Chapter 3 Suspicion

by Shrimp 15:26,Dec 04,2020
"Why do you scan my phone?"

Daisy Du said unhappily, but her anger faded away when she saw Susanna Su's cold eyes.

"Well, don't look at me like that. It seems that I have done something wrong. Actually, it's not a big deal. Carson just told me that he heard of a skincare brand in his office yesterday, so he called me this morning to tell me about it. But it seems that you don't believe it."

"He said if you asked me today, let me help him explain it to make you feel at ease. I thought he was too sensitive, but you came to me. By the way, why are you so sensitive?"

Daisy looked at Susanna in confusion, "Everyone around you knows that Carson Chen loves his family. He goes to work on time and gets off work on time. What are you suspecting?"

Hearing Daisy's words, Susanna also felt that she was a little insane.

However, if there was nothing else with Carson, why did he tell Daisy to explain it? Susanna wondered.

"Listen to me, baby. If Carson betrays you, there will be no man in the world who deserves trust. "

"If you were me, you would be crazy to see Zack socializing all day long."

Hearing it, Susanna couldn't help laughing, "Daisy, you must have the magic to let Zack loyal to you!"

"Of course," Daisy replied proudly.

Because of Daisy's words, Susanna also felt that she was too sensitive. She didn't have much work to deal with in the afternoon, so she had free time to do something else. Thought for a while, Susanna felt she hadn't to Carson's school for a long time, so she decided to drive to the school.

But when she arrived at the school, Carson's colleague told her that Carson had left the school.

"He has left?"

Susanna asked in surprise as she didn't expect that Carson had left.

"But doesn't he have classes today?"

"No, he only has classes on Tuesday and Thursday this semester. He doesn't have any other classes."

"He only has classes on Tuesday and Thursday this semester..." Susanna was puzzled about the words.

Frozen for a while, suspicious were flooded on Susanna's heart. Why did Carson lie to her? Then, where did he go other times?

Trembling, Susanna took out her phone and dialed Carson's number to ask where he was. But in the end, she put her phone back into her bag as if nothing had happened.

"Thank you. Carson told me that, but I forgot."

Susanna said a few words to Carson's colleague as if nothing had happened and then left in a hurry. In the car, Susanna held the steering wheel tightly. Carson didn't go to work. He was lying to her, and so was Daisy.


One was her beloved husband, and the other was her best friend. How could they cheat her in such a way?

Susanna felt that her heart was gripped so tightly that she could hardly breathe. She took a deep breath, thought for a long time, and then drove home.

Not long after, she heard some noise from the door when she arrived home. Susanna raised her hand and looked at the time. It was five o'clock, and it was the time that her daughter came back from school.

The door was opened, and Carson entered the room with their daughter, Coco. He was surprised to see Susanna sitting on the sofa,

"Susanna, are you tired?"

Susanna had a lot to ask him. She wanted to ask him where he had been and if he hid something from her. But in the end, she just spoke lightly,

"I didn't have anything else to do today, so I came back early."

"That's great. You must spend more time with Coco today."

"Now, you need to help Coco with her homework, and I'm going to cook."

As the words fell, Carson rolled up his sleeves and went to the kitchen.

Sitting for a while, Susanna requested Coco to do her homework. Then she stood at the kitchen door and gazed at Carson who was busy inside.

Would such a person really have an affair?

"What's wrong?"

Noticing her gaze, Carson looked back at Susanna and asked with a smile.

"Nothing. Let me help you."

Susanna rolled up her sleeves. She couldn't cook, but she still could do something to help Carson. She thought she should ask Carson clearly and shouldn't be suspicious. After all, they had been married for so many years, and she should believe him.

Thinking of that, she was about to say everything in her heart, suddenly, she found a long chestnut hair on Carson's shirt.

Susanna's heart sank to the bottom immediately. She had short black hair. So, where was the hair from?

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