chapter 9 God's Envoy

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
After thinking for a long time, there was no good solution, so Terry Lu decided to finish the matter at hand first.
He took out his mobile phone, took a picture of the Boiling Blood structure and the Eternal Spring ring, and then opened a discussion forum of the Martial Home on the mobile phone.
This forum is the world's largest forum for discussing Martial Arts Cultivation. There are various schools, ancient martial arts families, overseas Chinese, and mysterious figures everywhere.
As a Master, Terry Lu often visits this forum to see various discussions and debates about the journey of Martial Arts Cultivation.
This kind of thing is suitable for this forum.
After re-registering a small account called "God's Envoy ", Terry Lu uploaded two pictures with text descriptions. Each item was priced at 100,000 yuan. If multiple people buy it, the one with the highest price will win.
Compared to the attributes of these two things, the price of one hundred thousand is really too low.
However, Terry Lu considered that the greatest possibility for everyone is to treat such a fantasy thing as a joke.
Therefore, the price tag is very low, one hundred thousand yuan, in the eyes of some Martial Arts Cultivation family children, it is nothing at all, they are very likely to buy it with the mentality of giving it a try.
As long as someone buys one, the effect must be enough to cause a sensation, and then, the later things, then the price will be higher.
As long as there are enough things to sacrifice, where is the old dragon, there is good things, and there will be plenty of money to make in the future.
After settling everything, Terry Lu yawned and fell asleep. He fell asleep on the bed without even taking off his clothes.
the next day.
Terry Lu called Chris Yun in his grocery store.
Not long after, Chris Yun arrived in a hurry.
Terry Lu took out the Eternal Spring, handed it to Chris Yun and said.
"Go back and let the patient take it. It should be fine, and it may prolong life. Let's settle the matter."
"What? And possibly prolong life?"
Chris Yun looked at Lu Ming in disbelief.
"Yes, but how much it can be extended depends on the fate of the patient."
"This, this, this..."
Chris Yun couldn't believe what Terry Lu said.
Seeing the milky white liquid in the vial of unknown material, Chris Yun held it tightly in his hand.
What Terry Lu said was too miraculous, which made Chris Yun feel unreal.
However, at this time, his father's only life-saving straw, he had to believe it .
Without caring about the politeness, he bid farewell to Terry Lu in a hurry, and Chris Yun went home directly.
His father was recuperating at home, so he hurried back to let his father obey. If it was really useful, it would save the fate of their two families.
At this time, in the living room of George Yun's house, an old man in Tang suit who looked to be over sixty years old, with a childlike face and white hair, seemed to be full of energy, and was feeling George Yun pulse.
Evely Mu sat aside with a nervous expression on her face, as if she was waiting for the final sentence of the prisoner.
This old man in Tang suit was none other than Charles Ye , a master of traditional Chinese medicine who was invited from the capital with Evely Mu 's relationship.
Charles Ye, in the field of China traditional Chinese medicine, is a leading figure. His disciples are all over the country. He has written many papers and is well-known at home and abroad.
It is even the few exclusive health doctors with the highest leadership in the country, not only have a high status in the Chinese medicine field, but also in the officialdom, they are also extraordinary existences.
Originally, in Evely Mu's capacity, he couldn't invite this sage doctor of traditional Chinese medicine at all, but Evely Mu didn't hesitate to spend a lot of money and use all the connections he could use. At the request of many people, this old genius doctor agreed to do it. .
At this time, Evely Mu was extremely nervous, and he was afraid that Charles Ye would say something that was hopeless.
Then they will really be desperate.
After that, Charles Ye, who had been frowning and feeling his pulse, let go of George Yun's wrist, glanced at the two of them, and did not speak in a hurry.
Evely Mu was anxious, but she didn't dare to speak easily.
Only George Yun has a long experience, even if he is terminally ill, he still has a bit of the calmness of the past.
"Ye, you can say it directly, birth, old age, sickness and death are normal, I am mentally prepared."
Hearing what George Yun said, Charles Ye nodded approvingly, stroked his three-inch white beard, and said.
"You can have such a mind, maybe there is still room for your illness to turn around."
"Really, master Ye?"
Before George Yun could speak, Evely Mu blurted out.
"Yes."Charles Ye nodded and Taoist, "Cancer is indeed an incurable disease, but there are very few cases of complete recovery."
"Then you see?"
Hearing from Charles Ye that there was still hope, George Yun could no longer maintain his composure, and his face became agitated.
"Well, I'll prescribe some medicine for you. You take it on time. The most important thing is that you have to be optimistic and in a good mood. Your body's immune system will be good, and your chances of recovery will be higher."
George Yun and Evely Mu nodded with gratitude.
Charles Ye took out a pen and paper from the box he carried with him, and began to write a prescription.
In fact, Charles Ye knew in his heart that there was an example of recovery from this kind of disease, but it was a slim chance of one in ten million, almost equal to no chance.
In doing so, he was just doing his best.
At that moment, he prescribed a prescription for nourishing qi and strengthening blood, handed it to George Yun and said.
"I'll stay here for a few days, if you have any questions, you can come to me at any time."
George Yun hurriedly Taoist: "That's great, I'll arrange accommodation for you."
Charles Ye waved his hand and said, " my disciples knew I was coming, and insisted on seeing me, saying that they wanted to show their filial piety, but I couldn't refuse, so I had to agree and not bother you."
"Old Ye is really full of peaches and plums."
As soon as Charles Ye stroked his white beard, he was about to say goodbye and leave.
at this time.
The door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and Chris Yun rushed in in a hurry, and said in a hurry: "Dad, I find a way can cure your cancer."
"It's not proper to be in a panic."
Seeing his son being so irritable, Evely Mu immediately scolded.
It was only then that Chris Yun realized that there were outsiders, so he quickly stood up.
"This is Charles Ye from the capital. He came to see a doctor for your father. Come and say hello to him"
"Hello, Mr. Ye."Chris Yun greeted softly.
"Hehe, okay, boy, you just said that your father's illness can be cured, what's going on?"
As a doctor, Charles Ye was of course very interested in this aspect. Hearing what Chris Yun said just now, he asked casually.
Chris Yun glanced at his parents, but at this moment he was submissive and dared not speak.
Because this matter is too mysterious, with outsiders around, it is really difficult for him to say it.
At this time, Evely Mu said: "Mr. Ye is asking you , say it quickly."
Looking at his mother's stern eyes, Chris Yun thought that his father's illness could not be delayed, so he said.
"Dad, Mom, this is a bottle of fetish that I got from an expert. The expert said that after drinking it, it will not only cure your illness, but also prolong your life."
With that said, Chris Yun handed the Eternal Spring to his father.
" stupid."
Evely Mu snatched the vial from his son's hand, threw it to the ground forcefully, and said angrily.
"How many times have we told you not to associate with those scammers in Martial World? Not only did you refuse to listen, but you actually believed such absurd things. It's a complete embarrassment to the Yun Family."
Chris Yun exclaimed in distress, and hurried over to pick up the bottle, and took a closer look. Fortunately, the bottle was made of unknown material, and it didn't break, so Chris Yun was relieved.
Seeing his son so obsessed with obsession, Evely Mu was furious and shook his head again and again.
"Things that don't live up to expectations, you immediately go back to Xishan Residence , and reflect yourself."
Because of his son's disappointment, Evely Mu's face turned pale and her chest heaved uncontrollably.
As the first lady of Xibei Province, she was born in a scholarly family, and she has never been so angry.
Seeing that her husband was terminally ill and her son still believed in what a Martial World was doing, she couldn't help feeling sad and angry and yelled angrily.
George Yun also had a look of disappointment on his face. At the critical moment, his son's performance really disappointed him. If he was gone, how would his son be able to survive in the officialdom with such a deceitful mind in the future?
Seeing his parents so angry, Chris Yun suppressed the grievance in his heart and dared not say anything more.
The bottle of Eternal Spring that Terry Lu gave him was too mysterious. To be honest, he himself also doubt it’s effect.
However, judging from the Alicia Huo and Miwa Yeqi's incident, Terry Lu didn't look like a liar either.
Besides, if my father drank this bottle, even if it didn't work, the result could not have been worse?.

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