chapter 13 Surnamed Huang, named Chao, Dingtian

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
These four people are the famous Four Heavenly Kings of Kota Xijing, who rule the four districts of Kota Xijing, the southeast, the north and the west, and are famous.
In the past, they were all invincible existences, but here, they are as docile as kittens.
Charlie Huang looked at the four people below with indifferent eyes, and said while ravaging the beauty in his arms.
"I heard that some of you had a fire last night. Is there such a thing?"
Hearing this sentence, two of them visibly trembled, and one of them said hastily.
"Master Huang, there was a little misunderstanding, but there is no fire"
Charlie Huang glanced at the words, and it was Heavenly King Wen, one of the four heavenly kings.
However, Heavenly King Wen, who was famous in the past, was seen by Charlie Huang. He felt as if he had been blown by a cold wind. His whole body was cold, and his legs began to tremble uncontrollably.
At this time, the other person quickly Taoist: "Yes, Master Huang, it's just that there was a misunderstanding among the subordinates, and there was a small conflict. There was really no fire."
This person is none other than Heavenly King Guang, one of the Four Heavenly Kings.
Hearing what the two said, Charlie Huang smiled lightly, threw the aggressive beauty in his arms aside, slowly walked out from behind the desk, and came in front of the four of them.
Charlie Huang was two meters tall, with a burly body, and the tattoos on his body extended along his neck to the top of his shaved head.
With such a huge height, just standing in front of him gives people a huge sense of oppression.
And seeing Charlie Huang coming in front of the four of them, the four of them were even more frightened.
Charlie Huang touched his bald head, Taoist loudly and said, "Very well, since you said so, then I have nothing to say."
As soon as this sentence was finished, Charlie Huang punched Heavenly King Wen violently, and at the same time kicked Heavenly King Guang horizontally.
There were two loud bangs.
A transparent hole was blown out of Heavenly King Wen chest, while Heavenly King Guang flew out horizontally, his body folded in half, and fell limply to the ground.
The two of them couldn't even hum, they fell to the ground and died, seeing that they couldn't live.
At this time, the remaining Heavenly King Zeng and Shoutian King's legs softened, and they knelt down on the ground, Taoist in panic.
"Master Huang, please spare me. It's none of our business."
Charlie Huang snorted coldly and said, "If it was related to you two, would you still be alive?"
Immediately, Charlie Huang shouted softly: "Bodhi, drag these two people down, chop them up and feed them to the dogs."
With a promise, the thin man who had been standing in the corner, as if invisible, came over and dragged a few words about the corpse, and walked towards the back door.
These two corpses are as light as nothing in the hands of the seemingly thin Bodhi.
Heavenly King Zeng and Heavenly King shou took a sneak peek, but they didn't dare to say anything.
They knew that this person was Charlie Huang's close subordinate, and it was said that he was an orphan adopted by Charlie Huang ten years ago, named him Bodhi.
Usual matters, Bodhi took care of them, he earned Master Huang's trust. It can be said that Bodhi can decide their life and death, there is no need for Huang Ye to come forward.
This time, Heavenly King Wen and Heavenly King Guang fought secretly for a piece of land, which made Huang Ye furious, so they took action personally, and they both deserved it.
In the past two years, Master Huang had put his focus outside of Kota Xijing, and he was a little relaxed towards the four of them, but Heavenly King Zeng and Heavenly King shou knew Huang Ye's methods well, and they always maintained sufficient vigilance, and did not cause any trouble.
And these two idiots, gradually, seemed to have forgotten the existence of Master Huang, and even fought without authorization, they really deserved to die.
After a while, Bodhi turned back, his hands were coveres in blood.
At this time, Charlie Huang said: "Let the subordinates of those two idiots recommend two people to report to Bodhi."
Heavenly King Zeng and Heavenly King Guang repeatedly agreed.
"get out, I have something to do tonight."Charlie Huang said impatiently after finishing the order.
Upon hearing this, the two quickly said: "Master Huang, if you have anything to do, just leave it to us. there is anything else can trouble you to do it yourself in Kota Xijing.
Charlie Huang sneered and Taoist, "You two trash, you are not qualified to know, get out of here."
When the two heard this, they knew that this was a really important event, and they didn't dare to talk about it, so they quickly kowtowed a few times and left in a panic.
After watching the two leave, Charlie Huang shook his head, and said to Bodhi, "This rubbish is really annoying people to death."
Bodhi just nodded with no expression on his face.
Charlie Huang looked at Bodhi and suddenly Taoist.
"Let's go, do something with me tonight. This is a big man in our Xibei Province who personally handed to me. I have to go there myself."
Bodhi nodded, and the two went out without taking a car, just strolling like this.
About an hour later, Charlie Huang took Bodhi and strolled to Chaowen alley, in front of Toko Kelontong Forget Worry.
Through the two wooden doors that were open, looking at Terry Lu who was sleeping soundly inside, Charlie Huang wanted to laugh.
A Martial World who actually tricked the Yun Family and still has the guts to sleep peacefully, if this person is not an idiot, then he must be daring.
Strolling into the grocery store, Charlie Huang clasped his hands behind his back and said to the sleeping Terry Lu, "A guest has arrived, get up."
Following Charlie Huang not too loud voice, Terry Lu slowly opened his eyes, glanced at Charlie Huang, lit a cigarette and said, "What do you want from me?"
Charlie Huang frowned, and said after a while: "Someone asked me to ask for something back, and also crippled your hands and legs. You should know what that thing is, right?"
Terry Lu shook his Taoist when he heard this.
"Why don't you let me just kill me if I lost my hands and legs? Isn't that worse than being dead?"
"Hehe, that's what they mean. I'm just doing something. Do you hand over the things yourself, or do you hand them over when you die?"
Charlie Huang looked at Lu Ming with a smile and said.
"As for things, I don't have any, and I don't intend to cut off my limbs. What should I do?"
Terry Lu said with a sad face.
"Stubborn, it seems that you can only live by begging for the rest of your life."
When Charlie Huang saw that a small Martial World dared to tease him, he was Taoist.
At this time, Terry Lu glanced at Charlie Huang and Taoist.
"give you an advise, an Pascala Level Master is just not very powerful, so don't be fool."
Charlie Huang was taken aback for a moment.
In China, Master are divided into external Master, Inner Fighter, Pascala Level Master, innate Master, and Grandmaster. These are the realms.
Master who can have these titles have surpassed the boundaries of ordinary Master and have very strong strength.
Foreign Master have already cultivated a body of copper skin and iron bones. Whether it is strength or resistance to attack, they are already very strong. There is no problem in dealing with more than a dozen Ordinary Fighter.
As for the Inner Fighter, they have cultivated their inner True Energy and true energy. When they make a move, the inner strength cultivated is more lethal than ordinary swords.
Pascala Level Master, the meridians of the whole body are connected, the inner True Energy can flow without hindrance, and they can hurt people with every move.
A congenital Master, both inside and outside, king outside and sage inside, both hard and soft, hard inside and soft outside, flying flowers and picking leaves can hurt people, already a rare master in the world.
As for the Grandmaster, he already has his own understanding of Martial Arts Cultivation, has created his own "Taoist", has his own unique Martial Arts Cultivation arts kung fu, and has the title of invincible.
Even if Nuo is as big as China, there are only a few Grandmaster Master, which shows the preciousness of the Grandmaster.
Now, Terry Lu saw Charlie Huang's Martial Arts Cultivation cultivation at a glance, which made him cautious.
Being able to say this, obviously, the other party should also be a Martial Arts Cultivation artist.
However, Charlie Huang had his own confidence.
Along the way of Martial Arts Cultivation, in addition to hard training, one must also have enough talent and the accumulation of time.
He has been a leader in his family since he was a child, and he is very talented in Martial Arts Cultivation. In addition, he practiced hard day and night. Although he is still an Pascala Level Master, he is infinitely close to the Heavenly Pralangit Level.
Even ordinary Highest Sky Level, Charlie Huang has the confidence to fight.
Terry Lu looked like he was only in his early twenties, even if he practiced martial arts in the womb, he would still be so tall, so Charlie Huang was not afraid at all.
"little boy, you know a little bit of superficiality, and you dare to speak boldly. Today, I will let you know what a real Pascala Level Master is."
As he said that, Charlie Huang took a step forward. Being tall and long-legged, he only needed one step to straddle a few meters and came to Terry Lu.
"Punch me."
Charlie Huang yelled loudly.
He raised his fist high, carrying the fierce wind, and slammed it down towards Terry Lu.
Charlie Huang was tall and burly, and Terry Lu was sitting again. This punch seemed to be overwhelming. Fierce infuriating True Energy whizzed through the air in the room.
Even if Terry Lu was an iron man, he would probably be smashed to pieces under this punch.
However, Terry Lu shook his head secretly. When he was a mercenary, he was already an Highest Sky Level. Otherwise, he would have died countless times.
In addition, he ate a dragon and practiced the Dragon Rise Technique, so he doesn't know what his real strength is now.
But he knew in his heart that even a grand Grandmaster should be no problem, let alone a little acquired master.
"you asked for death."
Seeing Charlie Huang blasting him with all his strength, Terry Lu also became angry. He was never soft on his enemies.
Kindness to the enemy is cruelty to oneself.
This is the creed that Terry Lu has always believed in.
As soon as these two words were uttered, Terry Lu stood up suddenly, ignored the punch that was falling on the top of his head, and punched Charlie Huang in the chest, and blasted towards him.

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