Chapter 5 Guilty

by Shrimp 15:26,Dec 04,2020
Susanna Su thought about countless results, but she didn’t expect to see this.

The place she found was not a hotel or a residential area, but a sanatorium.

The key point was that she was very familiar with the sanatorium, for her father lived there.

Though she had not been there once, she deposited money into this sanatorium’s account.

Parking her car, Susanna was about to go to the receptionist when she saw Carson Chen pushed her wheelchair-bound father here. She subconsciously dodged them.

Her father and she were not in a good relationship.

In her childhood, she had a happy family. However, her father cheated on her mother, which caused her suicide. Their happy family was ruined.

That’s also the reason why she didn’t come here once.

She watched as Carson pushed her father for a walk and sent him back.

Susanna stood there for a long time, then went to the receptionist and made payments. In the meantime, she managed to see the registration sheet.

Carson’s name appeared many times in her father’s section.

Observing Susanna was looking at the name, the nurse then explained, “The person’s daughter registered but she never came here. It was his son-in-law who visited here.”

“Does he often come here?”

“Yes. He was familiar with us now. Sometimes we can’t move the patient. We’ll ask him for help.”

Susanna listened quietly. It seemed that everything about their concealment and the hair became clear now.

Considering she didn’t have good relations with her father, Carson decided not to tell her and ask her best friend to conceal it.

He must get on the hair when helping move those elderly men.

Susanna was completely relieved and felt guilty at the same time. Walking out of the sanatorium, she then called Carson.

The phone was put through quickly.


“My darling. We haven’t spent the time just two of us. Today I don’t work overtime. I’ll let your parents pick up Coco, so we can have dinner.”

“Good idea. I remember you said you wanted to have some Japanese food. We can go to the restaurant we often visited,” said Carson cheerfully.


Then Susanna hung up the phone and drove to her company.

She quickly handed in her work when it’s her quitting time and then went to the appointed place.

She wanted to be frank with Carson and apologized for her suspicion.

Though she didn’t get along well with her father, Carson helped her to fulfil her obligations as a daughter. How could she find such a good husband again?

While waiting for Carson, she remembered she had entrusted a private detective. She called him quickly.

“The thing I asked you to investigate is over. I don’t need to know more. And the deposit is yours. ”

Susanna was about to hang up when the detective said something with hesitation.

“Mrs Su. Are you sure?”

“We find something strange. Your husband often visited a sanatorium.”

“I know that.”

Then the detective continued to say, “We also find that your husband bought big accident insurance for you, and the beneficiary is him.”

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