Chapter 6 Forgiveness

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“Boss...boss Shen. I...I’m sorry.” Wang’s voice trembled, with fear in eyes.


Hans Shen slapped Wang to the ground.

Then he turned around, respectfully, to bow to Finn. “Young master Finn, I’m sorry.”

What a smooth action!

There was silence!

The security guards around rubbed their eyes with doubt and shock.

The richest man in City C bowed to a young man?

The whole city would shake for this scene!

What was the identity of this young man?

The guards felt their heads painful, and their breaths heavy.

“Mr. Hans, you’re too serious. I’m OK.” Finn smiled. Without introduction, Finn could know who the man was in front of him. Hans was the richest man in City C, so Finn could see his picture often in Financial Daily.

“Young master Finn, it’s my negligence. I promise you that those who offended you today will pay for that.” Malevolence flashing in Hans’s eyes, Wang had made him almost doomed eternally, so he wouldn’t let them go easily.

“Mr. Shen, please spare my life!”

“Mr. Shen, please give me a break!”


Wang and those guards knelt on the ground, tears falling down. The payment Hans said was not only losing the job but also more than breaking hands and feet!

“Shut up!” Hans shouted with impatience.

Hans looked ruthless. It was not only the ability to do business for Hans to struggle to be the richest man in City C from a young man without any relationship.

Now that those people dared to offend Finn, they had to prepared to pay for it!

Finn squinted his eyes. He could see that Hans was not pretending, which meant that Wang and others would definitely be punished severely.

“Forget it, Mr. Hans.” Finn waved his hand. “They didn’t do anything too much to me, so let them continue to work. If you feel sorry, you can deduct one month’s salary from them as a punishment.”

Finn was finally softhearted. Wang had a mistake, but it wasn’t such severe. Finn didn’t want to ruin their lives because of him.

During the three years, he had left Chen’s Family, Finn had learned a lot. For people at the bottom of society, sometimes it was hard to just live.

Maybe for Finn, it was a decision made casually, but for Wang and others, this decision might influence their lives.

Hans was a little surprised, but since Finn said so, he had to care about Finn’s feelings.

“Thank young master Chen, quickly!” Hans coldly glanced at those guards.

Wang and others promptly moved in front of Finn, and then kowtowed to apologize.

Finn didn’t speak, wishing these people to remember this lesson. Not everyone was as kind as him.

Hans was relieved as well. Finn’s performance was quite surprising to him, different from other young masters from influential families.

Finn was not arrogant and ostentatious, without a feeling of haughtiness. If it wasn’t that Jones could prove, Hans would never believe this young man in front of him was the young master of Chen’s Family.

And this young master...

Came by an electric scooter!

Hans subconsciously took a look at the fragmented scooter, his expression turning complicated.

“Young master, let’s go in.” Jones stood out with a smile.

Finn nodded sightly and then followed Hans into a villa with European castle style, elegant decoration, and jade-like walls making people feel relaxed and peaceful.

Along the way, Hans introduced the villa to Finn. It was the best one in Spring Hill, with panoramic French windows, which could make people living here enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hill without going out.

The villa contained more than 500 square meters, with the swimming pool, gym, cinema, small garden, and so on. In short, all high-end facilities were available.

This villa was built for Hans’s own to enjoy during the old age and was not for sale. However, Jones asked him to buy it, so Hans didn’t dare to refuse. He sold the villa to Jones at 50000 yuan per square meter.

Actually, it was not to sell but to send because even the ordinary residence in Spring Hill cost at least 100000 yuan per square meter.

As for this villa, with the best location and a view of the whole hill, people would rush to purchase even if it was 500000 yuan per square meter.

Finn was satisfied with this villa, which he thought Maura Shawn would be pleased if she lived in.

“Young master Finn, it’s late. I’ve prepared lunch at home. Could you please do me a favor to give me a chance to apologize?” Hans suggested tentatively. Though Finn had promised not to remember the thing Wang had done, Hans was still nervous, fearing that Finn would take it in the heart.

“Mr. Hans, you’re too serious. Don’t mention the apology. It’s over already, and I’ll forget it. On the contrary, I’m going to live in City C, so I may have to trouble you to take care of me.”

Finn smiled. Since he had taken over Chen’s Family’s industries, he had to deal with the local strongmen here. Hans was wise, so if he could, he wanted to invite Hans to his group, not Chen’s Family’s.

“Haha, young master Finn, you’re joking. I don’t dare to say taking care of you. When you think I’m useful, you just call me, and I’ll try my best to help.” Hans laughed straightforwardly.

Finn smiled but didn’t speak. The words Hans said shouldn’t be trusted, but just listened to.

The world was bustling for profit.

If it wasn’t Chen’s Family standing behind Finn, people like Hans wouldn’t take him seriously.

“By the way, Mr. Hans, there are still undeveloped spaces in Spring Hill, with beautiful scenery and excellent location, so why don’t you continue to develop?” Finn asked.

Spring Hill was the most famous scenic spot in City C. The spring water in the hill gushed out of the stone gaps, running down along the hill, with rainbows under sunshine, which was one of the three wonders of City C and was praised by the ancient emperor as the First Spring Around the Country. It had been the resort since the ancient period and was a well-known scenic spot all over the country.

But due to its vast area and steep terrain, it required much investment to develop Spring Hill.

It was said that Hans had invested all his financial resources before to develop only less than a quarter of the areas, leaving three-quarters of it undeveloped.

Thinking of these undeveloped areas, Finn had a plan in his mind.

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