Chapter 8 Slap

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Maura Shawn tightly bit her lips. She knew that Sara Shawn had always been bitter about her being the most beautiful woman in the family, so Sara would mock her as much as possible, which Maura had been used to.

Maura was silent, but Sara was more arrogant.

“Maura, when will Finn buy you a car? He’s so inconsiderate to put you in the back of an electric scooter in such a hot day.”

“What does it have to do with you?” Maura glanced at Sara with disgust.

Sara sneered. “I’m sorry, Maura. I forgot that Finn’s salary was so little. It seemed that he will never afford a car.”

Maura clenched her teeth, enraged. Sara belittled Finn in front of her, but she had no word to refute, for what Sara said was the truth that Finn’s salary was even too little to support a living, not to mention to afford a car.

“Maura, ask Finn not to deliver food. Let him work under my husband. My husband’s company is recruiting security guards recently, with a good salary, at least better than delivering food. If Finn could work hard for the years or more, he would have to afford a car.”

Sara satirized. Unlike Maura, Sara had married an excellent husband, who was already the manager of the company’s personnel department at such a young age. So Sara was confident enough in front of Maura.

Maura turned around and didn’t look at Sara.

“Hum.” Maura hum with disdain. Maura ignored her, so she felt boring to mock Maura then.

At this moment, a black Audi A8 drove into the gate, and behind it was a Jetta taxi.

Sara became excited.

“Maura, my husband has come to pick me up. You can stay here to bask in the sun.” Sara went to the Audi car with complacency.

Maura bit her lips. Of course, she was jealous. Sara’s husband drove an Audi A8 car, worth about one million yuan, but her husband drove an electric scooter.

Sometimes when it rained, both Finn and she would be drenched.

The car stopped at the gate, then the window lowered, Sid’s face revealing.

“Honey!” Sara went to Sid and then kissed his face.

“Sara, get in the car.”

Sid smiled gentlemanly. Glancing at Maura, Sid felt Maura stunning. Over three years, Maura was as beautiful as before. Time didn’t leave any evidence on Maura’s face, but bring her more charms of maturity.

Then looking at Sara beside him, Sid found that with heavy makeup, Sara was good-looking, but she was much more inferior to Maura, who was even without any makeup.

If only he had been one step earlier than that coward, Sid thought. Three years ago, Sid was attracted by Maura, but when he intended to chase after her, a claim came from Shawn’s Family.

Maura had married a delivery man!

Sid felt the sky falling, but the die was cast, so he had no choice but to marry Sara.

Sid couldn’t forget Maura at all. Even when he heard that Maura didn’t live well, he had imagined to divorce Sara and chase after Maura again.

But it was just an imagination.

Sid sighed and was ready to drive. But at this moment, he saw a familiar figure in the driving mirror.

Was it that coward Finn? Sid sneered.

“Maura, sorry, I’m late.” Finn got out of the taxi, wiping the sweat off on his head and then rushed to Maura.

“It’s OK.” Maura was confused about that Finn didn’t drive the electric scooter today, but she didn’t ask.

“Come on, let’s go back.” Finn smiled.

“Hey, Finn, where is your electric scooter?” Sara asked sarcastically. At least Finn usually drove a scooter to pick Maura up, but today, even the scooter wasn’t here. Did he want to go back on foot?

Finn squinted his eyes. “What does it have to do with you?” He knew Sara’s disdain to Maura, so he wouldn’t be polite to Sara.

Sara choked. They were bound to be a couple, for they could speak the same word.

But Sara wouldn’t be polite to Finn, too. “What did you say? Do you know any order? How can you speak to your cousin like that? Rude!”

“Sara, be polite to speak the language!” Finn didn’t say anything, but Sara stood out with a cold face.

“What, for this coward, I’ll...”


Sara was still speaking, but Maura slapped her.

Sara was stunned, so were Sid and Finn.

With a cold face, Maura clenched her teeth. “Do you dare to speak coward again?”

She was...slapped? Sara was shocked.

“Ah! Bitch! I’ll kill you!”

Suddenly, Sara cried and rushed to Maura.

At this moment, Finn stepped out to protected Maura behind him.

Sid stepped forward as well. He intended to help, but in the face of stronger Finn, he stopped and held Sara.

If the fight started, faced with Finn, who had been exercising all the time, Sid knew he had no chance to win, so he didn’t want to be humiliated here.

“Sid Zhao, what are you pulling me for? This bitch slapped your wife, and you don’t help but pull me!”

Sara screamed hysterically, with no grace at all, attracting a lot of employees in the company came out to watch, which made Sid feel shameful.

“Enough!” Sid heavily grabbed Sara, glaring.

“Boohoo, honey, that bitch, Maura slapped me.”

Finn’s face suddenly turned cold. He stepped forward and then slapped Sara.

It was OK to curse him as a coward, but it was unacceptable to curse Maura!

He slapped much heavier than Maura, living a fingerprint on Sara’s face.

“Finn Chen, you coward dare to slap me! And bitch Maura...”

With pain, Sara was crazy. She broke away from Sid and then rushed to Finn.

Slap! Slap!

How could Sara’s petite body fight against Finn? So there were two more slaps, making Sara almost fainted.

“Honey, honey, this coward! He...he slapped me! Ah! I’m going to die!”

Sara was about to be mad.

“If you can’t control your mouth, I don’t mind tearing it up!” Finn said coldly. The bloody looking in his eyes showed that he would really do that if he wanted.

This scene shocked all the people nearby, including Sid and Maura, stunned here.

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