Chapter 11 Original appearance

by L.X 16:37,May 27,2020
Gloria Taylor never sleepwalked.

She blushed and turned to look at him: "You ..."

"I am an injury." Kenny Clarke turned to look at her, and his voice sounded cold.

Gloria Taylor had never been in bed with a man together. The cold breath from him was too strong, and his powerful aura made her extinguished utterly.

She bit her lips nervously and pulled the quilt to get out of bed, but she was caught by the man beside her.

Kenny Clarke's eyesight fell on her face, and he looked at her with an exploration: "Why are your hands so pale and your face so dark"

Gloria Taylor was shocked to withdraw her hand, and whispered: "It’s inborn."

Then, she jumped out of bed like a rabbit and went to the bathroom.

Kenny Clarke's eyes were full of interests.
In the bathroom.
Gloria Taylor looked at herself in the mirror that her face was sallow, her eyes flashed self-deprecation.

She took out makeup remover from the cabinet under the sink and started removing makeup.

A beautiful woman with fair face and bright eyes appeared in the mirror.

If she didn't rent a house outside after graduation, she needed remove every day that she might forget what she was like.

The mother would be happy if her daughter was beautiful.

Tina Walker always counted her when she was a child that she grabbed Anne Taylor's limelight and did not buy her beautiful clothes.

At that time, she tried her best to please Tina Walker.

She dropped the tailender from the first place in the grade and became an ugly girl without friends from the school beauty...

But Tina Walker did not care it at all.

She didn't want to believe that Tina Walker didn't love her at all.

She disguised herself again and left the bathroom half an hour later.

Kenny Clarke leaned on the bed and held his mobile phone to watch something. The impeccable expression looked a little ascetic.
After thinking for a while, she said:"I'm going out. Call somebody to pick you up by yourself."

Kenny Clarke did not respond.

Gloria Taylor also didn't care, and she took the bag to leave.

She finished last job in a hurry because Tina Walker ordered her to prepare to get marry at home.
She had to find a new job to feed herself.

Morning passed quickly.

She stood at the bus station waiting for the bus.

Suddenly, a black car stopped in front of her.

The car window came down, a young man smiled at her and said: "Gloria, where are you going?"

A flash of light flashed on Gloria Taylor’s eyes, and there was an inscrutable joy in her voice: "Colin Hall? Why are you here?"

"Get in the car first, I can't stop here for long." Colin Hall said, and opened the door for her.

Gloria Taylor got in the car, as soon as she closed the car door, she heard Colin Hall said, "I have an appointment with your sister for dinner, let's eat together."

Anne Taylor?

She should have thought about it.

A long time ago, it was said that Anne Taylor and Colin Hall were golden boy and jade girl.

But they had not been together, so she could hide her thought and continued to be friends with Colin Hall.

She twitched her lips stiffly: "I am not free, so I could not..."

"It’s long time for us not to eat together, just listen to me." Colin Hall’s attitude was tough and did not give her opportunity to refuse.

Arrived in the restaurant soon.

Anne Taylor had arrived. She saw Gloria Taylor and Colin Hall coming together, and her face was suddenly cold.

But Colin Hall didn't realize it: "Anne, I met Gloria on the way, so I take her here, don't you mind?"

Anne Taylor smiled and said softly, "Of course, I don't mind."

"I'll go to the bathroom, you two talk first." Colin Hall dropped words with a smile, and turned away.

As soon as he left, the smile on Anne Taylor's face disappeared: "The loser of the Clarke family can't satisfy you, so you want to hook up Colin ?”

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