Chapter 16 “Mr. Clarke is waiting for you in the study.”

by L.X 17:00,May 27,2020

Gloria Taylor did not expect that such a powerful and wealthy man could be such a kind person. She was stunned for a moment before she said, “I’m…Gloria Taylor.”
She was really surprised this time.
“Relax, Gloria, you are a member of our family after you married Kenny and also my daughter.” Randy Clarke filled her a glass of water while he saying. Loren Taylor looked down on her when she was at home and Tina Walker only cared about Anne Taylor and her brother. Gloria Taylor had never been treated so gently by an elder, feeling extremely flattered.
“Thank you!” Gloria Taylor took the glass.
“You can call me dad like Kenny.” Randy Clarke looked at her silently while he said. In his eyes, Gloria Taylor was not beautiful and smart but she was pure and polite.
Randy Clarke smiled apologetically, “My pity girl, I'm really sorry for that there was no wedding ceremony for you and Kenny. And it's time for you and Kenny go back the old house to have dinner together. But you know what? Kenny can't let go because of his mother and has been reluctant to go back to the old house. I hope you can enlighten him more in the future.”
Clarke family was a family that had passed on for hundreds of years and had the tradition of following three generations. It was said that the old house of Clarke family was priceless and someone made a tentative bid of 100 billion to buy it but he became a joke in the end. Gloria Taylor knew a little about the thing that Randy Clarke referring to Kenny Clarke’ s mother. In the kidnapping of more than ten years ago, not only Kenny Clarke was kidnapped but also his mother. However, only Kenny Clarke was rescued. As for his mother, there were many statements. Someone said she was dead but someone said she was still alive. Even someone said that she was defiled by the kidnappers……
Gloria Taylor looked up at Randy Clarke and hesitated, “But I haven’t seen him until now.”
She said lowly and noticed that Randy Clarke changed his expression slightly. Randy Clarke did not ask more about Kenny Clarke but asked something about Gloria Taylor and she answered honestly and sincerely one by one. Randy Clarke asked Leng Xu to send her back to the villa of Kenny Clarke when she was about to leave.
Leng Xu left after watching Gloria Taylor enter the villa. At this time, Gloria Taylor realized that Randy Clarke was testing her before but it seemed that he was testing Kenny Clarke more. Although she had not seen Kenny Clarke, she could feel that the father and son were not in good relationship and there were many conflicts.
Randy Clarke said that Kenny couldn't let go of himself because of his mother who was kidnapped more than ten years ago. Was it because of the kidnapping that he had a suspicion with Randy Clarke?
“Mrs. Clarke.”
Gloria Taylor looked up at the bodyguard who picked her up at Taylor house that day.
“Mr. Clarke wants to see you.” the bodyguard said.
Gloria Taylor was surprised and asked, “Mr. Clarke? You mean Kenny Clarke?”
“Yes, he is waiting for you in the study.”

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