chapter 4 Mr. Yun's vision

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
Alicia Huo knew very well that her younger sister had been spoiled since she was a child, she always above doing anything, she never considered other people's feelings when she spoke and acted, she was full of princess bad habits.
Alicia Huo didn't intend to bring her here at first , but for some reason, Grandpa chose to bring this girl with her this time, saying that she need to exercise.
"You damn girl, don't do anything bad."
Just when Alicia Huo was anxious, Terry Lu stopped slowly and said.
"Little girl, don't take ignorance as your personality. In this world, there are too many things you don't know and have never seen."
Alicia Huo also hurriedly said sharply: "sister, if you are messing around just go back immediately, and I will never take you out again."
Gladys Huo’s words was interrupted by Terry Lu and reprimanded by her sister in front of others, tears welled up in her eyes.
" Lu. Wait and see ,this isn’t over. I will go home and tell grandpa."
After saying this with tears in her eyes, Gladys Huo trotted all the way and left the banquet hall.
Terry Lu didn't bother to pay attention to her, and walked towardsGenji Yeqi , Alicia Huo followed closely, and didn't have time to comfort her sister.
In a short while, the two came to the small circle where Genji Yeqi was located.
At this time, Genji Yeqi saw Alicia Huo, his eyes lit up, he greeted several people, and walked towards Alicia Huo.
"Beautiful Ms. Alicia Huo, it's an honor to see you again."Genji Yeqi said in inauthentic mandarian.
" thank you for your appreciation."Alicia Huo looked at the pig's face and said holding back her nausea to Genji Yeqi
"Mr. Genji Yeqi, I still want to discuss the order with you this time, can you ..."
Before Alicia Huo finished speaking, Genji Yeqi spoke.
"Miss Huo, you must know that Shirga Ji's company is much stronger than yours. I really have no reason to give this order to you."
As he said that, Genji Yeqi's eyes looked around Alicia Huo's body, the meaning of which was obviously.
Alicia Huo frowned, knowing that she couldn't continue anymore, so she prepared to introduce Terry Lu and let him intervene.
Just then, a voice sounded.
"Mrs. Huo, did you have a pleasant conversation with Mr. Ye Qi?" A man with gold-rimmed glasses appeared in front of Alicia Huo.
This person is Alicia Huo's main competitor, Shirga Ji.
"Mr. Ji, it seems that you have a plan in mind."Alicia Huo said with a smile.
Shirga Ji smiled gently, and said in a gentlemanly manner.
" thanks to Mr. Yeqi's care."
Alicia Huo frowned slightly, hearing what Shirga Ji saying, she should have already negotiated with Genji Yeqi, and she had a bad feeling in her heart.
This order is enough for the company to operate for five years. With these five years, Alicia Huo believes that it will definitely overcome this difficulty.
Therefore, this order must be taken.
Alicia Huo immediately Taoist, "Mr. Yeqi, let me introduce a friend to you."
With that said, Alicia Huo pointed at Terry Lu beside him.
"This is Terry Lu, Mr. Lu, my friend."
Alicia Huo knew that there was nothing she could do, and all hope was on Terry Lu, so he immediately pushed him to the front desk.
Everything depends on Terry Lu, I hope he really has such a huge energy as in the legend.
At this time, Genji Yeqi and Shirga Ji both turned their attention to Terry Lu, and Alicia Huo suddenly introduced Terry Lu, there must be some intentions.
It's just that the name was too unfamiliar to them, so they didn't pay much attention to it.
This is not because Terry Lu's name is not famous enough. When Terry Lu is overseas, most of his acquaintances are dignitaries from various countries, government leaders ,the presidents and chairman of multinational corporations, the presidents of small countries, and the heads of world-class consortium families.
Even an existence like Miwa Yeqi is nothing in front of Terry Lu. Given the level of these two people, it is not surprising that they have never heard of Terry Lu's name.
"Mr. Lu's suit is so chic."
Shirga Ji looked at the crumpled suit on Terry Lu body, tittered.
Terry Lu smiled, ".A few years ago, an old man insisted on making me a suit. I couldn't refuse, so I had to accept it. I didn't wear it much."
"Hehe, does Mr. Lu only have such one suit?"
Genji Yeqi was proud, glanced at his Armani suit and said.
Terry Lu said lightly.
He has never cared much about what he wearing. People who have been wandering around the juncture of life and death all year round just like him have already paid little attention to these external things.
This suit come from he casually rescued Meredith who was hijacked by a group of Calamity during a play.
Afterwards, this world-class artist who had already retired insisted on making a suit for Terry Lu himself, and Terry Lu accepted it as a thank you.
Genji Yeqi looked proud, Shirga Ji shook his head secretly, he thought that Alicia Huo would move out a heavy weight person, but he didn't expect that such a name was unknown.
Today is the day to sign the contract, and it seems that Alicia Huo is already at the end of his rope, and this order is none other than himself.
Shirga Ji was secretly refreshed, he knew that Genji Yeqi had always coveted Alicia Huo's beauty, and he was always worried that Alicia Huo would admit Genji Yeqi in desperation.
But now it seems that Alicia Huo, who is proud of herself, doesn't bother to do this. By a happy coincidence, I gain profit.
Cooperating with Genji Yeqi is of strategic significance. If can establish a relationship with a large group such as Changwu Group, there will be a steady stream of orders in the future, and the orders that we look at represent a lot of money. How can Shirga Ji is not happy, businessman, it is all about to make money.
Alicia Huo saw that the two of them dismissed Terry Lu, but Terry Lu looked indifferent, as if he didn't care at all.
At this time, Alicia Huo felt a little nervous.
" isn't he really a liar?"
If that was the case, I would have ruined the entire family!
Just when Alicia Huo started to worry, the young man who is seems like twenty years old came over, glanced at the W logo on Terry Lu suit, and said.
"Sir, this suit is Mr. Meredith's masterpiece, is it?"
When the young man opened his mouth, everyone was shocked.
Meredith Wayne!
The world's top art master, the godfather of the fashion industry, is a smash hit.
It's just that in recent years, he has gotten older and has gradually withdrawn from people's sight, but the brand Meredith created under his surname is still a super first-class brand and the world's top luxury.
Just when everyone was surprised, Terry Lu said.
"It's a little discerning to be able to recognize Wayne's personal logo."
Terry Lu smiled and nodded to the man in approval.
"Presumptuous, you know who Mr. Yun is, you dare to talk to Mr. Yun like this?"
At this moment, Shirga Ji said suddenly.
Mr. Yun frowned slightly, as if he was dissatisfied with Terry Lu's attitude.
He was just passing by, ready to say hello to an acquaintance, and when he heard a few people talking about the suit on Terry Lu, he glanced at it.
Unexpectedly, he was surprised to find that the suit was made by the top international fashion master himself, because the unique floral W logo was the logo that Meredith made by himself.
It was only three years ago, when Meredith was sixty years old, that she had announced that she would no longer make clothes for anyone, and lived a retired life.
He was just very curious, how could this young man have a suit made by Meredith himself, you know, things made by Meredith himself can no longer be measured by money, they are completely a symbol of status and dignity.
Such people usually have unusual identities, so Chris Yun also wants to make friends with. It's just that he doesn't like the way this person speaks.
Facing him, he seemed to be somewhat condescending. In the entire Xibei Province, there were really not many people who dared to talk to him like that!
Since Chris Yun has a good family education, although he didn't like it in his heart, he didn't show it, but Shirga Ji who was beside him immediately became anxious.
"This is the leader of the Xibei Province, the son of the Yun Family, and you can question him?"
Looking at Chris Yun's expression, Shirga Ji acted like a loyal dog, blaming Terry Lu again. There are not many opportunities to catch Mr. Yun's ass like this, and he has not grasped it tightly.
After Terry Lu listened, there was no expression on his face.
The people he knew were no worse than the top leader in Xibei Province. In his opinion, this top leader was not much different from a passer-by .
But Alicia Huo was shocked.
The young master of the Yun Family in Northwest China is an indomitable figure. When did Shirga Ji get involved with this young master Yun?
She glanced at Terry Lu worriedly. If Mr. Yun was involved in this matter, even if Terry Lu had such great energy as in the legend, it would be quite difficult to handle.
Because, in the entire Northwest, no one dared not give Young Master Yun face.

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