Chapter 14 Why Rest?

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In the conference room, people had different thoughts, but most people hoped that Maura Shawn could create miracles.

Only Carl Shawn and his son didn't think so. They wished Maura fail. If Maura made a deal, wouldn't it prove that he and his son were incompetent?

Hank Shawn even viciously hoped that Shane would treat Maura as rudely as them, and it was best to humiliate Maura as well.

Maura took a taxi to The Group of Pinnacle downstairs, looking uneasy.

In fact, until now, she couldn't believe that she agreed to come here because of Finn's words.

And to challenge this almost impossible task.

Maura almost entered Shane's office with the preparation to accept failing. Even she was ready to be humiliated by Carl and his son if she failed.

Fifteen minutes later, Maura came out with an incredible look.

Maura completed the task so smoothly that she thought she was dreaming.

After entering, Shane Lin didn't say anything about Carl and his son. On the contrary, his attitude was surprisingly good. Maura even felt that Shane was so kind to her that he intended to do something to her.

But until she came out of the office, Shane didn't do anything too much.

After returning to The Cloud Edifice, Maura still did not recover.

In the Meeting room, they saw that Maura was out of her mind, so they felt disappointed--obviously, the negotiation failed.

There was a flash of joy in Hank's eyes--you bitch. I thought you were capable, but you had been thrown out after only ten minutes.

"Alas." Scott Shawn glanced at Maura and sighed. Then he waved weakly and said, "Go back to rest."

"Rest?" Maura reacted: " Why rest?"

"Hum, you have failed. Why don't you rest? Do you still want uncle to give you the construction team?" Sara Shawn coldly hummed and quipped.

"Who said I failed?" Maura glimpsed Sara coldly and then threw the contract on the conference table.

"What do you mean!" Sara suddenly had a terrible guess.

Maura smiled, "Nothing. Shane promised to let Shawn's Family participate in the Spring Hill Resort project, and he can let bygones be bygones."


All people here were shocked, just like a sculpture standing in situ!

"No... it's impossible." Hank and Sara questioned aloud. Other members of Shawn's Family doubted as well.

"The contract is here, in black and white, with fingerprints on it. Would you like to have a look?" Maura smiled and laughed. She had never been so proud of the family meeting.

Hank hurried to the table, took out the contract, and looked over it when he saw Shane Lin's signature. He felt cold.

"Fake! Yes, this contract must be fake! "As if he had thought of something, Hank suddenly said with excitement, "Maura, you are so bold that you even cheated Grandpa with a fake contract!"

"Grandpa, you should immediately check the authenticity of this contract. I also think it's fake. How can she reach cooperation with The Group of Pinnacle in ten minutes?" Sara also hurriedly added.

Maura looked at the two people like idiots--fake? She must be crazy. Just a call should be enough to prove it.

"Shut up!" Scott yelled at them coldly, then picked up the contract and carefully reviewed it.

After a while, his hand began to tremble--it was true!

Shawn's Family had reached cooperation with The Group of Pinnacle, and the excellent conditions in the contract exceeded Scott's imagination! The price offered by The Group of Pinnacle to Shawn's Family was twice as much as what Shawn's Family wanted!

"Maura, you saved our family!" Scott was excited.

Hearing these words, Hank and Sara turned pale.

Maura Shawn made it!

Hank's heart sank. He couldn't imagine why Shane had very different attitudes towards them and Maura.

"You bitch, did you sleep with Shane?!"

"Definitely! Maura, you bitch, you have lost the face of our Shawn's Family!"


Scott Shawn got up suddenly and slapped Hank to the ground.

"You bastard! Do you have any sense of shame! "Scott trembled with rage. He didn't expect Hank was so narrow-minded.

"Grandpa, why do you slap me? You ask this bitch what's her advantage except for her body! "Hank hysterically said. Today's barrage of blows made him so crazy to lose all his mind that he even dared to contradict Scott Shawn.

After Hank said this, the eyes of many members of Shawn's Family at Maura also changed. Yes, how did Maura talk to Shane? Shane had refused so many companies. Why did he cooperate with Maura?

Looking at all the strange eyes, Maura was wronged. She naturally knew what was going on in all the people's minds, but she didn't know why Shane cooperated with her.

Was it ... Finn?

Maura suddenly thought of the WeChat message sent by Finn half an hour ago.

Finn Chen knew Shane!

Maura suddenly realized, but then she felt curious. How did Finn know Shane?

Not giving her much time to think, Scott, who was exasperated at Hank's failure, kicked Hank to the ground, and then called the security guard to drag Hank out.

"Carl, give all the engineering teams in your hands to Maura tomorrow!" Scott coldly said.

Carl nodded immediately. Maura was a great contributor to Shawn's Family at this moment. Even if she wanted the stars in the sky, Scott would pick them for her.

"Besides, I said before that no matter who, as long as it can help our Family and The Group of Pinnacle to reach a cooperative relationship, as a reward, I will give him that set of real estate in the east of the city. Now, Maura has completed this task. I rewarded her with the property in the east. You guys, do you agree with that?" Scott glanced many Shawn's Family's relatives in the conference room again and asked majestically.

All relatives shook their heads and looked at Maura's eyes, full of jealousy. The property in the east was worth more than 30 million yuan. Maura just went and earned it in less than an hour.

"Thank you, Grandpa." Maura smiled sweetly--selling the real estate. She could buy a bigger house and a car for Finn.

"Girl, you deserve this." Scott was full of kindness. Compared with the Spring Hill project, a set of real estate was Nothing. If the Spring Hill project was operated well, Shawn's Family could profit at least 500 million yuan from it!


In the deputy general manager's office, Hank's eyes were red, and he picked up the cup on the table and slammed it on the ground.

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