Chapter 15 Act dumb

by L.X 17:00,May 27,2020
Kenny Clarke's father?

The rich and noble man, who had made countless women in Huyang City attracted when he was young, Randy Clarke?

Gloria Taylor was stunned for a few seconds before reacted, and said nervously: "Hello."

She couldn't call him ‘daddy’ at all.

"If you have time, let’s have dinner together." Randy Clarke's voice was calm and thick, it revealed a peace after suffering. Although his tone was a little command, it was not repulsive.

Gloria Taylor understood that although Randy Clarke was asking her, she couldn't refuse.

She answered humbly: "Yes."

"I order the driver to pick you up, see you later."

He finished speaking slowly and hung up.

From the beginning to the end, Randy Clarke's tone was very peaceful, but there was an unquestionable feeling.

Gloria Taylor dropped the mobile phone and quickly went out to take a car to Kenny Clarke's villa.

Randy Clarke said that driver would pick her up, so the driver definitely went to Kenny Clarke's villa.

Gloria Taylor stood at the gate and looked up at the villa.

The villa was built on a hillside, and there were few people. The white villa built in the woods and it looked a little weird.

She did not pay much attention to this villa when Gloria Taylor was picked up last time. The more she looked, the more she felt weird.

A chill rose from the feet.

Gloria Taylor was cold and her face looked so pale in the winter.

She stifled back her feet. Just wait at the gate.

A black car stopped at the gate of the villa soon.

Gloria Taylor looked curiously and saw a gentle middle-aged man getting off the car.

When he saw Gloria Taylor's face clearly, there was a flash on his eyes, but he didn't show it at all.

He stood in front of Gloria Taylor, nodded slightly, and showed respectfully: “I am Leng Xu. Mr. Clarke let me to pick you up,lady."

It was the driver that Randy Clarke sent to pick her up for dinner.

"Thank you." Gloria Taylor smiled at him, she had a inane grin, and looked a little dull.

The expression on Lengxu's face was slightly stunned, but he returned to nature fast.

He turned and opened the door: “please get in the car, lady."

Then he went around to the front and drove away.

When the car drove away, there was only a slit curtain on the second floor of the villa. It was vigorously opened.

Shi ye looked at the direction of the car, and asked unpredictable Kenny Clarke stood beside him : "Boss, you really let lady meet Mr. Clarke?"

"so what?" Kenny Clarke’s eyes looked dark and he put his hands in the pockets of his suit pants, said calmly: "She is just a stupid and ugly woman, what can Randy Clarke do?"

"But she was acting."

"It's a skill to act to convince everyone."

He turned and left after speaking.

Gloria Taylor was sent to an upscale restaurant.

Leng Xu led her to the door of the box and reached out to make a gesture: "Mr. Clarke is waiting for you."

"OK." After that, she spoke slowly: "Thank you,Mr. Leng."
Leng Xu watched her entering. After closing the door, he shook his head slightly and thought of something.

An elegant middle-aged man was looking at the menu.

Hearing the sound, he put down the menu and looked up at her.

Gloria Taylor thought she would make him frown or dissatisfiedat least because of her ugly dressing, but he just said to her, "Are you Gloria Taylor?"

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