chapter 6 Great changes in the Yun Family

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
Genji Yeqi was kneeling on the ground, looking at Miwa Yeqi approaching him step by step, his fat body was trembling, the arrogance of the past had long since disappeared, and what was there was only deep fear.
Miwa Yeqi came to Genji Yeqi with a gloomy and pretty face to Genji Yeqi, this beautiful face was as terrifying as an emissary from hell.
"Stupid stuff."
Miwa Yeqi yelled and cursed, and then slapped her face.
A crisp sound resounded through the hall.
Genji Yeqi fat body was slapped by the seemingly delicate Miwa Yeqi, and his whole body was blown up, turned over and fell to the ground.
Everyone in the arena exclaimed again, they did not think a weak woman has such great strength.
And Chris Yun looked at this scene thoughtfully.
Genji Yeqi’s face was swollen quickly, and a few teeth fell out, but he didn't care about these, he knelt down in front of Yeqi Meiyu enduring the pain, waiting to be punished.
Miwa Yeqi is not only the president of the club, but also the head of the Yeqi family. He is a marginal figure of the Yeqi family. there is no room for resistance at all In front of Yeqi Meiyu.
"Now remove all your positions in the group and the family, go back to the country immediately, and wait for the double investigation of the group and the family."
Miwa Yeqi said with a cold face.
Hearing this, Genji Yeqi finally couldn't hold on, rolled his eyes and collapsed to the ground.
Facing the scrutiny of the group, it's okay to say that at most he will be removed from his position, but facing the scrutiny of the family, his life will be in danger.
Because Miwa Yeqi, as the patriarch of the family, has the power of life and death to any family member who makes mistakes, and his life or death is just a word from her.
Seeing Genji Yeqi collapsed to the ground, Miwa Yeqi was full of disgust.
An ignorant and stupid thing dares to offend a supreme existence like an lord, it is simply courting death.
If it weren't for being in a foreign country and being in public, Miwa Yeqi would kill this idiot with her own hands, and take the idiot's head in exchange for a smile from the lord.
Suppressing the anger towards Genji Yeqi in her heart, Miwa Yeqi bowed to everyone and said.
"Sorry for his poor performance."
After finishing speaking, Miwa Yeqi turned around and came to Alicia Huo's side, smiled and began to chat.
Alicia Huo is the person appointed by lord, no matter what difficulties and requests she has, Miwa Yeqi will unconditionally implement deal with them.
But Shirga Ji looked at all this with a dull face.
It all happened so suddenly that he was caught off guard.
Terry Lu really knew the president of Changwu Club, and called her over, and most importantly, Miwa Yeqi actually knelt in front of Terry Lu, what was going on?
At this time, Shirga Ji knew that his order is gone, and it was very likely that he would be hit by Changwu Club.
In view of Miwa Yeqi's relationship with Terry Lu and Alicia Huo, he had to worry about this.
Changwu Group, Ltd. is a colossal monster that can crush itself to death with one finger. At this moment, Shirga Ji began to panic.
Chris Yun, who saw all this in his eyes, looked at Miwa Yeqi and Alicia Huo who were talking quietly, and after a little thought, he walked over slowly.
In his capacity, he was enough to talk to Miwa Yeqi, and he was really curious about how Terry Lu was able to make Miwa Yeqi do such a great reverence.
As for Terry Lu,he left the Triumph Hotel, took a taxi directly, and returned to his grocery store.
He returned to the door of the grocery store, looked at the two doors that were concealed, smiled slightly, and walked in.
As soon as he entered, he saw Gladys Huo sitting on the sofa in the middle, with two burly men in black suits standing beside her.
Terry Lu said lightly, "It's illegal to break into a private house."
"Don't scare me,itis a grocery store, not a private house, and the door is not locked, everyone can come in."
Gladys Huo said with a cold face.
"Okay, as long as you like it."
As Terry Lu said, he lay down on another sofa, apparently ready to sleep.
Gladys Huo face darkened, and she said coldly.
"You liar, still want to sleep? Hurry up and hand over my family's family heirloom, or else, I can not promise what you will suffer."
It turned out that after Gladys Huo left the Triumph Hotel, the more she thought about it, the more angry she became. She didn't go home, she used her little power depend on called the security guards of the two companies directly.
Then she took the bodyguards and went to the grocery store, waiting for the liar Terry Lu to come back.
She must expose the true face of this liar, bring back the family treasure, and prove to her sister and grandfather that she is no longer a child, and she is capable of taking care of family affairs.
Terry Lu, who just lay down, said lazily, "I'm sorry, but I will not return anything I received."
"Hehe, you still dare to speak like that, teach him a lesson."
Gladys Huo shouted, and the two security guards immediately came to Terry Lu's side, stretched out their big hands and grabbed him.
Terry Lu didn't even open his eyes, and kicked him with both feet.
"Bang bang!"
After the loud noise from both bodies, the two tall and strong security guards were directly kicked out of the door. The two of them piled on top of each other, they couldn't get up but clutching their stomachs and moaning in pain.
At this time,Terry Lu opened his eyes, stared at Gladys Huo's magnificent chest, and said with a strange voice.
"I don't hit women, you can do what you want."
Gladys Huo felt terrified when Terry Lu looked at her,she looked at the two security guards who flew out, and then heard Terry Lu's words, she was fidgeting.
She never expected that this vagabond and liar had such a high force value that the two security guards were so vulnerable in front of him.
Now, she can neither sit nor walk, and is in a very embarrassing situation.
After a while, Gladys Huo blushed and Taoist angrily: "we will wait and see, this isn’t over."
Gladys Huo walked out of the grocery store in a hurry after leaving behind a scene, kicked the two security guards hard after going out.
Terry Lu, on the other hand, turned over and began to sleep soundly.
At seven o'clock in the afternoon, after the entertainment, Chris Yun drove a low-key Audi A6 slowly on the way home, deeply moved.
This reception,he gain a lot.
Talking with Alicia Huo and Miwa Yeqi, let him know that there is such a magical place as Toko Kelontong Forget Worry.
Alicia Huo's experience, and Miwa Yeqi's respect for Terry Lu, made him feel that this is not a legend.
That Terry Lu is really a person with great energy. This kind of person with great energy is exactly what he needs to associate with.
He wants to go home now, tell his father the news, and let his father help him to know how he should deal with the grocer.
Because of his special status, his every move attracts attention, so he must be cautious.
After more than half an hour, Chris Yun returned to the Party Committee Residence, parked the car, and walked into Villa Number One.
Father should have already left work normally as usual, so I happened to talk to him about this matter.
As soon as he entered the door, he saw his father sitting in the living room with a serious face, and his mother had tears in her eyes, as if she had just cried.
"What's the matter, Dad, Mom?"Chris Yun Taoist puzzled.
In the entire Xibei Province, what else could make one's parents cry in embarrassment?
"Come on, sit down, I have something to tell you."
Chris Yun's father, George Yun, the leader of the Xibei Province, is in his early sixties, with a Chinese face that is not angry and arrogant. He has been in the top position for a long time, and he has his own dignity.
Chris Yun sat down obediently, feeling that something was wrong with the atmosphere.
At this moment, George Yun said with a sigh.
"But before I talk about this, I hope you can be mentally prepared."
Chris Yun was taken aback for a moment, feeling that something was unusual.
"Tell me, Dad, no matter what happens, I can hold on."
George Yun nodded slowly and said.
"Actually, three months ago, I was diagnosed with gastric cancer, which was at an advanced stage! In order not to worry you and your mother, I didn't tell you. Now, after a period of treatment, I can only regret to tell you that the disease has been controlled. my life will end in a few days at a time, or a few months at a time.”
"This is impossible."
Chris Yun suddenly stood up and said.
Although he felt that something was unusual, he thought that something happened to his father in the officialdom.
However, he never expected that such a thing would happen.
His father was only in his early sixties, and he had already reached such a high position. Moreover, in the officialdom, this was the time when he was in the prime of life. If he took a step up, he would be famous in history. Such opportunities were foreseeable.
However, cancer!
Letting all this come to irrealizable, Chris Yun immediately felt his world came crashing down. He is still young, and he is working in a small unit for training. Once his father died, the relationship in the past is basically useless just like no one want to taste the cold tea.
His future was suddenly bleak, and this family also had no future.
George Yun was not talking, but was waiting for his son to calm down.
After a while, Chris Yun murmured, "Dad, is there really no other way?"
"this is cancer. Let's not have any illusions. We will have to face this matter sooner or later."
George Yun sighed.
"No, I don't believe it."
Chris Yun began to walk up and down the living room anxiously, feeling extremely flustered.
Suddenly, he thought of what Alicia Huo told him just now.

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