Chapter 13 Do You Believe Me?

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After Carl Shawn and Hank Shawn were carried back by Shawn's Family, Jones Chen made a phone call to Finn Chen again.

After hearing the good news, Finn nodded in satisfaction because Jones did not let him down. He did let Carl and his son walk in, but were carried out.

Finn was in a splendid mood. But at this time in the Cloud Edifice conference room, the Shawns all had a melancholy face.

After Carl and hank woke up, they were slapped by Scott Shawn, who was irritated.

Scott didn't expect that Carl and his son, who contacted the cooperation with the Group of Pinnacle sending by him, did not only fail but riled the head of Pinnacle.

Not to mention participating in the Spring Hill project now, whether Shawn's Family could tide over the difficulty was a problem.

After all, the only profitable means of Shawn's Family now was their engineering teams. But as long as Shane Lin denied Shawn's Family, no company will dare to use their engineering team. Thousands of people in the engineering team had no work to do, but the wages still had to be paid.

It directly forced Shawn's Family into a dead end.

"Can't you do anything right?" The furious Scott thumped the conference table. Carl and Hank did not dare to lift their heads. At this time, Scott was in a rage, and they had no chance to say anything.

"Dad, the priority now is not to pursue my eldest brother, but to find a way to obtain Shane's forgiveness. The staff just sent word that seven more companies stopped their partnership with us," Sara's father frowned speaking.

In the large Family of Shawn's Family, Carl and his son made mistakes that required the whole Shawn's Family to bear the responsibility.

"Honestly! I don't know what's wrong with their minds. They even went to the site of Pinnacle Group to fight their bosses!"

"Now, we Shawn's Family has become a hated enemy, and they should be satisfied at last."

Many relatives of Shawn's Family began to express their strong dissatisfaction with Carl and his son.

Carl and his son were miserable. No matter how wrong with their minds, they won't go to other's sites to hit their boss. They were all framed by Shane, but nobody believed them.

What did you think you were? What qualifications did you have to be framed by Shane?

Scott sat weakly on his chair. He also wanted to obtain Shane's forgiveness, but now he didn't know how did Shawn's Family offend him and how he was going to talk with him.

Was Shawn's Family inherited for over two thousand years going to be destroyed in his hands? Scott thought sadly.

Maura Shawn was also in the conference room. She wouldn't have the slightest sympathy for Carl and Hank. But for Shawn's Family, she still had some feelings, and now Shawn's Family was facing the biggest crisis in its history. There was nothing she could do about it. This feeling of powerlessness made Maura extremely frustrated.

At this moment, Maura's phone rang.

"Do you believe me?"

It was a WeChat message from Finn.

Maura was stunned. Believe me? What did he mean?


Maura hesitated for a moment, her fingers quickly typing out two words. She didn't know why Finn was asking this, but she was willing to believe him.

"If you believe me, tell your grandpa that you can make Shawn's Family participate in the Spring Hill project. But the condition is that after it's done, Carl and his son must hand over all the engineering teams they have to you."

Looking at this long news, Maura fell into a sluggishness, was Finn crazy? Why did he say that? Did he not know that Carl and his son were kicked out by Pinnacle Group?

Maura subconsciously felt that Finn was talking nonsense. But she suddenly thought of Finn's sentence last night, "I will give you an account of this matter."

Did the matter of Carl and Hank relate to Finn?

An unbelievable thought popped up in Maura's mind, and then she shook her head. Finn couldn't have such a great ability. She must have overthought it.

"Is there anyone else willing to go talk to Pinnacle Group? As long as Shane is willing to spare Shawn's Family, Shawn's Family can pay any price." Scott asked with a tired voice, and many members of Shawn's Family were sad. No one can imagine that the old man who was still high and mighty yesterday will be humble today. It was still for Shawn's Family.

It's a lie that she didn't complain about Scott because he took the side of Carl and Hank yesterday. But seeing Scott today, Maura's heart softened because Scott was just an old man who was dedicated to Shawn's Family.

"I will."

Maura took a deep breath and stood up.

Although she felt that Finn was incredible, she was willing to believe Finn once. Because this was the first time, Finn had been so serious since they had married for three years.

Even if she knew that Finn was talking nonsense, she was willing to try it for him!

The one standing up was Maura?

Everyone in Shawn's Family was dumbfounded. Was this woman crazy?

Even Carl and his son were driven out, where did she get the courage?

Scott was full of surprises. But after the surprise, he sighed and expressed. Shawn's Family, with a population of nearly one hundred, finally one stood out, it was a girl!

Maura, do you...have confidence?" Scott asked with a pause in his mouth. He knew very well that no matter who talked, hope was frail.

"How can we know if we don't have a try." Maura faintly said.

"How can such a thing be tried? What if Maura is like uncle Carl, and upsets Shane again, what should we do?" Sara muttered.

"Shut up!" Sean Shawn glared coldly at Sara, the stupid daughter of his was hopeless.

"What I said is true!" Sara was a little dissatisfied.

"Then you can try it. I don't expect much of you, as long as you find a way to make Shane spare our Family." Scott spoke. There was no good way to do it now.

"Okay, but I have a condition." Maura nodded and said.

"What conditions?"

"After it's done, I want all the engineering teams of my uncle and Hank!" Maura pointed at Carl and his son in the corner.


Shawn's Family crowd sucked in a breath of cold air, so ruthless!

Where on earth did Maura get her confidence?

"No way! Maura, don't think about it!"

Hank said angrily. Although he felt that Maura and Shane could not negotiate successfully, But in case if the negotiation was successful? Hand over all the engineering teams of him and his father, they had nothing.

"It doesn't matter!"

Maura did not argue with Hank but sat directly on the chair.

"I promise you that as long as you can make Shane spare our family, I will give them all the engineering teams to you!" Scott spoke.

"Grandpa, that's not fair!" Hank was unconvinced.


Scott slapped directly on Hank's face and said lightly: "Is it fair now?"

The strong sense of humiliation almost made Hank clench his teeth. But at this time, he didn't dare to contradict Scott. His resentment against Maura reached an extreme.

"Maura, is there anything else you want?" Scott asked.

Maura shook her head.

"Then... Shawn's Family is all up to you." Scott sighed.

Maura then left the Cloud Edifice lightly.

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