Chapter 19 The Ugly Always Make More Troubles

by L.X 17:00,May 27,2020
Seeing Shi Ye wasn't looking at her, Gloria thought he probably didn't see the intimate contact between her and Leon. So she fled to the kitchen.

Kenny watched her enter the kitchen and sat down on the sofa leisurely.

Shi Ye saw this, raised his feet and left.

He couldn't figure out what his boss was thinking.


In the kitchen, Gloria opened the refrigerator and saw that there were vegetables and meat in it. They were all fresh. After thinking about it, she took out some.

Suddenly, she thought that Kenny made breakfast that morning, that was to say, he could cook?

She didn't understand why he, a rich young master, could cook, but since he could cook, why did he ask her to make dinner for him?

Was she a pushover in his eyes?

Gloria sneered and shoved the ingredients into the fridge one by one.

She went to the hall and took a look at "Leon" who was sitting on the sofa and looking down at his mobile phone. Then she looked around for a moment, arched her back and walked upstairs.

She thought that because she was used to compromise easily, "Leon" could threaten her so readily.

"Leon" could live in Kenny's house, which meant that they must be very close to each other.

Since they were close, how could 'Leon' tell Kenny that she seduced him and caused unnecessary enmity between them?

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was less likely that Leon would threaten her.

She simply became decisive and directly ran upstairs back to the room.

She had had dinner anyway.

Kenny waited a long time in the living room, but didn't see Gloria come to him.

He took a look in the direction of the kitchen. Suddenly, as if he thought of something, he got up and strode towards the kitchen.

The kitchen was empty, and there was no Gloria's figure at all!

Oh, good for you, Gloria.


All night, Gloria was immersed in the joy of put "Leon" on the spot, imagining that he was too angry but he couldn't come to her and argue with her. Then she had a beautiful dream.

The next morning, she was woken up by the ringtone of her mobile phone.

She took it over and found that it was her good friend, Edith, who was filming abroad and had been abroad for three months.

Gloria's voice was filled with joy: "Edith, are you coming back?"

Edith at the other end said in a very grumpy tone: "I'm coming back to cut you into pieces!"

Gloria stretched out her hand and put the phone far way from her ear, in case her eardrum would be pierced by the high voice of Edith.

she asked with fear after Edith scolded her for a while, "What happened?"

"Read the news on the microblog yourself. I have only been away for three months, and you've become 'an ugly woman who wants to marry into a powerful family by making troubles and unfair means!'"

Edith's voice sounded a little excited.

Gloria was stunned, and her expression darkened. She appeased Edith first: "Don't be angry, I'll see what happened."

"I'm already at the airport!"

“…” Gloria was a little surprised at Edith's executive ability.

After hanging up the phone, Gloria logged in her microblog.

The topic on the front page of microblog was that "The ugly always make more troubles."

She clicked and opened a post that ranked first.

It talked about the Taylor family by means of gentle allusions and ambiguous phrases.

It implied that in order to marry into the Clarke family, she used improper means to replace her sister Anne.

Several posts that ranked top all implied that Anne was a kind girl who doted on her sister, but her sister schemed against her and took away her fiance.

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