Chapter 17 “I mind that you’re ugly.”

by L.X 17:00,May 27,2020
Gloria Taylor was a little surprised that Kenny Clarke finally was willing to see her. She felt it was dreaming when she knocked on the study door. She stepped into and heard a hoarse male voice as she had not seen clearly what was inside.
“Shi Ye, who is it?”
The man who was standing by the desk replied, “Mr. Clarke, it’s Ma'am.”
At this time, Gloria Taylor noticed that a man who was sitting with his back to her at the chair behind the office table. She could see his head protruding from the back of the chair and the arm resting on the armrest, which seemed to be a tall man. Was he Kenny Clarke?
Shi Ye looked at Gloria Taylor, “Mrs. Clarke.”
“Shi Ye?” she had just heard his name. Shi Ye nodded and said nothing.
At this time, Kenny Clarke, who was sitting with his back to her, said, “Have you seen Randy Clarke?”
Gloria Taylor stunned for a moment before realizing that he was talking to her. Although she already knew that their relationship was not good, she was surprised to hear that Kenny Clarke called his father as his name.
“Yes.” She did not know why he asked about it but she vaguely felt that he did not want her to see his look.
“What did he say?”
“We talked a little and also talked about you…” Gloria Taylor said, “He cares about you very much.”
All the words that Randy Clarke said might have a purpose, but it was true that he was concerned about Kenny Clarke. Gloria Taylor envied him as he had a father who cared about him so much. Kenny Clarke sneered, “I heard Leon that you are get along well?”
Hearing he referring to ‘Leon’, Gloria Taylor quickly said, “We just met in the villa.”
Thinking that he turned his back on her, she said again, “We are not familiar.”
For some reason, she deliberately concealed that Leon Clarke was injured and stayed for one night at her house that she rent.
She was scared by him. Did ‘Leon Clarke’ say something to him?
“Well, you can go now.” Kenny Clarke said with a little impatient tone.
Gloria Taylor could not see his face but she could feel that he was an indifficult person. The reason why she married him was that she was forced by her mother and the other reason was that she was willing to marry him because she was disappointed to her family. She had never thought to get divorced after she married Kenny Clarke and she planned to be his wife all her life. She plucked up her courage and stepped forward, “Kenny Clarke, could you please…turn around?”
She would see his face when he turned around.
The moment she finished saying, the atmosphere here suddenly cooled down.
“I just think that we are going to be with each other in the future and we will see each other sooner or later, I really don’t mind……your physical status.”
Kenny Clarke's heart paused for a second, as if he never thought she would say that.
He then lifted his lips, saying a sentence full of disgust and spite, “But I mind that you are ugly.”

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