Chapter 7 Doris Long

by Xu Chen 09:51,Oct 30,2020
He sat on the top of the mountain and activated the Meditating Skill. Unconsciously, Brooklyn had entered the state of cultivation. GY Blood revolved along meridians and bones with the body as a furnace. During this process, the surrounding Spatio-temporal energy gathered at an astonishing speed towards Brooklyn, turning into pure GY Power.

At the same time of his cultivation, the jade in Brooklyn's body underwent another change. The red light was reborn, leading the GY Power in Brooklyn's body to circulate and refine crazily.

As expected by Brooklyn, the jade could not only accelerate the operation of GY Blood but also have the same effect on the cultivation of GY Power. When the jade existed, Brooklyn's speed using the Meditating Skill to cultivate was three times faster than when he was in a normal state.

Moreover, after the jade's transformation, both the GY Power and the GY Blood seemed to be peeled off impurities, constantly purified, and became purer and purer. The GY Warrior refined the Spatio-temporal energy. However, there was not only one type of Spatio-temporal energy in this space but also some dark materials, which were not suitable to be refined.

The top-level cultivation method could refine the purest Spatio-temporal energy with few impurities, which avoided many disadvantages of cultivation.

The GY Cultivation Methods ranged from high to low: the God Level cultivation method, the Universe Level cultivation method, the Earth Level cultivation method, and the Human Level cultivation method. The lowest level was the human level cultivation method, such as the Meditating Skill, full of impurities. However, with this jade, the impurities in his body were constantly peeled off. This was inconceivable!

Although he cultivated the Human Level, the jade made it not weaker than the Earth Level in terms of the degree of condensation of GY Power.

Deep in his body, GY Power continued to condense. As Brooklyn's cultivation continued, it became more and more pure and powerful and began to circulate in every part of his body.


Two hours later, a muffled sound suddenly appeared in Brooklyn's body, followed by a terrible vibration of his GY Blood.

Brooklyn let out a loud shout, and then he punched out with his right fist. The sound burst in an instant. All of a sudden, the surroundings were in a mess. The Spatio-temporal energy gathered here exploded under the traction of the strong energy.

"Is it the Second Period of Attentive Realm? With the existence of jade, the degree of cultivation is really terrifying. "Brooklyn was very satisfied with this result.

"I guess Doris will come soon. With my current cultivation base, I can enter the Marshal Palace with the appreciation of Doris," He thought after he finished his cultivation.

After reaching the Second Period of Attentive Realm, he also had a certain amount of GY Power in his body. Thinking of the human shadow he had seen in the jade before, Brooklyn wondered if he could make that move now? Thinking of this, Brooklyn immediately concentrated on the jade.

When Brooklyn's consciousness condensed, a human shadow appeared inside the jade and began to show that seemingly simple action again.

Brooklyn calmed down and began to study intently, imitating the movement of this shadow. Now that he had known that the jade was extraordinary. Therefore, even if it was a simple move, Brooklyn didn't want to miss the opportunity to learn. Maybe after he could use this move expertly, he would gain a lot?

After awakening, with the support of the GY Power, it was indeed different. When he practiced this action again, Brooklyn felt that his GY Power seemed to form a specific movement trajectory, flowing through his body.

Brooklyn realized that the movement was not simple. The posture and angle contained in it were very strange. Moreover, only one movement could drive his GY Power to operate. This was truly unbelievable.

In the next few days, Brooklyn was almost completely immersed in this state of cultivation, trying to grow stronger.

In the past few days, not only his GY Power improved a lot, but also his strength had increased to nearly one hundred pounds!

Bang! Bang! Bang!!!

Above the whole Star Sect, three drums sounded deafening.

"Is the test held by Doris about to start?" Brooklyn, who was cultivating on the cliff, was alarmed and quickly headed for the sect hall.

When Brooklyn arrived at the front of the hall, he saw hundreds of disciples gathering. The crowd was noisy and lively.

"Doris has come out!"

A disciple suddenly shouted, attracting the attention of countless people.

Brooklyn looked ahead and saw a peerless woman about 18 years old. She was domineering, which was a natural aura of a top leader. When she walked out of the Star Sect hall, the Sect Leader and the elders were all smiling and respectfully standing behind her.

"Is she the daughter of Earl, the Leader of Dragon City?"

Taking a look at her, Brooklyn didn't be as crazy as the other disciples. Instead, he muttered, "what an arrogant woman!"

Sect Leader announced directly, "those who have four GY Marks are qualified to be the followers of Miss Long. Besides, those with outstanding talent were qualified to select even if they couldn't meet the requirements for the time being. The disciple who has read the name goes forward to take the test. "

"What? A minimum of four marks? "Many disciples felt dejected and went crazy. They shouted, which was too harsh.

There were hundreds of disciples in the entire Star Sect, and only ten of them had four GY Marks. According to this requirement, only a few of them were really qualified. This was simply a chance for a few people.

"I don't need trash, even a servant," Doris said, glancing around, ignoring these shouts.

Under harsh conditions, too many disciples were blocked outside the gate, and only a tiny number of people were tested. Soon, it was the turn of Brooklyn.

"Is it my turn?" Brooklyn's quickly came to the Sky Tablet in front of everyone.

The test began. When Brooklyn's hands were close to this tablet, an incomparable bright light suddenly appeared on Sky Tablet.

One, two, three... Below, everyone held their breath and quietly watched the shocking scene in front of them. In the end, five dazzling light burst out, as if to cover the entire body of Brooklyn.

The Sky Tablet reflected five rays, which meant that Brooklyn had five GY Marks!

Suddenly, the surroundings were strangely quiet, and every disciple had a face with jealousy and unwillingness. Not long ago, Brooklyn was still a loser who hadn't awaken for many years. But at the critical moment when Doris came, Brooklyn awakened and had such amazing talent. Even Kris Jiang, Kelly Wang, and Caleb Zhao, the most powerful disciples in the sect, were all overshadowed.

Then, there was also a strength test. Although Brooklyn's Second Period didn't have an advantage in front of the few disciples who had stepped into the Third Period, it didn't matter anymore. Five GY Marks were enough to surpass everyone in the future.

What kind of luck did Brooklyn have?

On the road of GY Warrior, the talent ranked first, and the realm was second.

Dozens of disciples passed the test, and almost each of them had a higher realm than Brooklyn. But in terms of talent, they were all trash, compared with Brooklyn.

In this case, the qualification to go to the Marshal Palace with Doris would belong to Brooklyn.

After taking a step forward, Brooklyn stood in the center of the ground. He looked around the crowd and finally gathered on Doris. At this moment, he was shining with the most dazzling light.

"I heard that you awaken for only nine days?" Doris looked at Brooklyn with great interest.

"That's right!" Brooklyn said quietly.

"Your realm is a little low, but with five GY Marks, such a talent is qualified to be my follower." Doris nodded with a smile on her face. Obviously, she was quite satisfied with Brooklyn.

Hearing this, Brooklyn said happily, "thank you, Miss Long."

He finally obtained the qualification, which was undoubtedly the greatest joy besides awakening.

In the Marshal Palace, Brooklyn would get more cultivation resources to strengthen his bodies and make his ten GY Marks appear. At the same time, he could also get better pills and treasures to cure his aunt's bone poison.

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