourself, let me help you. Come on. Put your face closer, and let me give you a slap so that I’ll let you go.” Wang looked arrogant, thinking Finn as the fish on the chopping board, which could be slaughtered at will.

“Are you sure you want to slap me?” Finn smiled and walked towards Wang.

“What? What can you do if I slap you?” Wang laughed and felt this guy more stupid.

Though Wang was a security guard, he was hired by Hans. Only the name of Hans could make this delivery man get in big trouble.

In this area, even some high-status officials and dignitaries had to be polite. Without Hans’s permission, no one could go in or make trouble!

Wang raised his hand and then was going to slap Finn.

But his hand was held by someone, and then a slap came on his face.

Then a gloomy face appeared in front of Wang.

“Boss...boss Shen?” Wang felt his head exploding, and his tongue knotted. The man who suddenly appeared was his boss, Hans Shen, the well-known richest man in City C!

“Boss Shen, why...why are you here?” Wang’s voice trembled. He knew how terrible Hans was.

“Would you like to slap me together?”

Hans roared. He was thinking to flatter Finn, but Finn was blocked out of the gate and almost beaten by his bodyguard!

Now, Hans really wanted Wang to die.

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