Chapter 1 GY Warriors' Word

by Xu Chen 09:44,Oct 30,2020
The Dragon City was in the east of the Holy Sky Empire.

There was a sect called Star Sect.

The light uncovered the veil of the dark night and sprinkled on this ancient territory. With the rising purple mist, the disciples of the Star Sect began their cultivation.

This was the world of GY Warrior, where powerful warriors ruled over the whole land. And cultivation was the only way for everyone to prove themselves.

However, just as many Star Sect disciples were about to cultivate with a little sleepiness, Brooklyn Zuo came from outside with a dead black spot tiger.

"Good harvest. Although the Rampage-Tiger's meat is rough, it contains a lot of GY Blood, which is a good supplement to my auntie's GY Blood. The whole Rampage-Tiger is enough to support my auntie and me for half a month. "Brooklyn wiped the sweat on his face; he was in a good mood.

"Brooklyn, you went hunting again." Many disciples greeted him with admiration.

Although The Rampage-Tiger was the First Stage Beast, its GY Blood was astonishing. It was known for its fierceness. It was difficult for most of the disciples to kill it alone except for Brooklyn, who had a horribly strong body.

Along the way, there were still some people who sneered, "Rampage-Tiger? You are just trash with brute force. If you can't awaken, you will be the trash all your life. I think you'd better get out of our Star Sect as soon as possible. "

"Yeah, you can't awaken. So it's just a waste of sect resources. "


Hearing these people's words, Brooklyn stopped, and his eyes flashed with coldness. However, when he thought his aunt was alone at home, Brooklyn stopped thinking about these sneers and went home.

In order to gain respect in the sect, strength was the foundation. Although Brooklyn couldn't awaken, he had been cultivating his physical body for the past ten years. His GY Blood and strength were several times more than the ordinary disciples.

If it weren't for his aunt, Brooklyn would directly teach them a lesson.

"Stop!" Just then, Brooklyn heard a cold voice from the left.

A slender young man walked over and said seriously, "I hunted a Rampage-Tiger in the mountain last night, but suddenly it disappeared! It turns out that you got it."

"It doesn't matter. I will forgive you. Give me back the Rampage-Tiger. "The young man came to Brooklyn with a sense of arrogance and banter.

"Bullshit! You slept in the sect last night, and I hunted this beast! Shameless! "Hearing that, Brooklyn shouted and left, ignoring him.

Kris Jiang was one of the most powerful disciples in the sect, who was usually arrogant. Although he was talented in cultivation, his physical strength was less than half of Brooklyn's.

Kris always boasted himself was noble and powerful, so he was jealous of Brooklyn's GY Blood.

Therefore, Kris didn't like Brooklyn. With the GY Power, he had robbed many pills and resources that originally belonged to Brooklyn. And now, he wanted to take away the Rampage-Tiger. How could Brooklyn agree?

What's more, when Brooklyn met the Rampage-Tiger last night, he saw a white light flashing on its belly under the moonlight. This strange scene directly aroused Brooklyn's detection. He had never heard of this phenomenon. This time, he wanted to dissect it and figure it out.

"Don't you hand it over? Well, let me see how you can guard this Rampage-Tiger. "As soon as he finished his words, Kris stepped out. He activated his GY Power and punched Brooklyn.

Usually, Brooklyn could resist it, but now he was weak. Last night, it took him too much strength to kill the Rampage-Tiger, and he didn't recover at all.

At this moment, under Kris' punch, a stream of GY Power rushed into his body. Brooklyn fell a few meters away. He snorted and spat out a mouthful of blood.

All of a sudden, Brooklyn angrily looked at his opponent.

Kris had used his full strength in secret. Otherwise, Brooklyn wouldn't have been directly injured in this state.

"Haha, the strongest one in the sect? You are just a loser. You can't even withstand a punch from me. "Seeing the embarrassed look of Brooklyn, Kris burst into laughter on the spot. Then he turned around and was about to leave with the Rampage-Tiger.

Many disciples saw this scene, but no one came forward to resolve it.

Some of the disciples who had been jealous of Brooklyn's ability to hunt down the Rampage-Tiger were happy to see that, while the other few who wanted to help Brooklyn were also powerless. Thinking of the strength of Kris, Third Period of Attentive Realm, nobody dared to help him.

However, at this moment, something unexpected happened. All of a sudden, Brooklyn stood up and took a step forward. He bent his fingers and grabbed at the back of Kris.

Startled, Kris released the Rampage-Tiger in a hurry and dodged aside. Kris knew the physical strength of Brooklyn. If Brooklyn attacked him, the consequence would be unimaginable.

Although he was far more powerful than Brooklyn, in essence, he was still in the stage of exercising his internal force and enhancing the origin of his physical body. Although Kris looked arrogant on the surface, he was terrified of Brooklyn.

"You can try to take the Rampage-Tiger away. I promise I'll kill you. I don't know, can you afford the consequence, lord Jiang? "

Brooklyn wiped the blood from his mouth and grinned coldly. His voice was icy.

The Rampage-Tiger was important for Brooklyn. His aunt's legs and feet were hurt, and it was difficult for her to recover. Therefore, she needed a large amount of GY Blood to maintain. The meat of the beasts was an essential source for her GY Blood. This was an important thing to cure his auntie's Bone Poison, so it was impossible to take the Rampage-Tiger away!

"You..." Kris was so angry that he wanted to attack, but he began to fear. Somehow, looking at Brooklyn. Kris felt a faint chill.

Kris knew that if the other party used all the strength to attack, Kris would suffer much.

"Okay, you win today. When I compete for the qualification to go to the Marshal Palace, I will disable you. "In the end, Kris didn't dare to make a move. He gave up the Rampage-Tiger, took a cold look at Brooklyn, and left.

Kris didn't dare to make a move. If he irritated Brooklyn, he would also be seriously injured. After nine days, Doris Long, the city leader's daughter, would go to the Marshal Palace to cultivate. At that time, she would find a disciple in the Star Sect to go with her. If Kris were seriously injured in the battle with Brooklyn and couldn't get that qualification in nine days, Kris would be repentant.

Looking at the back of Kris, Brooklyn exhaled a mouthful of air. There was not much joy, but a little sadness on his face.

Marshal Palace? It was a colossus beyond the imagination of countless people. Compared with the Marshal Palace, the small Star Sect was really like an ant on the ground.

Even a disciple of the Marshal Palace had the strength to defeat the entire Star Sect.

Awakening was the first step for GY Warriors, and after awakening, the GY Marks would appear in warriors' bodies.

The number of GY Mark for each person was different, but the nine marks were the most, and the one was the least. Generally speaking, ordinary people only had two or three GY Marks. Those who had four or more GY Marks were talents that the many sects would fight for. As for those who had more than five marks, they were extremely dazzling anywhere.

Moreover, For genius with eight or nine GY Marks, they could only be born after countless years, and few people could be found in the endless land. Once he appeared, he would definitely attract all the attention instantly, making numerous forces chase for him.

The daughter of the leader of Dragon City, Doris, had six GY Marks. Her talent was the top in the entire Holy Sky Empire. Only such a powerful person would be valued by the Marshal Palace.

"If my nine GY Marks still belong to me, let alone the small Star Sect, even the Marshal Palace would be crazy to see me! "

With a complicated look on his face, Brooklyn thought of something. Biting his lower lip, he clenched his right and dragged the Rampage-Tiger to a courtyard in the distance.

The yard was old and shabby. There were only two rooms in it. After Brooklyn threw the Rampage-Tiger corpse, he entered a room and quickly took out a pile of tools, a Nine-inch Sabre, a bowl, and a basin of water.

Then, Brooklyn began to divide it. There was GY Blood in the beast, which was effective for recovering his auntie's legs.

After calming down, Brooklyn looked focused and serious. He closed his eyes and began to pinch and find the meridians and bones of the Rampage-Tiger. After a while, the meridians and bones inside the Rampage-Tiger's body seemed to form an invisible pattern, which was completely imprinted in Brooklyn's mind.

The next moment, Brooklyn suddenly opened his eyes and picked up the Nine-inch Sabre and cut the back of the Rampage-Tiger.

Then, Brooklyn took the bowl and cut open one of the meridians in the heart of the Rampage-Tiger. He began to fill it with blood. After he sealed the blood in the bowl, he continued to operate the knife.

"What? What's this? "Suddenly, when the Rampage-Tiger's stomach was peeled off, Brooklyn saw a jade.

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