Chapter 10 Hesitation

by Shrimp 15:27,Dec 04,2020
Carson Chen cleaned the room very early and sat waiting for her. Saw her come in, he hurriedly walked to her. Without waiting for him to speak, Susanna Su said, "Let's talk."

"Okay, what do you want to say?" Carson looked at Susanna and asked with a smile.

Susanna originally decided to make what she discovered publicly. She had been thinking about it for a long time. She felt that she had been busy with the company's business for these years and seemed to ignore her family.

But after she saw Carson's disguise, her inner peace was finally broken.

"Carson, do you find such interesting?"

"I don't believe Daisy Du didn't tell you."

It was ridiculous that her best friend was helping others from start to finish.

The smile on Carson's face faded, "Honey, I know you have been under a lot of pressure recently, but you can think about it; how can I do something to hurt you?"

Susanna didn't expect that Carson would deny it at this time. She couldn't help but say, "Carson, how long will you deceive me?"

"I heard the conversation between you and your mother just now. Do you still want to hide it from me?"

"Go ahead, who is that woman."

This time, Carson didn't speak anymore; he didn't seem to expect Susanna to hear the conversation between him and his mother.

There was a panic on his face for the first time. He grabbed Susanna's hand, "Honey, I didn't mean it. Would you forgive me?"

"How long have you been with her?"

"I just met her, Honey, please give me a chance."

"We have been together for so many years; we still have Coco and dad and dad."

"Honey, I love you."

Carson choked.

Susanna was also sad at this time. The love of more than ten years could not be forgotten in an instant.

She had already regarded him as her other half, but he betrayed her.

"If you love this family and me, you won't do these things."

She pushes away Carson's hand, angrily. "Why didn't you think about this when you were with that woman?"

"Honey, I was wrong; I have realized my mistake."

Carson cautiously looked at Susanna, "I will never see her again. Will you forgive me?"

Susanna didn't speak; she just looked at him quietly. This man who had warmed her countless times was so strange at this time, she didn't even know which of his words was true.

The next day, Susanna and Carson sent their daughter to school together, and Coco was always excited on the way.

Saw her daughter's real smile that day, Susanna felt very guilty.

If the daughter knew that she and Carson were going to divorce, she would be sad.

"Mom, I'm so happy. Can you send me to school with Dad every day from now on?"

Saw her daughter's expectant look, Susanna nodded stiffly, "Okay."

"Great, we are the happiest family."

Coco kissed Susanna and Carson on the cheeks and then happily ran into the school.

Saw her so happy, Susanna felt increasingly sad.

"Honey, give me one more chance; I don't want our family to fall apart."

Carson's voice came in her ears, and Susanna said nothing in silence.

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