Chapter 1 Husband Cheat on Her

by Shrimp 15:26,Dec 04,2020
Susanna Su’s husband was cheating on her.

The thought came to her when she saw the painting named “Spring Field” in which there was a half-naked figure.

But soon, she thought that she thought too much.

Her husband wouldn’t cheat on her.

Carson Chen and she had been together for ten years now. And they were close as ever.

She worked as a sales manager in a listed company, while her husband was a lecturer who taught lessons on painting in a university. They had no financial pressure.

They had a cute and considerate daughter. Her father-in-law and mother-in-law treated her as their child.

Besides, their relationship was still very harmonious. Over the years, he had always been nice to her. Every time she was invited to dinner and got drunk, he would make honey water for her and take good care of her.

How could such a man cheat on her?

Susanna felt that she thought too much. A painting could not stand for anything. However, she remembered that her husband once said he would not draw any other women’s portraits except her. The woman in the painting was not her.

After coming out of the basement, Susanna mentioned the painting on purpose.

“The painting, “Spring Field”, looks good.”

“It’s just so-so. This year there are body art classes. My students wanted to see my work, so I just drew one.”

When Carson was speaking, there’s no trace of hesitation or panic. He looked calm and honest.

Susanna was relieved. Sure enough, she just thought too much.

“Any painting of you is great.”

She added a few words with a smile and then passed the topic.

Susanna rarely took a day off. They packed up their tent and barbecue and took their daughter to the outdoor for the day.

Seeing her husband playing with their daughter while taking care of her, Susanna felt that meeting Carson was the happiest thing in her life.

At night they went back home, their daughter went to bed early. After taking a bath, Susanna walked out of the bathroom. She applied a skincare product and looked herself in the mirror.

She was thirty-five this year. She always stayed up late and drank on social occasions, which left on her face the trace of time.
She couldn’t help complaining, “The ad says it has a good antiwrinkle effect. But it doesn’t work at all.”

Carson was sorting things out. Hearing her words, he said subconsciously, “I heard that XXX is good. And it’s not expensive.”

“How did you know that?”

Susanna turned to stare at her husband with some doubts.

Her husband never knew about these skincare products. The last time he went abroad, she asked him to bring eye cream, but he brought essence.

How did such kind of people know which brand was good?

Doubts came to her mind again.

“When did you begin to pay attention to it?”

There’s a trace of inquiry in her eyes.

“There are a lot of female colleagues in my office who talk about it every day. So I know a little bit.”

Carson didn’t seem to find her suspicion. He continued to explain, “Daisy discussed the most excitedly. She came to my office every day and talked about something like the rhytidectomy needles.”

“I think she is too restless,” said Carson with disapproval and disgust.

Daisy Du was her best friend. When in college, they were in the same dormitory. But after graduation, she chose the company, while Daisy decided to work in their school. Now she and Carson were in the same school.

Susanna would never doubt her best friend and husband because they had always been hostile to each other. Daisy thought Carson was useless, and Carson disliked her snobbishness.

“Don’t say that. She has difficulties. Her husband was in charge of a large company. She always worried that other women seduce her husband.”

Susanna defended her best friend while thinking about what Carson said just now.

There’s nothing wrong with his answer, but her sixth sense told her that something was wrong.

Daisy and she had also talked about cosmetics in front of him before. He didn’t remember anything. Why did he remember the brand this time?

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