Chapter 9 Coco's Words

by Shrimp 15:27,Dec 04,2020
"I don't know who she is. I also hear it from other teachers in the school. It seems that someone met Carson Chen and that woman when they were shopping."

Daisy Du's words made Susanna Su feel she was a fool. Everyone around them knew Carson had an affair except her. Everyone hid it from her! Susanna felt she must be the poorest woman in the world.

So, how did his colleagues laugh at her when she went to the university that Carson worked for? Susanna held the steering wheel tightly, and even her long fingernails had torn the leather cover.

Daisy, on the other end of the phone, felt Susanna's silence and persuaded, "You know, everyone will keep silent about the matter. To protect your family, nobody will tell the truth to you, and nobody wants to interfere with your marriage."

"So, you laugh at me as well as they do?"

Susanna's voice was sharp. She never expected that she took Daisy as her confidant, but Daisy treated her as a joke!

"You are so furious now that you can't listen to anything. Calm down!"

As the words fell, Daisy hung up the phone.

Susanna held her phone tightly. The hypocrisy of Carson's thoughtfulness, the deceitful words of her parents in law, and the hateful smile of Daisy flashed through her mind.

They all treated her like a fool!

Susanna made her mind that she must ask Carson for a divorce.

When it was time to knock off, Susanna put away all her thoughts and went back to her home peacefully. Carson made the meal and was waiting for her. Even when he saw Susanna, Carson still greeted Susanna with a smile as usual, "Welcome home! Wash your hands, and enjoy the dinner. Coco and I have been waiting for you for a long time! "

As if nothing had happened. However, she only felt extremely sick. How did Carson betray her but care so much about her? Susanna's calm face became distorted.

When she was about to say something, she heard Coco calling her, "Mom, I'm hungry. Let's have a meal!"

Looking at her seven-year-old daughter, Susanna suddenly woke up. Coco knew nothing about what happened between her parents.

Susanna had been through a broken family. Therefore, there was a shadow in her heart.

Over the years, Susanna and Carson were an affectionate couple in front of Coco. Even at the moment, Susanna still didn't want her daughter to see terrible scenes in the family, so she forced herself to smile, "OK! Mom will wash my hands. Then, let's enjoy dinner!"

It seemed that the meal was nothing special. Carson, as usual, picked up food for Susanna and then asked Coco what happened in the school. Gazing at his behaviors, Susanna was in a trance. She wondered whether it was a dream.

In the evening, Susanna was telling a story to Coco, suddenly, Coco stared at Susanna, "Mom, can you come with dad tomorrow to drive me to school?"

Susanna was stunned for a while, "What's wrong?"

She didn't know if her daughter was aware of something.

"It's always dad that picks me up. My classmates never see you. They say I don't have the mom."

Coco pursed her lips and said with depression. Hearing Coco's words, Susanna instantly felt guilty to the extreme. Over the years, she has been busy with her work and neglected her daughter.

As a child, Coco felt like this. Was it the reason why Carson betrayed her?

When Coco fell asleep, Susanna sat in Coco's room for a long time. Then, she got up and went out.

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