chapter 3 flamboyant suit

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
Alicia Huo hesitated, glanced at Terry Lu, and said, "Mr. Lu, could you change your clothes,please?"
Alicia Huo also felt that Terry Lu's attire was really a bit inappropriate. This reception was attended by high-class people from Kota Xijing. Terry Lu's short T and shoes were really weird.
Terry Lu shook his head helplessly, turned and went upstairs.
After a while, he walking down in a crumpled black suit and a pair of dusty dark blue leather shoes.
The suit fit well,no other logos but with a fancy W on the chest .
This suit seems to have been placed in the bottom of the box for several years, and it is wrinkled like it has just been turned out.
Gladys Huo looked at Lu Ming in surprise, and said, "Brother, This clothes must be your best bet which kept at the bottom of the suitcase, right?"
Then, Gladys Huo pointed to herself and Alicia Huo’s low-necked long dress , and said.
"Do you think it's well matched for you to walk with us?"
Terry Lu smile, " I won't marry you, I don’t care about whether matchable or not."
Gladys Huo was furious for a moment, she didn't expect that this liar would dare to talk to her like that. she heard Alicia Huo said Just when she was about to expose the liar angrily and let her sister know him completely.
"Okay, don't be rude to Mr. Lu, the reception is about to start, let's go quickly."
When Gladys Huo was told by her sister, she felt even more annoyed. She didn't say anything, but only had a wait-and-see look on her face.
The true face of this liar will be exposed at the reception after a while. At that time, let's see how he quibbles.
"Please, Mr. Lu."
Alicia Huo turned around and left the grocery store after she finished speaking, Gladys Huo followed her. The two sisters in evening gowns were swaying and very seductive.
Terry Lu walked in the last, closed the door of the grocery store without locking it, and walked out like this.
Out of the alley, there was a BMW business car parked by the side of the road , an old man with gray temples, dressed in a decent suit, stood in front of the car door.
Seeing sister Alicia Huo come out, the old man quickly opened the door , "Miss, Miss, please get in the car."
Alicia Huo nodded, asked Terry Lu to get in the car sat with her, while Gladys Huo sat opposite of Terry Lu, with a sneer on her youthful and beautiful face.
The car started to run smoothly. At this moment, Alicia Huo took out a information bag, handed it to Terry Lu, and said.
"Mr. Lu, here is the other party's detailed information. Take a look, and I will give you a general explanation first."
Terry Lu took the file bag and did not open it in a hurry, but quietly waited for Alicia Huo to speak.
Alicia Huo coughed lightly and said.
"The partner I want to discuss is Fusang Changwu Group, which is stationed in the China branch. The person in charge is the branch president Genji Yeqi..."
As soon as Alicia Huo said this, Terry Lu raised his hand interrupted her, and threw the portfolio back to her and said.
"Since it is Changwu Group, you don’t need to continue to talk, just bring the president over here."
Terry Lu’s original thought was that no matter what the other party's background was, his network resources to exchang a little benefit with him would be enough to make the other party agree to this matter.
However, since the other party is Changwu Group, there is no need to bother, Miwa Yeqi should be in Kota Xijing.
And Alicia Huo caught the file bag that Terry Lu threw over, with a look of amazement on her face.
"Could this legendary grocery store owner is really so powerful? You know, Changwu Group, Ltd. is extremely important. The person in charge of its branch belongs to the real upper class in Kota Xijing. The people he interacts with are not simple."
At this time, Gladys Huo, who had been holding back for a long time, finally broke out and shouted coquettishly.
" Boy, I've tolerated you for a long time. You know the background of Changwu Group, so you dare to speak so brazenly?"
Terry Lu Taoist lightly: "it just a chamber of commerce, why so serious?"
"Hehe, Don’t brag . It is a consortium with hundreds of billions of funds. You, who own a grocery store, dare to talk to others like that?"
Gladys Huo’s face turned crimson because of anger.
In her eyes, Terry Lu is an professional liar, and her sister went to the doctor for a sudden illness, and was deceived by this liar.
As for Terry Lu's indifferent attitude, Gladys Huo know that it was just a fake by Terry Lu in order to deceive his sister.
Now, Terry Lu said such foolish words.
"When the time comes, just bring that president over!"
Gladys Huo couldn't believe her ears. In this world, there are people who can pretend like this?
"Hehe, although I'm just a grocery store owner, I don't give any attention to Changwu Group"
Seeing Gladys Huo chest heaving up and down due to anger, a strange smile appeared on the corner of Terry Lu mouth.
This Gladys Huo is not very old, probably only seventeen or eighteen years old, but the bosom on her chest are even more majestic and magnificent than her sister.
Moreover, because she was wearing a V-neck dress, almost half of bosom was exposed outside. Her anger, ups and downs, was about to come out, making people worry that she would pop out at any time.
Gladys Huo was about to sarcastically, but suddenly found that Terry Lu's eyes fell on her chest, she quickly crossed her hands to protect her chest, and said viciously.
"Rogue, liar, look again and gouge out your eyeballs."
"Ha ha ha ha."
Terry Lu laughed for a while, then closed his eyes and meditated, not paying attention to this unruly girl.
"Okay, stop making trouble, it's almost here."
Alicia Huo glared at Gladys Huo and said.
Gladys Huo was still a little afraid of her sister, so she quit speaking, but still disdain in her heart.
At the reception, when the liar can no longer pretend, she will stand and slap him in the face severely, teach him a good lesson, let his sister see the true face of this liar, bring back the family heirloom and doing good for the family.
Quickly, the car stopped at the entrance of the five-star Triumph Hotel. The three of them got off, took the elevator, and went directly to the banquet hall on the top floor.
At this time, many people had already arrived in the banquet hall, all holding champagne in their hands, whispering in groups of three or five, and the arrival of three of them did not attract many people's attention.
Alicia Huo brought Gladys Huo and Terry Lu to a relatively remote corner. The waiter brought champagne, and the three of them each took a glass.
Alicia Huo looked around, then frowned and said to Terry Lu.
"Mr. Lu, whoever is wearing a black suit is the president of the Changwu Society branch, Genji Yeqi , and the person next to him with gold-rimmed glasses is a strong competitor of mine, Shirga Ji from Dingsheng Corporation ."
With saying, Alicia Huo pointed forward.
Terry Lu looked around and saw that the president, Genji Yeqi,, was short and fat, and looked to be in his forties, with two black hairs on his nostrils, which grew thickly to the outside of his nostrils.
And there was the man with gold spectacles next to him, he was very gentle, and there were several people beside them, talking and laughing happily with champagne in their hands.
From the positions of several people, Terry Lu keenly felt that the main character in this small circle was not Genji Yeqi, but a young man in his early twenties.
Although this young man was young, he had a steady face and seldom spoke, while the others seemed to approach him intentionally or unintentionally, faintly becoming the center of the circle, their identities seemed extremely unusual.
But Terry Lu didn't care, he just came to solve Alicia Huo's troubles.
"You go and ask him to come over. I'll help you with errands. I woke up a little early today. I have to go back and catch up on sleep after I finish here early."Terry Lu said, taking a sip of champagne.
"This..."Alicia Huo said with some embarrassment: "Mr. Lu, is it inappropriate for me to call someone over?"
Alicia Huo knew that with her status, she could be said to be a rich man in front of ordinary people, but in front of these people, she was not worth of mentioning. Asking her to call Genji Yeqi directly would really embarrass her .
"Yes, I was negligent, so let's go there."
After saying that, Terry Lu raised his foot and walked towards the Genji Yeqi.
"Hehe, I will wait and see how long you can pretend."Gladys Huo followed closely, and said coldly.
Hearing these words, Terry Lu paused, and his face became a little bad.
Alicia Huo heart tightened, and he deeply regretted bringing this troublemaker here, and at the same time secretly anxiously: "Don't make trouble at this time!"

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