chapter 2 kneel down and sing conquer

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
After more than half an hour, Miwa Yeqi was pale, dying, and she couldn't even cry out to beg for mercy.
And at this time, Terry Lu finally stopped attacking with a muffled groan.
He got up slowly, went into the bathroom to take a shower, after that, he came out and lit a cigarette slowly, sat on the chair beside him and smoked.
And his eyes, still unscrupulous, swept around Yeqi Meiyu's naked body, his behavior made Miwa Yeqi shocked.
After a while, Miwa Yeqi finally felt that her body regained a bit of strength. She struggled to get up, put on the tattered suit, and came to Terry Lu side.
Terry Lu looked at Miwa Yeqi indifferently. the crimson in his eyes had already fade away , it seems that he have regained his calmness.
At this time, Miwa Yeqi showed deeply reverence for him instead of any cold arrogance on her face.
She kneed down with the upper part of the body on the ground in front of Terry Lu very respectfully, and said.
"My lord, please forgive my ignorance for trying to fight against a powerful person like you. I am willing to be your disciples if you take me, even if a concubine.
She was originally the top powerful person in Fusang Federation, with proud and arrogance, and looked down on the world. However, in order to avenge her younger brother who was a mercenary, she came to China and for Terry Lu.
During this short fight, she was shocked and completely vanquished by Terry Lu's strength physically and emotionally.
Overmatch worship power, facing this unprecedented power, the reason for her coming is no longer important.
The important thing is that she could be a real strong person and go further and further on the path of practice if she accompany him .
Terry Lu was a little surprised by Miwa Yeqi 's surrender.
He thought she would fight desperately against him or run away and find a chance to kill him after regaining her strength.not expecting that she would surrender like this.
As for himself, because of that incident, not only possessed the power of the giant dragon, but also inherited the disposition of the giant dragon.
Once he’s attacked, he would become impulsive, irritable, testiness and cruel, and it was for these negative reasons that he raped Miwa Yeqi.
Under the strong resistance of his dragon physique, Miwa Yeqi's illusion has no effect at all.
Seeing extremely submissive and surrendered Miwa Yeqi in front of him, and the bright red blood stain on the bed,Terry Lu thought for a while, and said slowly.
"Leave your number, get out of here, and I will find you when I need it."
Miwa Yeqi nodded submissively, took out a business card from the tattered clothes that could barely cover her body, handed it to Terry Lu with both hands, then bowed and retreated, leaving the room.
No matter what "needs" the lord asked for, she is willing to do, as long as she can stay with him.
Watching Miwa Yeqi leave, Terry Lu turned his attention to that exquisite business card.
"President of Changwu Group, chairman of the Fusang Martial Arts Federation, Miwa Yeqi."
Looking at these two titles, Terry Lu smiled.
Changwu Group, Ltd. is also a large consortium. It is one of the best in Fusang Federation and has a significant influence in the world.
Chairman of the Martial Arts Cultivation Federation, this title is also well deserved. It seems that Miwa Yeqi is a big shot in Fusang Federation.
After taking a look, Terry Lu threw the business card aside, he doesn’t care a bit.
Then, he took out the jade pendant again, and considered whether to "sacrifice" it! Thinking of this, Terry Lu sigh with emotion!
A few years ago, he was an overseas mercenary with his own mercenary team, one of the three largest mercenary groups in the world, and he possess the title of the Mercenary King.
The people who cooperate with him are all the world's wealthy business giants, politicians from various countries, and even the presidents of some small countries. His connections are quite terrifying.Few years, later, he has accumulated rich wealth.
However, just a year ago, something strange happened on a small island overseas.
According to rumors, the sky opened a crack and a giant dragon flow out of from the sky, with countless treasures everywhere on the island.
Terry Lu of course wanted to see such a miraculous thing. He led his team and arrived at the island.
However, two other top mercenary groups in the world also arrived at the same time for the legendary wealth, the three parties fought fiercely around the island for half a month.
Finally, Terry Lu’s super strength, made him succeed. He crippled and retreated the other two mercenary teams, but more than half of his team were killed and injured.
After landing on the island, Terry Lu was completely shocked.
There are no rumored treasures on the island, but a dragon exists!
The dragon was covered in bruises as if after a arduous battle, it was in a state of death.
Seeing the huge monster in front of him, even the well-informed Terry Lu was stunned!
According to legend, the giant dragon is full of treasures, so naturally it cannot be wasted.
his men blocked the island. It took Terry Lu half a year to finish eating this giant dragon.
For some reason, he has all the memories of this dragon, and there is an extra "Dragon God Sacrifice Altar" in his body.
According to the memory of the giant dragon, this Dragon God Sacrifice Altar was bestowed by the great dragon god. As long as you have enough items to "sacrifice", the dragon god will bestow Gift and fulfill your wishes.
The premise is that the items you sacrifice contain enough energy. Otherwise, you will get nothing.
Immediately afterwards, Terry Lu dispersed his all wealth paying for his subordinates’s family and, disbanded the team, returned to his hometown, began to practice hard day and night, and sent out such a message in his network.
"Collect all the ancient items to exchange a chance to do things for them."
As soon as this news came out, it immediately sparked a heated discussion in the upper echelons of the entire world.
In exchange for the Mercenary King, Scarlett Killer, a chance to do business, no matter how precious something is, it is worth it.
As a result, people kept sending things, but few of them could be used as sacrifices to obtain Divine Gift.
There were only three of them, the qualifications for offering sacrifices, and the three Divine Gift, all of which Terry Lu chose to strengthen his physique.
Because from the memory of the giant dragon, there is a set of cultivation methods called Dragon Rise Technique. This set of mental methods is perfected by the dragon family after tens of thousands of years according to their own physical characteristics.
But to practice Dragon Rise Technique, one must have the physique of a giant dragon. Although he ate a giant dragon, now he just barely reached the threshold of practicing Dragon Rise Technique, and he is still far away from the highest possible stage -Dacheng.
According to memory, after practicing Dragon Rise Technique to the end, one can travel in the starry sky, gallop in the universe, live forever, and exist like a god.
Terry Lu has practiced martial arts since he was a child. As a Master, becoming stronger is his eternal goal. Now that such a big opportunity is in front of him, he naturally wants to seize it tightly.
His current goal is to collect all the old items he can find, strengthen his body, and lay a solid foundation for practicing the Dragon Rise Technique.
Withdrawing his thoughts and putting away the jade pendant, Terry Lu planned not to use this jade pendant for now. The energy contained in this jade pendant is not enough and the sacrifice is not very effective. When enough items are collected, the sacrifice will be carried out.
Lying on the bed, he fell into a deep sleep after a while. As he breathed, a layer of light invisible to the naked eye loomed on Terry Lu body, which was also a symbol of practicing Dragon Rise Technique.
The next morning, Terry Lu got up on time at seven o'clock. After washing up, he went outside to have breakfast, then returned to his Toko Kelontong Forget Worry, opened the store door, and fell asleep on the sofa again.this is the feature of dragon: lethargy!
until almost noon, at eleven o'clock, Alicia Huo appeared at the door.
She pushed the door open, looked at Terry Lu who was sleeping on the sofa, and frowned.
Behind her, there was a girl a few years younger than her, whose eyebrows were very similar to Alicia Huo.
The girl looked at the surrounding environment, then at the sleeping Terry Lu, and said.
"no way, you just found a man like this to help us solve the problem, are you crazy? My sister"
"Be polite."Alicia Huo glared at his younger sister Gladys Huo, and said, "Don't be rude to Mr. Lu."
Gladys Huo stuck out her tongue and stopped talking, but her face was full of disdain.
At this time, Terry Lu woke up slowly.
He said that he was sleeping and practicing, his five senses are extremely sharp now so that he knew them when the two sisters walked in the door.
After lighting a cigarette and taking two puffs, Terry Lu said, "Let's go."
With that said, he turned around and walked outside the door.
"Hey, t you dress up like this? This is a reception for the upper class, not a roadside stall."
Gladys Huo said with a look of disbelief.
Terry Lu took a look at the two sisters luxurious dresses, scratched his scalp and said, "just a reception, just a few words, does it need to be so grand?"
"Hehe, you really dare to boast."Gladys Huo laughed disdainfully: "I said to you ,sister, this guy doesn't even have a decent dress, don't be fooled, get the jade pendant back quickly, let's find another way."

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