Chapter 14 Kenny Clarke’s Father

by L.X 16:37,May 27,2020
Gloria Taylor stared at the gloomy and hazy “Leon Clarke” in front of her. She caught a glimpse of his wounded hand and stared in surprise, “You…”
She didn’t put anything strange to the food. Why did he go out hurting himself like that?
Kenny Clarke ignored her. He just walked past by. Suddenly, his phone rang.
He glanced the strange number and immediately hung up the phone.
He looked up at Gloria Taylor, “Go in.” he said coldly.
He sounded depressed and gloomy.
Gloria Taylor felt that “Leon Clarke” was being scary. She walked into the room. She was holding the door handle hesitating whether she should close the door and shut the man out or not.
This time, a number appeared on his screen and it was not a strange one. It was from Shi Ye.
He didn’t hesitate to pick up the phone. He didn’t care that Gloria Taylor was there. He asked, “Why is he looking for me?”
“He wants you to take his daughter-in-law home for dinner tonight.” Said the man across the phone.
“Oh!” Kenny Clarke sneered, “You don’t need to take his call again next time.”
Shi Ye was convinced, “Right. He doesn’t even pay me.”
He hung up the phone and looked up at Gloria Taylor who was still standing by the door, hesitating.
“Are you eavesdropping?”
Gloria Taylor shook her head and hurriedly replied, “No.”
She felt that she better not provoke him right now.
“Why don’t you go inside?” he asked as he approached her. He slightly nodded his head to look at her, “Or, have it think it through that you’re willing to give up my cousin and get together with me?”
When Gloria Taylor heard him speaking like that, without hesitation, she turned around and closed the door.
Kenny Clarke looked flatly at the ruthlessly closed door.
He would stay here for the next two days. He also wanted to find out whether the person he chased the other day would be here or not.
It turned out that the person was not here, so no need for him to bother Gloria Taylor.
This newly married wife of his was smart and kind. She also wouldn’t bother him doing anything he wanted. So, for now, he would just ignore her.
At the end of the alley, Kenny Clarke saw Shi Ye. He was waiting for him there.
When he saw Kenny Clarke, he approached him. He looked worried, “Boss, how is your body?”
Kenny Clarke shook Shi Ye’s hand. Then, he brushed off Shi Ye’s hand who was going to support his, “It’s okay.”
Shi Ye opened the car door for him. He got inside the car and leaned his head back. He asked indifferently, “Shi Ye, has he been calling you these past two days?”
Shi Ye knew what his boss was talking about. He nodded, “Mr. Clarke said that you blacklisted his number. He tried to call you, but you didn’t answer. So, he asked me to call you.”
That was not the first time.
“Just now, Mr. Clarke called again. He said that if you didn’t take her for dinner, he would call her himself.”
So, his father was going to call Gloria Taylor himself to invite her for a dinner at the Clarke residence?
Shi Ye waited to a long time before he heard Kenny Clarke said indifferently, “Let’s have it his way.”
Gloria Taylor returned to her room to finish her meal and wash the dishes when she heard her phone ringing.
It was a strange number.
She hesitated for a while. It could be a scam, but who knew?
“Hello, I’m Gloria Taylor.”
“I’m Kenny Clarke’s father, Randy Clarke.”

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