chapter 1 Toko Kelontong Forget Worry

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
Kota Xijing, summer night.
In a remote alley, there is a "Toko Kelontong Forget Worry". Terry Lu is lying on a sofa sound asleep in the small store.
At this time, there was a beautiful woman standing at the door of the store, wearing a valuable royal blue OL, with delicate makeup on her pretty face, she was from a wealthy family at first glance.
The beauty had a sad face, hesitating, looking at Terry Lu who was sleeping soundly in the store, her heart was churning with a sentence she heard from a business tycoon at a reception by chance.
"No matter what trouble you have, you can go to the owner of Toko Kelontong Forget Worry, as long as you can afford the price."
At first, Alicia Huo just laughed it off, she didn't think a person had such great ability, unless he was a god!
But now, when she thought of the other party's naked hints, ugly face, and the sneer on the corner of the competitor's mouth, she almost fell into despair.
Here is her last hope, like a life-saving straw, she can only seize.
Finally, after gritting his teeth, Alicia Huo walked in.
"Excuse me, is the boss here?"
With a clear voice, Terry Lu gradually opened his eyes, looked at the beautiful woman in front of him, stretched his waist and said.
"I am, what can I do for you?"
The beauty let out a long breath, and said again: "Hello, my name is Alicia Huo, I heard that you can solve any troubles?"
Terry Lu picked up a pack of lotus cigarettes from the table, took out one and lit it, took a deep breath and said, "Yes."
Hearing Lu Ming's calm but confident tone, Alicia Huo secretly heaved a sigh of relief.
This matter is related to the future of the family and the company. She is desperate and has no way out.
"Is such that."
Alicia Huo sorted out his thoughts and said.
"My company is currently encountering some difficulties. I have to negotiate one billion order at tomorrow’s reception. May I ask if you can solve this matter?"
The family company encounters a huge crisis, and if the order cannot be negotiated, the foundation created by three generations of the family will collapse immediately.
The whole family would fall apart, and she, Alicia Huo, would never allow such a thing to happen to her.
However, when she thought of the other party's naked hints, ugly face, and the sneer hanging from the corner of the competitor's mouth, she almost fell into despair.
Here is her last hope, she must take a gamble.
"No problem, but you should know the rules of my business, right?"
Terry Lu still said calmly.
Alicia Huo was taken aback. She found this place, so she knew the rules, and she was ready.
It's just that the other party didn't ask who he was talking to or what the order was, and just took it all in one go. Isn't he too confident?
However, the company's situation no longer allowed her to think about it.
She slowly took off a jade pendant from around her neck, and handed it over very preciously, with a painful expression on her face.
This jade pendant is an ancestral item of her Huo family. It is so old that it can be said to be an ancient relic. If she was not desperate, she would never take it out anyway.
Terry Lu took it casually, glanced at it, threw it on the table and said.
"sort of, I will accompany you tomorrow, come pick me up then."
Alicia Huo looked at his family heirloom, which was casually thrown on the table, and felt a pain in his heart.
But he was relieved to hear that Terry Lu agreed, and said immediately.
"Okay, I'll pick you up on time at eleven o'clock tomorrow, and, are you sure you don't need to know what's going on?"
"This is a small matter, let's talk about it on the way tomorrow."Terry Lu said with a yawn.
Alicia Huo frowned, he was was over confident, she had no choice but to speak.
"Okay, Mr. Lu, I'll pick you up tomorrow."
Terry Lu nodded, yawning profusely.
Alicia Huo bid farewell and left.
Watching Alicia Huo leave, Terry Lu closed the store door, picked up the jade pendant on the table, and went up to the second floor.
The second floor is the same size as the grocery store below, with simple furnishings.
After taking off his clothes,Terry Lu went to the bathroom, took a shower, and came out only wearing a pair of big underpants, revealing his muscular body and the shocking scars!
Terry Lu turned a blind eye to his scars that is horrible to others. He just took out the jade pendant and slowly played with it.
The air in the room twisted, and a woman in a suit appeared behind Terry Lu, as if appearing out of thin air.
Terry Lu put away the jade pendant and turned to look at the woman in the uniform. He didn't seem to be surprised by the woman's strange appearance.
The woman has fair skin and natural beauty, she is a complete beauty, but between her eyebrows, there is a cold and arrogant look.
She said slowly in China: "You are the Mercenary King, the Scarlett Killer, Terry Lu?"
"I already abandoned these titles for a while. Tell me, what do you want from me?"Terry Lu said.
Miwa Yeqi Taoist coldly: "You killed my younger brother Giron Yeqi?"
Terry Lu raised his eyebrows habitually, and said lazily.
"I killed too many people, I can't remember clearly, but if you say I killed him, I would not deny it because I don't give a shit."
"Very good."Miwa Yeqi said like an iceberg: "You will die in endless pain, I hope that by then, you will never admit."
Saying that, Miwa Yeqi her backhand, pulled out a short knife from nowhere, clasped her hands, and shouted in her mouth.
"Tebasan Soul Killer!"
As soon as the words came out, the dagger was covered with a layer of black air, and at the same time, her figure flickered and disappeared.
Terry Lu sneered and shouted, "Small tricks."
He opened his big hand and grabbed it out of thin air, densely packed golden scales grew on his entire arm at the same time, like a golden dragon.
As soon as Terry Lu grabbed it, the whole room was enveloped by a strange force, and the invisible Miwa Yeqi was forced to appear. Terry Lu's right hand was holding her neck tightly.
That snow-white neck, under Terry Lu's terrifying scale-covered right hand, was like a fragile straw that could be easily broken at any time.
At this time, the arrogance on Miwa Yeqi face disappeared, and what was left was only endless panic.
She is the toppest master of and Ninja Technique genius of the younger generation in Fusang Federation Martial Arts Cultivation,.
In her opinion, the Mercenary King, the Scarlett Killer, was just a joke in front of her.
However, she never expected that this person would be so powerful, the scales on his arm, the inexplicable coercion emanating from his body, and the hand that was as heavy as a mountain peak on his neck.
Miwa Yeqi seemed to feel that she had met an ancient giant beast, and as long as the opponent exerted a little force, she would be wiped out.
Miwa Yeqi knows that she is not an opponent at all in terms of strength, but as a Ninja Technique genius, she naturally has more than this strength.
At this time, her eyes and pupils began to rotate counterclockwise strangely, like a bottomless abyss, attracting Terry Lu's attention.
At the same time, her body began to emit this strange fragrance, and an extremely seductive look appeared on her face, and she kept making various exciting expressions, constantly stimulating Terry Lu's nerves.
"Illusion, Moon Reader!"
This is Miwa Yeqi's trump card, the Moon Reader of illusion with her beauty, countless people whom somewhat stronger than her even killed by her.
As long as the "Moon Reader technique" is hit, the opponent will enter an illusory world, collapse and die in it, and there is no need for her to do anything at all.
At this time, Terry Lu stared at Miwa Yeqi's face, his eyes began to turn red.
Terry Lu threw Miwa Yeqi on the bed. She was still in the air, and with a "bang", her clothes exploded and scattered all over the place.
Terry Lu's fall, the power contained in it, made her lie on the bed, unable to move an inch.
And Miwa Yeqi like body was exposed in front of Terry Lu's eyes so unobtrusively.
Miwa Yeqi's illusion seemed to only arouse Terry Lu's desire, but it didn't trap him at all.
Miwa Yeqi frowned tightly, panicked in her heart, and kept moaning and begging for mercy.

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