chapter 15 Bloody Long Street

by John 15:22,Jun 29,2023
Terry Lu frowned and said, "What is it?"
"That is a scroll, which has been passed down from generation to generation by the heads of the Huang family. According to legend, that scroll can emit a kind of energy and help people improve their martial arts. It has always been the Family Treasure of the Huang family."
Charlie Huang finished the sentence with difficulty.
When Terry Lu heard it, he rolled his eyes and said after thinking for a moment.
"Well, let me tell you about your grievances with the Huang family, and I'll consider about whether I should help you."
Hearing that Terry Lu was interested, Charlie Huang exhausted his last strength and told how he and the Huang family had turned against each other.
After listening, Terry Lu sighed, and said after a while.
"In this case, I promise you that I will accept your property and influence, and abolish Jansen Huang for you. As for the rest of the Huang family, it's up to them to decide what to do. Are you satisfied with this?"
Hearing what Terry Lu said, Charlie Huang face was full of unwillingness, but in the end, he nodded and said.
"I am unreconciled!"
Immediately afterwards, he spurted out a big mouthful of blood again, even bringing out a broken heart, and he died at this point.
Seeing Charlie Huang unwilling death, Terry Lu sighed secretly. His fate was indeed tragic. He was used by the family and then abandoned. Whoever he was, I'm afraid he would also feel unwilling.
However, there was only this that Terry Lu could do, abolishing Jansen Huang to avenge him. As for the Family Treasure of the Huang family, although he is very interested, it is not easy to take it by force, so he can only think of a way.
As for what Charlie Huang said, killing people all over the house is absolutely unacceptable.
He and the Huang family didn't have a deep hatred. If he did this kind of thing just for money, would probably be criticized by everyone.
When he was a mercenary, he never did such a thing, let alone now.
At this time, Bodhi kowtowed to Terry Lu , then took off his shirt, and began to wipe the blood on the ground.
After wiping, he carefully wrapped the broken heart with his clothes and tied it around his waist.
Then he picked up Charlie Huang's body and prepared to leave.
Terry Lu looked at Bodhi's actions and said suddenly.
"Now, there are not many people who are as loyal as you. Let me give you a test. Once Charlie Huang dies, someone will definitely take over his territory. If you can hold on to this , Charlie Huang's territory will still be taken care of by you in the future." , other trouble, I will settle it for you, and it can be regarded as a reward for your loyalty."
Hearing this, Bodhi hugged Charlie Huang's body and bowed deeply to Terry Lu .
Then leave silently.
Whether he is greedy forCharlie Huang's power and money, he can keep the foundation that Huanghas worked so hard to earn, and he can also comfort his spirit in heaven a little. This is the last thing he can do for Charlie Huang.
From the fact that Terry Lu punched Huang to death, he knew that Terry Lu was a real strong man.
But if you are on the road, you will have to pay back sooner or later. If you kill others, you will naturally have the consciousness of being killed. Apart from grief and anger, he does not blame Terry Lu for Master Huang's death.
What he hates now is that Huang Ye has paid so much for the Huang family, and he has seen it all. Now, Charlie Huang has been abandoned so ruthlessly, and he can't bear it.
Holding Charlie Huang's body, he returned to KTV Sky Tower, put he's body into the secret room, and took out a Tebasan Tang Sword from the wall of the secret room.
This knife has always been Master Huang's favorite weapon. It is a two-handed knife. The blade is as tall as a person. It shines coldly and looks extremely sharp.
This is what Master Huang had asked people to imitate the style of the Tang Dynasty Sword and made it with modern technology. When the knife was tested, a healthy horse was split in half from head to tail, which was enough to show its sharpness.
With this knife that was almost as tall as him, Bodhi came to Huang 's office, sat in Huang 's original seat, and began to wait silently.
The night is getting darker, and the moon is just ahead.
It was past eleven o'clock at night, butKhumdan Street tonight seemed surprisingly quiet.
In the past, at this time, it was the busiest time for this street, with feasting lights and people coming and going.
Tonight, there was not even a single person on this street, and there was a sense of killing everywhere.
The wall clock on the wall rang exactly at twelve o'clock, Bodhi stood up and walked out of the office.
Outside the door, there were more than 30 big men standing, all carrying machetes, with solemn faces, as if they were waiting for the arrival of the big battle.
Glancing at these people, Bodhi said.
"I'm very pleased that you are here. Master Huang didn't teach you in vain. Tonight, whether you live or die,god will blessing you."
"Swear to the death to defend the majesty of Lord Huang."
Thirty big men let out a roar, walked out of the KTV behind the Bodhi, and stood in the middle of the long street.
Almost all of them, like Bodhi, were bullied orphans. They were taken in by Master Huang, trained and trained. After so many years, they became like father and son with Charlie Huang.
Now that Master Huang is dead, and someone wants to take over Master Huang's territory, how could they agree.
At this time, black and dense crowds appeared at both ends of the long street at the same time, approaching here, holding various weapons in their hands, the number of people was as many as several hundred.
"There is me in the west, you go east."
Bodhi simply said something.
Thirty or so big men turned to the east without any hesitation, and faced the dark crowd.
Bodhi showed a trace of ferocity on his expressionless face, raised the Tebasan Tang Sword in his hand, and rushed over silently.
"Kill these people, and Kota Xijing will be ours."
"Charlie Huang, you're finally dead, I'm going to have a bright future."
"Heavenly King Shou, after stepping into KTV Sky Tower, Kota Xijing will be yours and mine."
Bodhi knew that these were the subordinates of Heavenly King Zeng and Shou , and the two of them were among the crowd, and Bodhi's goal was to kill them.
"Bang bang, bang bang."
There was a sound of metal and iron clanging and the sound of sharp blades hitting bones.
Under the chop of Tang Dynasty, no one could stand in front of the Bodhi.
And Bodhi didn't care about the long knives and daggers that were slashing at him, he just slashed and slashed.
In a short while, there were seven or eight more stab wounds on his body, and more than a dozen enemies lay down on the ground, almost all of them were cut off at the waist.
The silent Bodhi seemed to have completely become a killing machine, without pain or fear, and his cold eyes remained unchanged.
With more and more injuries on his body, the number of corpses that fell on the ground also multiplied. Gradually, the enemies who besieged him, looked at the crazy Bodhi, and became afraid.
"Don't be afraid, he's dying, go kill him, after tonight, you'll be safe and rich for the rest of your life."
Heavenly King Zeng stood in the crowd and Taoist frantically at his subordinates.
He knew that tonight was a great opportunity, and when Charlie Huang died suddenly, he immediately cooperated with Shou Tianwang and blocked Khumdan Street.
As long as you kill all the loyalists under Huang Bodhi, headed by Charlie Huang, and step into the office of KTV Sky Tower.
From then on, the mountain that was pressing on their heads no longer existed, and it was time for them to really stand out.
Therefore, no matter how ferocious Bodhi was, no matter how many casualties his subordinates suffered, he would not allow them to retreat. As long as Bodhi was killed, everything would be settled.
Here, Bodhi traded wounds for wounds, traded lives for lives, with an indomitable momentum, with one enemy a hundred, killing a lot.
On the other side, more than 30 big men and hundreds of Heavenly King Shou's subordinates collided together.
As soon as they made contact, five or six of them fell down, but they also stabilized their positions and began to cover each other, attacking and killing each other.
At this moment, Bodhi had nothing else in his eyes. As long as it was something in front of his eyes, he would kill him with a single blow. He didn't care about his injuries at all. Master Huang had the grace to save his life. Even if he died in battle, he would not hesitate .
Knife after knife, Bodhi didn't know how many Taoist he had on his body, but felt that his strength was constantly losing, and the knife in his hand was getting heavier and heavier.
Suddenly, he stabbed a long knife from his back at a very tricky angle, and pierced directly through his chest.
Exhausting his last strength, Bodhi turned around and chopped off with a single blow.
And this knife, when he turned around, almost split him into two parts.
The blood had already blurred his eyes, and he didn't know who stabbed him, but it didn't matter anymore, because he couldn't lift the knife anymore.
"Master Huang, I'm here to follow you."
Bodhi muttered a sentence in his heart, leaning on the Tebasan Tang Sword with both hands, standing in the street, and slowly closed his eyes.
However, the moment he closed his eyes, he seemed to see a lazy figure coming in front of him.
KTV Sky Tower, in the office on the top floor.
Terry Lu was sitting on the executive chair, with his crossed legs on the desk, looking at the four people, or four corpses neatly arranged on the ground.
One is Bodhi, and the other three are Charlie Huang's loyalists.
Originally, he was sleeping in the grocery store, but Bodhi's behavior reminded him constantly of his former brothers. Back then, they were also like that, loyal to him, going through life and death for him.
In the end, he still couldn't restrain himself, came to Khumdan Street, and witnessed the fighting process.
At the end of the battle, more than half of Heavenly King Wen subordinates were killed or injured, their morale was seriously injured, and everyone was afraid of the battle. Heavenly King Wen personally attacked the Bodhi, but the Bodhi forced his own flesh and blood to hold the knife in his hand and knocked him out. Cut in half.
On the other side, twelve of Charlie Huang's loyalists were dead, and Heavenly King Shou's subordinates also suffered heavy casualties, and they also showed fear of war.
Heavenly King Shou had no choice but to do it himself.
Seeing the appearance of Heavenly King Shou, ​​these loyalists brazenly launched a suicidal attack, besieging Heavenly King Shou regardless of life or death.
Life for life!
At the cost of the lives of nine people, they finally hacked Heavenly King Shou to death, and the remaining three people were also dying.
The two leaders died, and the remaining people, seeing the corpses all over the ground and the standing Bodhi like a god of war, finally fled in panic.
It was only then that Terry Lu brought Bodhi and the other three panting diehards here from among the dead bodies.
The Bodhi on the ground no longer has a whole piece of flesh, and there are huge wounds on its body.
Especially the knife wound on his chest, which had already cut off half of his body, and his blood had already been drained, while the other three were in a similar situation.
Terry Lu frowned, as if he was thinking about something.
In the end, he still shook his head, cut his index finger with his thumbnail, and came in front of the four of them.
"Whether it's a blessing or a curse depends on your own good fortune."


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