chapter 5 Summon Miwa Yeqi

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
At this moment, Terry Lu gave Shirga Ji a cold look, instead of talking to him, he said to Genji Yeqi.
"Mr. Yeqi, I'm here this time for an order from Alicia Huo and your company. I hope you can hand over this order to Ms. Huo's company. As for your requirements, you can put forward."
Terry Lu has been fighting overseas for many years, and has always been dependent on his brothers for life and death. He doesn't like this kind of intrigue.
Therefore, he was too lazy to entangle with these people, he just wanted to finish things early and go home to sleep.
After hearing Terry Lu 's words, a sneer appeared at Genji Yeqi’s lips.
"Mr. Lu, you think I'll give her an order worth one billion with just one word from you. You are too arrogant?"
And Chris Yun took a few steps back a little later, looking around seemingly casually, but paying attention to this place quietly.
He wanted to see how Terry Lu would deal with this problem. As for the conflict among several people,his capacity made him impossible to participate in it.
Terry Lu took a look and knew that he couldn't convince Genji Yeqi anymore.
In the past, he had plenty of ways to make Genji Yeqi obedient, but now, he is too lazy to say so much.
Terry Lu took out the phone, pressed a series of numbers and dialed.
After a while, the call was connected.
"Is it Miwa Yeqi?"
Terry Lu asked softly.
"It's me, my lord, what are your orders?"
Miwa Yeqi excited voice came from the other end of the phone.
Miwa Yeqi didn't expect that the lord would use her so quickly, she was so excited that she was about to faint.
"Does your group have a person in charge in China called Genji Yeqi?"
"Yes, sir, does it has any questions?"Miwa Yeqi felt a little strange.
"I have a friend who wants to sign a contract with your group, but the person in charge of refuses to agree. Moreover, I don't like this person in charge very much."
Terry Lu said lightly on the phone.
When Miwa Yeqi on the other end of the phone heard it, she immediately Taoist in a deep voice: "My lord, leave this matter to me. Where are you now?"
"I'm in the banquet hall of the Triumph Hotel, with your person in charge."
"I'll come right over, sir, please wait a moment, I will give you a satisfactory explanation."
Miwa Yeqi's voice was so heavy that it could drip water. She was not targeting Terry Lu, but angry at that stupid pig Genji Yeqi, who dared to offend Mr. Lu? Simply unforgivable.
Terry Lu hung up the phone, glanced at Genji Yeqi, and said to Alicia Huo, "Let's sit there for a while, wait for someone, and let her handle this matter later."
After finishing speaking, Terry Lu turned around to leave, but he heard Genji Yeqi laughing loudly.
"You think you can scare me with just one phone call, and we, President Miwa Yeqi, can be known by a trash like you? It's ridiculous."
Genji Yeqi didn't think that Terry Lu could know their president, because few people in their group had ever met the president.
The president of Changwu Group has always been known for being mysterious and low-key, never appearing in newspapers, TV, etc.
The club has always been ruled by five directors, and these five directors are only responsible to the president. Apart from these five directors, only some veterans of the group know the president’s face.
And he only met the president once by chance.
At that time, the president was reprimanding five directors, and the five directors were standing in the office, trembling with fear on their faces.
As for him who was going to deliver the documents, he was so excited by the powerful aura emanating from Miwa Yeqi that his legs became weak and he was sweating profusely.
At that time, Miwa Yeqi just glanced at him, and Genji Yeqi almost fell to his knees. That time, Miwa Yeqi left a deep impression on him.
And the scene where the five directors who are usually aloof, shivering like children who made mistakes in front of Noki Meiyu made him even more frightened.
It was also at that time that he really knew that the low-key president was the real person in power of the group, not as rumored that the group was controlled by five directors by the outside world.
And since that time, he has suddenly gained the favor of the five directors. He has a distant relationship with the president. In just a few years, he has taken the position of president of the China branch. It can be said that he has made rapid progress.
As for a powerful and mysterious figure like the president, he simply did not believe that someone as unknown as Terry Lu would know the president.
That phone call was nothing more than Alicia Huo and Terry Lu's double play, just a bluff, how could he be deceived by such a trick.
Terry Lu just gave him a cold look, didn't pay attention to him, but took Alicia Huo to the side table and sat down.
Terry Lu began to close his eyes to rest his mind, while Alicia Huo looked calm on the outside, but in fact he was panicked inside.
Genji Yeqi seems to have reached an agreement with Shirga Ji, and I don't know if Mr. Yun participated in this matter, the conversation between Terry Lu and Genji Yeqi was really unpleasant.
Things are getting more and more complicated!
After glancing at Terry Lu with his eyes closed and resting his mind, Alicia Huo forced to comfort herself.
"He's so calm, there should be room for things to turn around."
At this time, Chris Yun was talking with the other two, and continued to pay attention to the situation of Terry Lu and Alicia Huo.
Wearing a suit made by a top international artist himself, he didn't care about the crumpled appearance, and inadvertently revealed a hint of domineering in his speech.
After knowing his identity, he was able to remain calm and composed, all of which aroused his strong interest.
But Shirga Ji and Genji Yeqi talked and laughed freely, and looked coldly at Alicia Huo and Terry Lu from time to time, their eyes full of disdain.
Alicia Huo's heart became more and more chaotic.
After more than ten minutes, Alicia Huo finally couldn't bear it any longer, and was about to wake Terry Lu up and ask him what he was going to do. This matter was related to the survival of the family and the company, so he must not be careless.
At this moment, the door of the banquet hall was pushed open, and a woman in a suit came in. She was very beautiful, but her face darkened.
Her indifferent eyes swept across the hall, and when she saw Terry Lu, her eyes lit up.
Taking small steps, he hurriedly walked up to Terry Lu.
"My lord, I’m sorry I’m late, please forgive me."Miwa Yeqi suddenly knelt down at Terry Lu's feet, and said respectfully.
Alicia Huo was taken aback.
"What's the situation? What's the age, how can there be such a grand ceremony, and what's the relationship between her and Terry Lu?"
For a moment, many questions filled Alicia Huo's mind.
And this scene also attracted everyone's attention.
At this time, Terry Lu slowly opened his eyes, frowned and said.
"Get up, don't be like this in the future, I don't like it."
"Yes, my lord."
Miwa Yeqi got up respectfully, and stood meekly beside Terry Lu.
This scene attracted everyone's attention, but under everyone's surprised eyes, Genji Yeqi began to tremble all over.
The scene just now struck his heart like a bolt of lightning, making him almost faint on the spot.
"The president actually gave such a big reverence to Lu Ming, what is their relationship?"
In Genji Yeqi's heart, it was as if the sea had set off a raging wave, which was difficult to calm down.
He offended Terry Lu so much, and the president was like Terry Lu's servant, the relationship between the two reminded him of his end unconsciously.
I'm afraid I'm going to die.
At this time, Terry Lu said.
"Let me introduce you. This is Alicia Huo, Mrs. Huo have an order to sign with your branch. I will leave this matter to you."
Then, Terry Lu said to Alicia Huo again: "I've settled your matter, now we don't owe each other anything, I'm going home to sleep."
With that said, Terry Lu got up and yawned, and walked out of the banquet hall. For him, the matter here has already been dealt with.
Seeing Lu Ming disappear, Alicia Huo was still in a daze, unable to figure out what happened.
At this time, only heard Miwa Yeqi saying.
"Dear Miss. Huo, I am the president of Changwu Club, Noji Meiyu. In the future, if you have any business dealings with Changwu Club, you can contact me directly. I hope we can have deeper cooperation."
As soon as Alicia Huo heard that Miwa Yeqi had reported her family name, she suddenly woke up.
My God, if I can get on line with the president of Changwu Club, won't her company take off?
Moreover, seeing how respectful Miwa Yeqi was to Terry Lu, Terry Lu words in front of Yeqi Meiyu naturally carried a lot of weight.
Alicia Huo could feel it from the time Miwa Yeqi spoke to herself.
Hearing what Miwa Yeqi said, not only the immediate order, but also hope to have a deeper cooperation.
For a large group like Changwu Club, just giving her some orders is enough for her company to develop rapidly.
At this moment, a great sense of joy rushed into her heart, she was so excited that she could hardly speak, and could only nod vigorously.
Miwa Yeqi also nodded and said: "I will deal with some things first, and we will talk about the cooperation in detail later."
After finishing speaking, Miwa Yeqi walked towards Genji Yeqi, while her face was covered with a layer of ice.
But Genji Yeqi looked at the approaching president and felt a chill in his heart. Finally, he couldn't bear the huge pressure, his legs softened, and he fell to his knees directly on the ground, causing everyone to exclaim.


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