chapter 12 What did you do?

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
Concentrating, Terry Lu stared closely at Alicia Huo's one-line skirt with a focused expression.
A moment later, Alicia Huo's one-line skirt seemed to be gently lifted by an invisible hand, revealing the blue lace inside.
There was a sinister smile on Terry Lu face. This was an ability he obtained after practicing the Dragon Rise Technique, which allowed him to control his Consciousness Power and move objects.
Moreover, with the practice of Dragon Rise Technique, his spiritual power became stronger and stronger.
Looking at the blue lace inside the one-piece skirt, Terry Lu salivated, and couldn't help but continue to manipulate Consciousness Power to lift the one-piece skirt up a little.
At this moment, Alicia Huo, who was sleeping soundly, seemed to feel something, and suddenly opened her eyes.
Then she realized that Terry Lu was looking at her with a wicked smile.
"what are you doing?"
Alicia Huo Taoist suspiciously.
Then, she found that her skirt, at some point, had been pulled up to her thighs, and the panties inside were completely exposed.
"Ah~" Following Alicia Huo scream, she shouted angrily, "You did this?"
"not me."
Terry Lu quickly withdrew his Consciousness Power and Taoist firmly.
Although he denied it in his mouth, his face still blushed. After all, this matter was a bit too insignificant.
Alicia Huo quickly pulled down her skirt and calmed down.
She can conclude that Terry Lu must have tampered with her skirt, but she doesn't know how he did it.
Knowing that it was Terry Lu's doing, after Alicia Huo calmed down, she felt a little sweet. After all, her beauty l caught his attention, which is something to be proud of.
But at this moment, she remembered her purpose for coming, Alicia Huo Taoist hastily.
"Mr. Lu, I wanted to invite you to lunch to express my gratitude, but I fell asleep very rudely., how about dinner together?"
At this time , Terry Lu also recovered from his embarrassment, looked at the brand new grocery store, and said.
"wait for me a while."
Terry Lu went upstairs, came down again after a while and said, "Let's go."
Originally, he was not interested in the dinner party, but he was almost arrested just now, and seeing that the grocery store was cleaned up for him again, he was really embarrassed to refuse.
At this time, in Villa Number One in the Party Committee Residence , George Yun said to his wife and Chris Yun with a smile on his face.
"Master Ye is truly unparalleled in Chinese martial arts. I went to the hospital for a reexamination today, and the cancerous cells have completely disappeared. Moreover, I feel like I am ten years younger. I really deserve my reputation."
Evely Mu also had a smile on her face. Her husband's condition had improved, and the Yun Family and the Mu family had passed the crisis. It was a happy event.
"After going through this Calamity of life and death, I have also felt a lot. It is time to explain the family affairs to you."
After saying something to his son, George Yun went to his study.
When Chris Yun saw it, he panicked.
Sure enough, after a while, George Yun came out with a face full of anger, and said to Chris Yun, "Did you take that family jade Jade Sword?"
Although he was questioning, George Yun was 100% sure that Chris Yun took the jade Jade Sword .
Because only his wife and son can enter his study, and only the two of them have seen the password.
Naturally, it is impossible for the wife to take away the family heirloom without saying a word, and then only her son will be left.
After seeing it, Chris Yun knew that the matter could not be concealed, so he had to tell his father in exchange for the Eternal Spring Jade Sword , and secretly gave it to his father.
When George Yun heard this, he was immediately furious.
"You bastard, you dare to steal family heirlooms, and even make deals with Martial World, how can you be so stupid?"
Evely Mu said with a frosty face.
"You are really getting bolder and bolder. Tell us the truth, e who tricked you into taking away the Jade Sword?"
Chris Yun was reprimanded by his parents, with a helpless expression on his face, his father's condition has improved greatly, but his parents turned a blind eye to such an obvious fact, insisting that it was Charles Ye's credit.
If Charles Ye had that ability, wouldn't he have just said it when he first came here, and waited for his father to recover before taking credit for it?
However, Chris Yun also knew that it was extremely difficult for his parents to believe such an illusory thing.
Looking at his mother's face covered with frost, Yun Ketian knew that it would be impossible not to mention it. As for Terry Lu, Chris Yun only hoped that he could ask for more blessings.
At that moment, Chris Yun had no choice but to say the names of Toko Kelontong Forget Worry and Terry Lu, only to hear Evely Mu Taoist coldly.
"Now, get the hell out of here and go to Xishan Residence. Without my permission, you are not allowed to take half a step."
Chris Yun nodded dejectedly, not daring to argue.
He knew that his mother had always been relatively strong, and that his father did not have the authority of his mother at home, and no one dared to refute her words.
After silently leaving Villa Number One, Chris Yun went to Xishan Residence on his own. He knew that with the power of the Yun Family, it would be a matter of minutes to find Terry Lu. He only hoped that this matter would not become a big deal.
With the mother's character, the heirloom must be taken back. As for how to punish Terry Lu, it's hard to say.
I hope it won't be too serious, and I will find an opportunity in the future to make up for Terry Lu. Right now, Chris Yun can only think so.
After Chris Yun left, Evely Mu said to George Yun.
"Shengguo, you are just recovering from a serious illness, go and have a good rest, I will take care of this matter."
George Yun nodded and went to his bedroom.
In the entire northwest, no one dared to lie to him about the things of the Yun Family, and he had enough confidence in this.
He also believed that his wife would handle this matter well.
Seeing George Yun going to rest, Evely Mu took out the phone with a frosty face and dialed out.
After a while the phone connected.
"Contact Charlie Huang for me and say I want to see him."
At this time, in the Louis XV restaurant, Terry Lu and Alicia Huo had already started dining.
The tender steak is covered with a layer of coffee foam, like a layer of tulle, and it is served with a mellow sauce, which makes people appetite greatly.
After cutting a piece and tasting it, Terry Lu nodded.
Seeing that Lu Ming seemed quite satisfied, Alicia Huo raised the champagne and said.
"Thank you, Mr. Lu, for your appreciation. Today happens to be my birthday. It is my honor to have dinner with Mr. Lu."
Terry Lu was taken aback, looked at Alicia Huo's smiling face and said, "Happy birthday."
Then he lightly clinked glasses with Alicia Huo, took a sip, then took out something from his pocket, handed it to her and said.
"This, consider it a birthday present for you."
Alicia Huo was taken aback, and stared blankly at the jade pendant in his hand, isn't this his family heirloom jade pendant.
Holding the jade pendant tightly in his hand, Alicia Huo eyes were a little moist.
When she took out this jade pendant, she was very reluctant to give it up, but there was no other way, it was the only thing she could exchange with Terry Lu.
Unexpectedly, Terry Lu would return it to her.
"Mr. Lu, this is not good, how can I say, this jade pendant is already yours."
Terry Lu Taoist.
"This thing is not very useful to me. Since you invited me to dinner and it happens to be your birthday, I will give it to you as a present."
Alicia Huo gently wiped the mist from his eyes, and said in the center: "Thank you, Mr. Lu."
This jade pendant may not mean much to Terry Lu , but it means a lot to her, Alicia Huo.
After all, it is an ancestral item in the family, which is very symbolic and commemorative.
It represents the commemoration of the ancestors and the inheritance of the family. It was lost in her hands, and it has been a major regret for her since then.
And Terry Lu himself didn't know why he did this, maybe because Alicia Huo looked too much like someone.
At night, the bustling Khumdan Street.
This is a gathering place for various entertainment venues, various bars, KTV, and large baths, all over the entire street.
And the largest and most luxurious place here is the "Heavenly Entertainment Club".
Here, you can find almost everything you need.
Beauties from all over the world, third- and fourth-tier movie stars, and even some conjoined twins, giants, and dwarves.
Here, it is said that there are only things you can't think of, and there is nothing you can't find. Its level of luxury dominates the entire Kota Xijing.
This place is also a veritable gold consumption cave. It is no problem to spend tens of millions in one night, and the bosses of ordinary social status dare not come in at all.
At this time, on the top floor of Heavenly Entertainment Club, in the boss's office, there were four people standing in front of the large desk.
And the owner of the clubhouse, Huang Charlie Huang , also the overlord of the entire Kota Xijing , nicknamed Huang Dingtian, was hugging a blonde beauty, and from time to time, pinched a certain part of the beauty fiercely.
The blond beauty obviously felt the pain, but she didn't dare to make a sound, allowing the other party to wreak havoc, even putting on a smiling face to cater to her.
Not long after, the blond beauty was already bruised and swollen, which was horrible, but Charlie Huang turned a blind eye and continued to ravage her.
The four people standing below all looked down at their feet, trembling a little, not daring to face up to this scene.
But if there were people who knew these four people, it would definitely be a surprise.

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