chapter 8 sacrifice

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
Terry Lu sighed, followed the spiral up the steps, and began to climb the mountain.
The palace above is where the Dragon God Sacrifice Altar is located. Every time he came to offer sacrifices, Terry Lu felt a little headache.
For unknown reasons, here, you can only walk step by step, even jumping is extremely difficult, the gravity of the earth is dozens of times that of the earth.
Every time he went up the mountain, it was extremely strenuous even his dragon physique.
As he climbed up the stairs step by step, Terry Lu's footsteps became heavier and heavier. After walking for more than three hours, he was exhausted and finally stood at the door of the Dragon God Sacrifice Altar.
Walking into the two open doors, which were 30 meters high, Terry Lu walked into an elephant's villa, which was as small as an ant.
Looking at the dark and seemingly endless hall, Terry Lu once again sighed how insignificant human beings are.
Raising the Jade Sword with both hands, Terry Lu spit out a few Dragon Language again.
In a moment, an overwhelming force descended from the sky and filled the entire altar hall.
The Jade Sword in Terry Lu 's hand slowly floated up by itself, and instantly disintegrated into the most primitive power before disappearing.
After a while, a golden light condensed in the air, and a transparent hourglass filled with something like golden gravel hovered beside Terry Lu.
Terry Lu knew that this was the Divine Gift obtained by offering sacrifices, and these Divine Gift could be exchanged for anything he wanted.
At the same time, a scroll-shaped golden light curtain appeared in front of him, with many options on it.
Terry Lu observed for a while, the first big item is the life item.
After many sacrifices, Terry Lu knows that what you want in your heart, the options that appear will be closer to what you think in your heart. This Dragon God seems to be able to read people's minds. Terry Lu sometimes feels scared when he thinks about that .
Click on the life category option, there are hundreds of items, large and small, and Terry Lu looks at them one by one.
"Forbidden Fruit; increase life by five years after eating."
"Rejuvenation Pill; delays aging."
"The White Tiger Heart; enhance physical fitness, prolong life, and the period is random."
After looking at dozens of options, he was not very satisfied. In the end, Terry Lu chose another thing.
"Eternal Spring; remove all negative states of the body, prolong life, and the period is random."
Cancer should also be in the state of masking. This kind of thing should work well, not to mention the effect of prolonging life. Although the period is random, if luck is good, the Yun Family will make a lot of money.
Lightly tap on the Eternal Spring, and a white transparent vial of unknown material filled with the Eternal Spring flew out and hovered beside Terry Lu.
At this time, the golden Divine Gift in the hourglass suddenly began to leak, and two thirds of it went down in a short while, which made Terry Lu feel heartache.
"Damn it, I didn't make much money this time."
Cursing secretly, Terry Lu began to pick out the rest.
At this time, there was a twist on the golden light curtain, and the items began to change and rearrange.
What appeared as the first option has become a physical enhancement option, and many things that appeared for the first time have disappeared.
Terry Lu knew that it was caused by insufficient Divine Gift, and the things that appeared on the light curtain would only be things that he could buy with the Divine Gift he had now.
Terry Lu shook his head and said inwardly, "This old dragon really sees people's mind."
After browsing through all the above items, Terry Lu began to slander the old dragon.
It's not that Terry Lu is bold, because Terry Lu discovered that this old dragon doesn't need your respect, nor your belief,only your sacrifice.
However, he still didn't dare to say it outright, in case the old dragon was in a bad mood and got into trouble, he would not be able to bear it and walk away.
After a while, Terry Lu discovered something interesting.
"Construct Inscription."
"Set one; the Boiling Blood, which can greatly improve the blood energy and strength of the human body."
"Set two; Easy Attack, greatly increased agility."
"Set three; the King of War, increase morale, explosive power."
"Set four; Soul Protector, increase vitality."
"Kit five; Dark Attack, reduce the enemy's attack power."
"Set six; Universe Core, increase defense."
"Set seven; Brutal Attack, increase your own attack power."
"The total bonus of the seven-piece suit; a Understood Attack; ignoring the defense, there is a 50% chance of killing the enemy."
"Hiss~ , is there such a thing?"
After reading it carefully, Terry Lu couldn't help but gasped and exclaimed involuntarily.
Everything here has a fatal attraction to Master, because these attributes are additional.
Two Master with similar strength, if anyone can possess such a structure, wouldn't the strength be a bit higher out of thin air and be invincible?
If you collect all the seven pieces, you will be an ordinary master and have the strength to fight against Grandmaster, which is really too overbearing.
The most important thing is that this kind of construction can be attached to anyone, as long as the Construct Inscription is imprinted on the corresponding part of the body, this attribute can be obtained.
Terry Lu burst into laughter in his heart. He doesn't need this kind of thing for the time being, but there are many people who need it. If he sells it for money, he will definitely get a good price.
He is very poor now, and all the wealth he earned as a mercenary for so many years was given to his subordinates after the Battle of the Giant Dragon, and he paid for his comrades who died in battle, leaving little for himself.
He also urgently needs a lot of money now. After all, it is too slow to wait for someone to come to deliver things.
With money, if you find something good, you can buy it directly, which can increase your cultivation speed relatively.
Thinking of this, Terry Lu clicked without hesitation.
The animal skin structure engraved with the Boiling Blood floated out and hovered beside Terry Lu.
The Divine Gift in the golden hourglass was reduced a lot in an instant, leaving only a little bit.
Terry Lu shook his head, and was about to leave. This kind of Divine Gift should not be exchanged for anything.
Just as he was about to leave, the light curtain blurred for a while, and then lit up again.
A fiery red gemstone ring appeared alone in the light curtain.
"Eternal Spring; greatly extend the time of doing sex."
"holy shit, why does this old dragon have everything?"
Terry Lu couldn't help blurting out.
It's no wonder that such weird things can appear. Isn't this dragon god too wretched, why does he look so out of shape?
As soon as the words came out of his mouth, Terry Lu felt uncomfortable and covered his mouth tightly.
After observing for a long time, he didn't find anything unusual, so he was relieved.
It seems that is the case, as long as you make a sacrifice, the other, the dragon god, really doesn't care.
After Terry Lu found out that it was all right, he clicked the ring.
The ring floated out and hovered beside Terry Lu, and all the Divine Gift of the gods were exhausted, not a single drop was left.
"Damn, the old guy is really cunning, he insisted on squeezing me out."
Terry Lu shook his head, he realized that this old dragon is really extremely cunning, the Divine Gift obtained from sacrifices always leaves you with nothing left.
Sighing, Terry Lu put away the sacrifices and prepared to leave.
A vast, ancient voice sounded as if it had traveled through countless time torrents.
"Young man, in view of your outstanding vision, I bestow on you the title of ' God's Envoy', and remind you that you need to speed up the pace of sacrifice and strengthen your physique. you ate a dragon, and with your The current growth rate of physique cannot withstand the awakening of the blood of the dragon family, and at that time, your body, together with your soul, will be destroyed by the power of the dragon."
When Terry Lu heard this, he was shocked.
"why’s that?"
Terry Lu asked loudly.
However, at this time, all the power in the hall receded like a tide, and his question did not receive any response.
"Oh shit."
Terry Lu cursed and realized that things were not that simple.
"Did I fall for it?"
Terry Lu began to wonder if he had been fooled by this old dragon since he ate that dragon?
However, it is too late to regret it now, it seems that the matter of sacrifice must be paid close attention to. He didn't dare to question what the old dragon said, it was about his own life.
Terry Lu spat out a few Dragon language characters, and he appeared in his room after a while.
In the room, looking at the items obtained from the sacrifice and the words of the old dragon at the end, Terry Lu began to thinking.

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