chapter 17 weird man

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
This line of fire pierced through the wall in an instant, and attached to the hole in the wall, burning up.
"fuck, can masonry and concrete be burned?"
Looking at the burning hole in the wall, Terry Lu couldn't help but feel a little rejoiced.
I just had a small test just now, if I did my best, wouldn't this building be on fire.
Fortunately, there is no problem at present.
He brought a basin of water and poured it on the hole in the wall.
Unfortunately, the flames hadn't been extinguished, but the hole in the wall was getting bigger and bigger.
"holy shit"
It was only then that Terry Lu realized that the power of Great dragon fire was not ordinary flames can reach.
After poured a few more pots of water on it, still not working at all. Terry Lu, who had nothing to do, let out a sharp breath.
His entire right arm began to scale.
In a moment, dense golden scales appeared on the entire right arm and hand, and there were several inches long golden nails on the fingers.
When he came to the hole in the wall, he grabbed the hole with all his strength, like grabbing tofu with his hands, and dug out the burning piece.
"put out the fire."
Terry Lu cleared his mouth and rubbed his hands for a while before the dragon flame was finally extinguished.
"What a domineering of the dragon fire."
Terry Lu praised the power of dragon fire from the bottom of his heart.
No wonder the giant dragon clan can dominate the world. The dragon flame alone is not ordinary people can bear.
After finally put out the dragon fire, Terry Lu washed up and went downstairs to have breakfast.
At this time, on Villa South Mount, a person was walking down.
The man had long hair that fell loosely behind his head.
Judging from his face, he was only in his early twenties, with a handsome appearance that was almost monstrous, almost indistinguishable from male to female.
He wearing linen clothes, a pair of cloth shoes on his feet, and a scroll more than two feet long on his back, walking down the mountain his figure floats in the air.
He doesn’t take long to the villa at the foot of the mountain with a strange appearance . At this time, the gate of the villa was opened, and there was a lot of people inside, creating a lively scene.
The young man came to the door, stopped for a while, and walked in.
"Wow, Senior Brother Jim Huang, you are so handsome."
"The pride of our Huang family, genius."
"Did you see the scroll on his back? I heard it is the treasure of our Huang family."
As Huang Zhen walked in, seeing people along the way, there was a lot of discussion.
Because Jim Huang is really famous in the family.
Not only is he outstandingly talented and stunningly talented, he has entered the heavenly Pralangit Level at the age of twenty, and he is extremely handsome, even charming, many girls in the family feel inferior and feel ashamed by comparison.
Not long after, Jim Huang stepped into the living room of the villa, looked at the owner Jansen Huang sitting in the living room, and several family uncles, Jim Huang Taoist.
"how are you, Patriarch, uncles."
"Hehe, you are going down the mountain, so don't be too polite, come and sit down."
Seeing Jim Huang coming, Jansen Huang's face was full of smiles. Jim Huang showed a shy smile and sat down as he said. Jansen Huang looked at Jim Huang with pity and said.
"Lyn, it's hard work for you to cultivate in the mountains."
"Compared to Brother Charlie Huang, my hard work is nothing."
Jim Huang still said shyly.
However, this sentence shocked everyone.
Especially Jansen Huang, with an angry look on his face.
"Are you questioning me?"
Jansen Huang said loudly.
Jim Huang continued to say with his head down.
"Brother Charlie Huang has done so much for the family, why didn't you save him?"
Hearing Jim Huang's undisguised questioning, Jansen Huang's chest heaved in anger.
"Charlie Huang was on the verge of death at that time, and the only way to save him was to use the family scroll. Don't you know that this scroll is reserved for you to attack the Grandmaster?"Jansen Huang said sharply.
"It's just a scroll, reaching to Grandmaster level doesn't necessarily need it."
"What do you mean by that?"
"Could it be?"
"No way?"
Hearing Jim Huang words, several of his uncles, including Jansen Huang, showed incredible expressions on their faces.
Hearing what Jim Huang meant, has he already advanced to the rank of Grandmaster?
This is a great thing. At this moment, they all looked at Jim Huang anxiously, hoping that he could give a clear answer.
Even Jansen Huang had forgotten Jim Huang's confrontation with him just now, and looked at Jim Huang eagerly.
Jim Huang raised his head slowly, showing a shy smile.
"I didn't advance to Grandmaster, but..."
Before he finished speaking, he waved his right hand casually, and a sharp crescent- True Energy came out of his hand.
There was a muffled sound.
Jansen Huang, who was not far away, was cut in half by this fierce True Energy, split into two halves, and fell to the ground.
"I don't necessarily need this scroll to become a Grandmaster."
Jim Huang said with a Taoist.
"How dare you kill the Patriarch?"
"You, you, Jim Huang, you are too courageous."
"What can I do, what should I do?"
Seeing this sudden scene, the very core members of the Huang family were so shocked that they were unstoppable.
They never expected that Jim Huang would suddenly kill the Patriarch, the Patriarch always treated him as his own son.
"Letting such a person become the head of the family is a disgrace to the Huang family."
Jim Huang voice is as delicate as his appearance.
However, falling on everyone's hearts at this moment is no less than hitting the hearts with a heavy hammer.
"it's really a misfortune for the Huang family to let you gang of drunkards and rice bags dominate. From now on, I will be the head of the Huang family. Does anyone have any objections?"
Jim Huang soft voice lingered in everyone's ears, but it sounded like a devil's whisper to them.
Jansen Huang is already an innate Master, the top master of the family, and they are far from Jansen Huang.
With a wave of Jim Huang hand, Jansen Huang was beheaded. If he is not a Grandmaster , his Martial Arts Cultivation cultivation is not far behind. Who would dare to refute his opinion?
Seeing everyone's frightened look, Jim Huang Taoist shyly.
"You are really trash, don't you even dare to say a word of disapproval?"
Seeing everyone's obedience, Jim Huang sighed softly.
"Declaration to my comrades in Martial World , three days later at the period of the day from 11 p.m to 1 a.m , I will make an appointment to fight against the one who killed my brother, at the Langya Pavilion in South Lake , please come and watch the battle, the Huang family, I will revitalize it in the future."
After saying this, he turned around and left the living room, and disappeared in a moment.
After leaving, the core members of the Huang family finally came to their senses, looking at Jansen Huang's dead body on the ground with a look of hesitation.
At this time,Terry Lu had just finished his breakfast, and not long after he returned to his grocery store to lie down, he was woken up by someone.
"Excuse me, is Mr. Lu there?"
Terry Lu opened his eyes and saw a man with a handsome appearance who was looking at him shyly.
"I am, what do you want me for?"
"I am Charlie Huang's younger little brother, and my Jim Huang."
"Are you here to avenge your brother?"Terry Lu stood up, lit a cigarette, and said slowly.
Jim Huang said with a Taoist: "Anyway, he is a member of my Huang family. you killed him, you must pay the price."
"Hehe, Charlie Huang killed so many people, their relatives, who do they seek revenge for?"
"Then I don't care. Only I can kill my Huang family."Jim Huang said shyly.
Terry Lu frowned and Taoist, "Whatever, if you want to die, I won't stop you."
"Three days later at the period of the day from 11 p.m to 1 a.m, Langya Pavilion in South Lake , waiting for you."
"It's really troublesome."Terry Lu glanced at the scroll behind Jim Huang, and nodded in agreement.
Jim Huang smiled at Terry Lu, showing his teeth as clean as white teeth, and said, "Smoking is not good for your health." Then he turned and left.
"If you can defeat me, this scroll will be given to you."
Following Jim Huang disappearing figure, a word floated in from the door.
Terry Lu shook his head and fell asleep, as if he didn't care about Jim Huang challenge at all.
Just as Terry Lu lay down, there were footsteps again, and he entered the grocery store.
Terry Lu got annoyed for a while, got up and Taoist, "Aren't you going to let people sleep?"
Alicia Huo was caught off guard by Terry Lu's sudden questioning.
"why you?"
Only then did Terry Lu realize that the person who came was Alicia Huo.
"I need you for something, why are you so angry?"Alicia Huo Taoist.
Terry Lu shook his head and said, "I just met a psychopath, it's fine."
"I also met a weird guy just now. He was dressed strangely and looked so weird. I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman. He was still smiling at me. He looked so scary."Alicia Huo Taoist.
"These days, there are many neuropathy." Said Terry Lug fell on the sofa.
Alicia Huo came to sit next to Terry Lu, looked at Terry Lu who was about to sleep, and said with a frown.
"Mr. Lu, my sister hasn't been seen for several days, and we can't get in touch with her. Can you help me find her?"
Since the last time Gladys Huo ran away here in anger, the driver followed her at first, but at night, she disappeared and has been unable to contact her until now. Alicia Huo began to feel a little worried.
But she tried her best, but she couldn't find this wayward sister. In desperation, she had to come to Terry Lu to see if he could do anything.
When Terry Lu heard this, he sighed and expressed deep sympathy for Alicia Huo having such a younger sister.
He took out the phone and immediately called Bodhi.
After a while, the call was connected.
"Find someone for me, named Gladys Huo, eighteen years old, let me know if you find her."
After the phone call, he immediately fell down and fell asleep.
Bodhi is now the underground boss of Xijing, and he has subdued countless forces of all sizes in Xijing. In one word, as long as Gladys Huo is still in Kota Xijing, he will definitely be able to find her.
Seeing that Terry Lu was willing to help, Alicia Huo relaxed a lot.
Seeing Lu Ming fell asleep, Alicia Huo didn't know where he fell asleep so much, it seemed that Terry Lu had been sleeping since the first time she saw him.
Helpless, she saw the mess in the grocery store again, Alicia Huo shook her head, and started cleaning silently again.
When Terry Lu woke up, it was already noon. Stretching, he looked at the tidy grocery store, then looked at Alicia Huo next to him and said.
"Thank you for your hard work. I invite you to dinner at noon today."
Terry Lu also knew that, as a rich girl, Alicia Huo probably wasn't good at this kind of thing, so it was difficult for her.
"Okay, what for lunch?"
When Alicia Huo heard that Terry Lu wanted to invite her to lunch, she immediately smiled.
"Let's go, we'll know when we arrived."
Terry Lu got up and walked out, Alicia Huo quickly followed.
A moment later, an eighteen-handed Santana galloped down the road.
"Why do you drive such a broken car?"
Alicia Huo in the car asked Terry Lu who was driving in confusion.
She is not dislike Terry Lu's car? She knows that with Terry Lu's ability, he can't afford what kind of car he wants, so why must he drive such a car.
Terry Lu Taoist.
"This car is a gift from my friend, I don't want to throw it away."
Alicia Huo nodded, expressing her understanding.
Sometimes, something does not lie in it’s value, but depends on who he is with and what he has experienced.
Not long after, the two got off at the gate of Xijing University.
Coming to a small noodle restaurant opposite, Terry Lu looked at a busy figure inside and smiled.

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