Chapter 7 Recommendations

by Shrimp 15:27,Dec 04,2020
"Wife, quickly get up, I will boil the bird's nest for you, drink a little before going to the company. "

Carson's voice came from outside the door.

Susanna Su opened her eyes. She hadn't slept all night, and now her eyes were covered with red blood silk.

Saw her husband busy taking care of her, Susanna felt a little disgusted for the first time.

They had been together for more than ten years, and it seemed that they had never really understood each other.

Why could he treat her tenderly on one side and keep an ambiguity with other women on the other side?

She didn't say anything about the insurance.

She drank the bird's nest calmly and drove to work as usual.

Held the steering wheel tightly, the super-fast speed could express her mood at this time.

She didn't go to the company, and even her best friend cheated on her. Now she didn't know who to trust.

She contacted the private investigator who had made an appointment before. It was a girl named Yoyo.

They made an appointment to meet, and she didn't calm down until she received a message from Yoyo.

It had become the fact that Carson liked others, but she didn't know who the woman was, how long they had known each other, and why he should buy her insurance.

She had also heard that some husbands deliberately make their wives "accidents" for money and thus get huge insurance payments.

However, she never thought that such a thing might happen to her.

She just felt cold all over.

"General Manager Su, I think you still need a lawyer."

Yoyo made her suggestion. This is not the first time, she has investigated this kind of thing, but every time the result is not good.

Although the woman in front of her looked calm, there was a hint of despair in her eyes.

"Thank you."

Susanna listened to Yoyo's advice, and after separated from her, she went to one of the most well-known law firms in the area.

"Miss Su, if you take the initiative to file for a divorce and want to take advantage, then you must find some evidence in your favor. I'm talking about the actual evidence, not the evidence you suspect now."

Laurence Fu also made suggestions.

He didn't want to accept such small cases, but because Susanna wanted the best lawyer and gave a lot of money, he made these suggestions.

"I have sent someone to find it."

"Miss Su, if we find evidence, are you sure you will get a divorce?"

"What do you mean?"

"Sorry, because I have taken many cases of this kind before. At first, my client was very firm, but later due to family reasons or other reasons, eventually changed his mind."

"So, I hope Miss Su can think clearly."

Because his time was precious, he feared that Susanna would give up divorce after accepted the case.

To be honest, Susanna hesitated at this moment.

Did she want to divorce?

Saw her hesitation, Laurence said directly, "You still have time to think about it and make a decision after careful consideration."

After left the law firm, Susanna felt particularly confused.

She was fortunate to have a family, but was it about to be dissolved?

Susanna didn't know what to do.

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