Chapter 9 He Wanted to Kiss Her.

by L.X 16:37,May 27,2020
Gloria looked particularly gentle who put on the medicine for Kenny. This gentleness made Kenny move a little.

Then, he wanted to kiss her.

She was his wife, and it was right to do anything.

But for Gloria, he was "Leon", the cousin of Kenny.

He teased her and kissed her again and again, far beyond her endurance.

Gloria pushed him away fiercely, far away from him, and said with cold face, "Leon, I am your sister-in-law! Please show respect! "

After taking out the bullet just now, she didn't hate "Leon" so much. Unexpectedly, he was still so unbridled.

Kenny rubbed his lips like recalling the feeling just now, and his pleasant voice was full of temptation: "sister-in-law, you are only a widow with my cousin. Don't you consider me?"

Gloria refused directly and simply: "No."

She looked like a little old woman with cold small face and ugly dress. She was no charming.

Kenny thought that Gloria was very lively.

Gloria felt that she can't wait any longer, which would only make "Leon" more unbridled.

"Call someone to pick you up, or I'll call for an ambulance, and then other people will know you've been shot."

Her voice was soft. Even if she said threatening words, people would not be afraid.

Kenny glanced at her, as if he didn't hear her, and then closed his eyes to rest.

Gloria: "..."

She bit her lips, looked at his pale face, and could not bear to wake him up and drive him away.

Taking advantage of the time when "Leon" had a rest, Gloria went to the vegetable market.

Although she was the third Lady of Taylor family, she didn’t enjoy a rich lady’s life. Most of the time, nobody care whether she was ill, hungry or suffering from pain.

So, she had a strong ability to live.

She indeed hated "Leon", but she could not ignore him at the risk of letting he die here.

She lived very seriously and worked very hard. She didn't want to let him die or accompany him to die.

So, she still made soup for him reluctantly.

It was night until Gloria woke up "Leon".

"Are you hungry? I've made soup. Would you like some? " She stood two steps away from him for fear that he would act recklessly again.

Looking up at her, Kenny spited out a word,"yes."

Gloria got some soup and put it on the small table in front of the bed, and went back far away all of a sudden.

But her cubicle was too small.

In addition to the partition of the small kitchen and bathroom, a one point five meter bed, a small folding table, a single small sofa, semi new bookshelf...these things have occupied most of the room.

No matter how far she jumped, she could not be out of the sight of Kenny.

Kenny took a look at her, got up straight slowly, then opened the quilt expressionless, exposed the blood stained gauze on his chest, and said casually, "the wound is cracked."

With the casual tone, he seemed to talk about other people's things instead of the fetal wound of himself.

Gloria just wanted to ignore him, but she can't bear that.

She could only walk to him slowly. Her one hand held soup bowl and the another hand held the spoon to his lips.

Kenny said nothing at this time. He looked down and swallowed the soup she had given him.

The small room was quiet, only the light sound of the spoon touching the edge of the bowl. The wordless ambiguity spread out like this.

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