Chapter 12 Believed It or Not

by L.X 16:37,May 27,2020
Gloria Taylor was disgusted with Anne Taylor’s unkind face, “What nonsense are you talking about?”
“You know very well what nonsense I’m talking about.” Anne Taylor snorted coldly, “Dare you say that you don’t like Colin?”
Gloria Taylor bowed her head. She was silent.
She dared not say it.
Because, she liked Colin Hall all along.
Suddenly, Anne Taylor exclaimed in surprise, “Colin?”
Gloria Taylor looked up. She didn’t know when Colin Hall came back.
She looked at Colin Hall nervously and wondered how much he had heard.
However, Colin Hall tilted his head away. He didn’t even bat an eye on her.
She knew that Colin Hall must have heard them.
Anne Taylor looked at Collin Hall’s reaction with satisfaction. She comforted Collin Hall with a smile, “Collin, don’t think of it as a burden. Gloria is married. We can be together in peace.”
Anne Taylor thought that it was a normal reaction that that ugly and stupid Gloria Taylor deserved. She didn’t know why their cousin, Kenny Clarke, tangled with her.
Perhaps, it was nothing but an occasional excitement.
“Gloria, are you married?” Collin Hall turned his head and looked at Gloria Taylor.
“Yes. She told me before that even if she wanted to get married, but she knew she wouldn’t have much good options. So, she wanted to marry into the Clarke family. I advised her, the Clarkes are indeed rich and powerful, but that kind of husband…”
Anne Taylor paused and shook her head sadly.
However, Gloria Taylor knew that Anne Taylor was about to say she married the Clarke for their money.
Collin Hall frowned. He looked disappointed, “Anyway, thank you for marrying the Clarkes on Anne’s behalf.”
Anne Taylor was also grateful, “Yes. If you didn’t marry the Clarkes for me, I wouldn’t be able to get together with Collin.”
Gloria Taylor bit her lower lips and tried to defend herself, “It’s not like what she said.”
Although it was impossible for her to be with Collin Hall all her life, but she didn’t want to be misunderstood as a gold digger.
Collin Hall frowned, “Gloria, you don’t have to explain it to me. I can understand. Kenny, even though he is not in his best condition, but the Clarkes will surely treat you well.”
Gloria Taylor calmed herself down.
Suddenly, her phone buzzed.
She took it out and opened the massage. A list of menu and nothing else.
She didn’t know who sent it to her, but she would just excuse herself to leave.
“If you’ll excuse me.” she stood up and looked at Collin Hall with a straight face, “I used to like you, and I won’t deny it. But, how I ended up marrying the Clarke family, Anne knew best. Believe it or not, it’s up to you.”
She used to like Collin Hall because he was the man who didn’t abandon her and cared for her very much.
But now, it seemed that it was just a false sympathy.
The Taylor and the Hall were friends for years. How could he not know her conduct?
Oh, right. Even Tina Walker, her own mother didn’t believe her, why would Collin Hall, an outsider believe her?
After that, she strode out of the room.
When the door was closed, she heard Collin Hall said to Anne Taylor, “I used to think that she was warm and kind, but I didn’t expect her to be like this.”
Anne Taylor pretended to be sad, she said, “Me too.”
Gloria Taylor clenched her hands. She sipped her lips and left the restaurant.
The phone inside her pocket ringed. She pressed the connect button without looking.
“Buy the dishes in the menu, wrap them, and take them back home.” said the familiar deep voice in the phone.

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