Chapter 13 I'm Poor

by L.X 16:37,May 27,2020
Gloria Taylor was stunned for a moment, and reacted that this voice was "Leon Clarke's".

"Why haven't you left yet?"

The answer to her was the sound of hanging up.

She looked at the hung-up phone, held her head and squatted irritably.

Why did everyone embarrass her?

Loren Taylor and Tina Walker gave birth to her, but they did not love her at all.

She was forced to marry with the Clarke, but Kenny Clarke hated to see her.

She didn't want to cause trouble, but "Leon Clarke" always bothered her.

However, if she ignored him, he might really tell Kenny Clarke that she seduced him?

Thought of this, Gloria Taylor took a deep breath and stood up.

Although she threatened Tina Walker and Anne Taylor by this way, if "Leon Clarke" really spoke nonsense in front of Kenny, the Clarke would definitely sacrifice her to preserve the reputation of family regardless of truth.

Gloria Taylor did not pack the dishes mentioned by "Leon Clarke", but went to the supermarket to buy food and went back.

She opened the door and saw huge body of "Leon Clarke" nested in her single sofa.

The handsome man leaned against the sofa, his two long legs overlapped, and maintained a free and comfortable posture. If he did not look too pale and calm, it was hardly to find out that he was a person who got gunshot wound.

Even so, he still seemed to be at odds with her narrow, humble single room.

After all, he was the young master who was spoiled and grown up in the rich family. Even if his characters were a little poor, his pride and elegance could not be hidden.

She put down food and bent over to take off her shoes.

Suddenly, the cold breath approached.

She looked up and saw the man who was still leaning on the sofa before had approached her and was looking down at the food she had brought.

Kenny Clarke saw the vegetables she bought, and raised his eyebrows: "This is you packed?"

Gloria Taylor had changed shoes, turned to take the vegetables, and her tone was calm: "Cooked was too expensive, I am poor."

Kenny Clarke looked at the clothes she wore, and it looked cheap and old.

His newly-wed was really miserable and shabby.

Gloria Taylor didn't care about his thoughts, took the vegetables and went to the partitioned kitchen.
An hour later, Gloria Taylor prepared the dishes.

Kenny Clarke put down cell phone and glanced at her, then looked at on the dishes she made.

The dishes were very good in appearance. It looked very light, very suitable for the patient.

Gloria Taylor put the rice in front of him, and did not care about him any more.

After a casual glance, she found that "Leon Clarke's" face suddenly darkened after eating a few and his expression looked a little gloomy.

Gloria Taylor was nervous.

What's wrong?

She offended him by dishes?

Kenny Clarke put down his chopsticks darkly, got up and walked out.

The pace was steady, not weak at all.

Gloria Taylor paused the action of eating rice, but she still did not follow him.

Outside the door.

Kenny Clarke tried to find a cigarette in his pocket irritably, and then thought of he did not have for a long time.

The familiar taste just reminded him of his mother.

Although his gentle and elegant mother sprung from noble ancestors, she was very gentle and virtuous and liked to cook.

But, in the end ...

He thought of the wet and dirty basement, he clenched his fists and punched on the wall hard with a "bang" sound.

Even Gloria Taylor, who was sitting in the room could heard it.

Gloria Taylor hesitated for a while, but still not assured, put down the bowl and opened the door: "What's wrong? "

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