chapter 18 debt repayment

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
Inside the noodle shop, there is an upright and youthful girl with regular facial features, with a gentle smile, a black ponytail, swinging back and forth as she walks, serving meals to the diners.
"Let's go, the noodles here are pretty good."
Terry Lu said something to Alicia Huo, and walked into the noodle shop first.
Alicia Huo was from a wealthy family from she born, so she never went to this kind of place to eat, she feel a little restrained.
The two found a vacant seat and sat down. At this time, the girl found a guest coming in and hurried over to say hello.
"What do you two want to eat... Brother Lu, you are here."
When the girl saw Terry Lu, the smile on her face became brighter.we want two bowls of noodles with fried sauce."
"Brother Lu is making fun of her again, wait a moment,l come right away."
The girl greeted Terry Lu, swayed her ponytail like a butterfly wearing flowers, and ran to the back kitchen.
Alicia Huo watched this scene, couldn't help pinching Terry Lu waist, and said.
"you said come here to dinner, it turned out that you came to hook up with his little girl."
However, she immediately felt that something was wrong with her actions, and her whole face turned red.
Terry Lu looked at Alicia Huo, the smile on his face disappeared, followed by a slightly sad voice.
"He is my good friend's sister, his elder brother, who died when he was outside with me. When he died, the last words he said were to take care of his only relative, this sister."
Alicia Huo face also darkened, and he quickly said, "Sorry, I don't know, I was just joking."
"It's okay, but the noodles here taste good, you can try it later."Terry Lu changed the subject.
Danisa Xue's elder brother, named Xue Donglin, used to be Terry Lu's loyal subordinate, team Captain, life-and-death brother, followed Terry Lu through life and death, and experienced many wars.
In the Battle of the Giant Dragon, Xue Donglin unfortunately died in battle. Before he died, the only thing he said to Terry Lu was ask him to take care of his younger sister.
When Terry Lu returned to Xijing, he found out that Danisa Xue was studying at Xijing University, so he came to find her.
After handing over Xue Donglin's belongings to Danisa Xue, Terry Lu assumed the responsibility of taking care of her and treated her like his own sister.
Every week, Terry Lu would come to see Danisa Xue part-time job. As time went by, Terry Lu became more and more satisfied with this sister.
The two had no parents since they were young, and they depended on each other for life. In order to provide for his sister to study and give her a good life, Xue Donglin went overseas, became a mercenary, and became acquainted with Terry Lu and became life and death brothers.
And after Xue Donglin died in battle, Terry Lu even left a large sum of pension to Danisa Xue Danisa Xue was sad, but she didn't use the money, and relied entirely on scholarships and part-time jobs to support her life.
Although Terry Lu doesn't know what Danisa Xue is keeping the money for, he agrees with Danisa Xue's actions very much and loves her more and more.
Not long after, Danisa Xue swiftly brought over two bowls of Zhajiang noodles. It could be seen that the soybean paste on the noodles was specially added.
"Brother Lu, little sister, please have a try."
With smiling eyes, like a crescent moon, Danisa Xue said to Terry Lu and Alicia Huo with a smile.
Alicia Huo smiled back at Danisa Xue, and started eating noodles with Terry Lu.
Seeing the two eating, Danisa Xue started to get busy again.
Not long after the two of them finished eating a bowl of noodles, Terry Lu wiped his mouth and Taoist, "How does it taste?"
To be honest, Alicia Huo's appetite was not that much. She couldn't finish such a big bowl of noodles.
But thinking of Danisa Xue's experience and the amount of fried sauce she specially added for the two of them, she still managed to finish eating.
"It tastes good."Alicia Huo said with a smile.
Terry Lu smiled and was ready to pay the bill.
Suddenly, a girl ran in in a panic and Taoist, "Danisa ,Danisa ."
Danisa Xue, who was busy, saw the person and Taoist with a smile: "Windy Li, what's the matter?"
As soon as the words were finished, seven or eight Yellow-haired Girl followed behind the girl Windy Li , each of whom seemed to be displeased with everyone, blocking Windy Li in the noodle shop.
The diners who were dining saw the attire of these people and the troublesome appearance, they checked out one after another and left without eating.
Terry Lu, who was about to pay the bill, saw this scene and sat down slowly again.
With Terry Lu by his side, Alicia Huo was naturally not afraid, and sat safely beside Terry Lu.
In a short while, all the diners were gone. At this time, the leader among the yellow hairs stepped forward and Taoist strangely at Windy Li .
"Little girl, we have been guarding you for several days. Why don’t you stayed at school anymore."
Windy Li looked terrified, and tremblingly took Danisa Xue's arm, without saying a word.
Danisa Xue gently stroked Windy Li's back and Taoist, "Windy Li, what's going on?"
"It's about the loan. When the deadline is up,I can't find Kris. They block me at the school gate."
When Danisa Xue heard this, she shook her head, seemingly helpless.
At this time, the owner and the proprietress of the noodle shop hid in the back kitchen, watching the development of the matter shrinking.
Danisa Xue looked at the shivering roommate, and in desperation, she had no choice but to say to Yellow-haired Girl, the leader: "She didn't use the money. The person who used the money is missing. When we find him ,we will return it to you. Don't bother her anymore, okay?" good."
"Hehe, she borrowed the money. I don't care whoever uses it. I only look for her. I know you. Is your name Danisa Xue? The phone number of the guarantor she left was you, If she can’t give my money back, you are going to pay it back for her."
The leader, Yellow-haired Girl, seemed to be fully prepared, with a tough tone.
Danisa Xue was furious for a moment.
Windy Li is her roommate in college, and the two have a good relationship.
Some time ago, Windy Li had a boyfriend, who was outsider of school, named Kris Li, who was said to be a rich second generation, and his family background was good.
Not long after dating, Windy Li couldn't help to fell in the relations.
A few months later, Windy Li's boyfriend had a business problem and couldn't make money, so he sold his luxury car.
Windy Li saw it in her eyes and was anxious in her heart.
Kris Li told her that with a few hundred thousand left, the company would be able to turn around and the company would be fine, but he had already borrowed everything he could and sold everything he could, and there was no other way.
Windy Li was deeply worried about her boyfriend's future.
Because her boyfriend said that this is his father's test for him. If he can run the current company well, he will hand over the family business to him, otherwise, let his younger brother take charge of the business.
If the boyfriend's company break down, his future will be ruined.
It just so happened that through WeChat, Windy Li met a person who engaged in online loans, and promised Windy Li that as long as she was willing to use nude photos as collateral, she could loan her 500,000 yuan.
Windy Li struggled with her thoughts for several days, and finally, the idea of helping her boyfriend survive the crisis overwhelmed everything. Through this method, she got a loan of 500,000 yuan.
When she put the 500,000 yuan on her boyfriend's card, her boyfriend shed tears excitedly, and vowed that he would always be the same to her for the rest of his life.
That night, the two spent a sweet and crazy night in the hotel, and for the next ten days, the two were even more inseparable.
However, when the day of repayment was approaching, Windy Li found out that her boyfriend could not be contacted, and she was a little panicked now.
However, no matter whether she called or sent WeChat, she still couldn't get in touch with Kris Li until the debt collectors came to her.
Seeing Danisa Xue stand up for her, Windy Li Wei seemed to be a little more courageous, and said to Yellow-haired Girl.
"My boyfriend used the money, and his company has opened up. He will pay you back soon. Please don't come to school to look for me. I still have to study."
Yellow-haired Girl Taoist ferociously.
"It's natural to pay back the debt. Your boyfriend has nothing to do with me. I'll go to whoever borrowed the money. Don't forget, you have photos in our hands. You can think clearly about the consequences of not paying back the money."
Hearing this, Windy Li almost burst into tears. She was still a student, and she had brought so much money, but she still couldn't pay. If those people spread her photos, she would not be able to live.
"I don't have that much money, please, I'll pay you more interest when my boyfriend turns around."Windy Li Taoist.
When Yellow-haired Girl heard this, he smiled strangely and Taoist, "I don't care about this much, you have been overdue for a week, and if you don't show up today, you will publish your nude photos is your choice"
As soon as the word "nude photo" was uttered, Windy Li face immediately turned pale, and Danisa Xue was also surprised. Obviously, she didn't know about it.
"what happened?"
Danisa Xue Taoist Li Wei.
Windy Li replied evasively, but seeing Yellow-haired Girl and the others' reluctance to let go, she still quietly said to Danisa Xue: "I used my nude photo as collateral to bring the money for Kris."
Danisa Xue had a headache for a while, her roommate is really stupid, how could she do such a stupid thing.
But up to now, the only way to do this is to repay the loan first, otherwise, what will Windy Li do in the future.
After thinking for a moment, Danisa Xue said, "Okay, I'll pay her back the money, that's fine."
When Yellow-haired Girl heard this, he grinned and Taoist, "Of course it's no problem. With principal and interest, the total is 750,000. cash or card."
"What, 750,000? Didn't you borrow 500,000?"Danisa Xue said angrily.
Yellow-haired Girl face suddenly Taoist: " interest and liquidated damages for overdue, fee for our debt collection, 750,000, we already give you a discount."
"You guys are clearly rob money."Danisa Xue said with a flushed face.
She has some money, but it was bought by his brother with his life. She has kept it, and plans to start a company in her brother's name after graduation in the future, and work together with it to make a career.
Right now, she has no choice but to use her brother's money, but the other party is obviously blackmailing, how could she have the heart to exchange her brother's life for money, and just give it away like this.
However, as soon as Yellow-haired Girl heard that Danisa Xue had money to pay back, he immediately changed his face and Taoist: "Brothers, take these two girls away. If you don't pay back the money today,rape them then publish the nude photos."
Yellow-haired Girl's gangsters immediately stepped forward and prepared to attack.
At this moment, a lazy voice sounded.
"Wait a moment."

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