Chapter 12 Second Stage Beast -- Purple Power Diabolic Bull

by Xu Chen 09:51,Oct 30,2020
Gavin Xiahou could restrain his GY Blood and GY Power. In this case, he was almost the same as ordinary people. Ordinary people could not find anything wrong, but Brooklyn could find the difference with his strong sense. The space around Gavin's body was constantly shaking with his casual movements, spreading out almost invisible fluctuations.

Attentive Realm, Arousing Realm, Fusing Realm, Transforming Realm. Gavin, the Right Guardian, must have entered the fourth realm of Cultivation: the Transforming Realm.

Logically speaking, for a force like the Marshal Palace, even if such a master existed, he must be one of the palace's leaders. However, for Gavin, even though he had high status, he was inferior to the three leaders.

"Come with me! "At this time, the voice of Gavin broke Brooklyn's meditation.

The Marshal Palace was located in the Air Mount; it was very vast. Only a small part of this mount belonged to the sect, and The Proving Ground was situated in the mounts behind the sect.

The mounts were wrapped by some powerful space Rune Arrays, forming a small world.

"Go inside. During the ten days, you can hunt the wild beasts inside and obtain all kinds of materials. After the trial, you can exchange them for Contribution Degree. If you don't want to exchange, you can also keep it. "Gavin stressed it and waved his hand forward.

Many figures rushed forward and disappeared into the depths of the forest. When everyone entered The Proving Ground of Trial, the majesty on Gavin's face disappeared. Instead, a smile appeared on his mouth. "The quality of new disciples is very good. The geniuses with six GY Marks, the Burst Demon Physique, the Tyrant Physique, and two young men also have runes' talent. Oh, and that little guy named Brooklyn joined the trial as a follower. He can be considered as a half-disciple of the sect, but he is unusual. With the strength of the Second Period of Attentive Realm, he can defeat Matt Bai, who is at the Third Period of Attentive Realm! "

Stepping into The Proving Ground, Brooklyn was calm when he saw these figures running around quickly.

"Ten days? Enough. During the ten days of the trial, I can at least improve my GY Blood during the hunting beasts." When some figures were almost gone, Brooklyn also exerted force on his feet and disappeared.

The content of the new disciple's trial was very simple. Most of them were to hunt the wild beasts. Then, they would collect the materials such as the skin, bones, crystal cores and use them to exchange Contribution Degree.

The beasts were dangerous, but not much. That was because most of them were First Stage Beast.

What was trial?

Brooklyn understood that the trial could get not only benefits but also increase his strength.

For Brooklyn, with five marks, even if he was only at the Second Period of Attentive Realm, he didn't want to waste time and energy on The First Stage Beast.

When he was in the Star Sect, Brooklyn was able to hunt The First Stage beast, Rampage-Tiger, without awakening. For him now, the First Stage Beast was nothing at all.

His goal was to hunt the Second Stage Beast in the deepest part of the trial ground. Perhaps it was a little difficult for Brooklyn to deal with this kind of beast with his current strength, but he could get far more benefits from this kind of beast.

Along the way, he casually hunted some First Stage Beast. Brooklyn really felt bored. It was no different from wasting time dealing with this kind of beast.


Fortunately, not long after he went deep, Brooklyn saw a few figures rushing over, followed by deafening roars.

"Damn it! How did we meet a Second Stage Beast here! ? "Someone complained about his luck as he fled.

However, Brooklyn was excited.

A Second Stage Beast? Wasn't this his goal?

Hiss... A black light wave shot out and almost cut off a disciple's right arm.

"Purple Power Diabolic Bull?" Brooklyn fixed on this beast.

A strong black purple figure rushed out, shaking the ground.

"Go away!" Brooklyn stepped forward and said to others.

"Tiger Kill!"

Under the shocked gazes of those people, Brooklyn rushed out. As he moved, an astonishing GY Power surged out.

The GY Warrior used the GY Move as a means of fighting. However, before they awakened, they couldn't cultivate the GY Power, so they created the Fighting Skill. For the real GY Warrior, the Fighting Skill might be just an ordinary move at a low level, and they disdained to cultivate it. But in fact, at least in the Attentive Realm, the Fighting Skill was useful.

The Tiger Kill was one of the Fighting Skills that Brooklyn had mastered.

His hands were like tiger claws, vibrating the air in front of him. In an instant, the hatred of the Purple Power Diabolic Bull was transferred to him.

"Go to hell!" Brooklyn said coldly.

His GY Blood was like a sea, exploding thoroughly. The terrible energy penetrated through his palms and broke the head of the Purple Power Diabolic Bull.

While GY Power was shaking, Brooklyn held the Purple Power Diabolic Bull horns tightly and began to fight fiercely.

"This man wants to die. He wants to fight against a Second Stage Beast alone. Let's run! "

Those who had been chased by the Purple Power Diabolic Bull were grateful to Brooklyn, but they didn't forget to leave this place as soon as possible.

In fact, it was not impossible for them to fight against the Purple Power Diabolic Bull together. However, if they did so, they would be seriously injured, which would affect their subsequent training. Therefore, it was not worth it.

When they ran far away, one of them asked, "he seems to be the Brooklyn who beat Matt?"

"Humph! This guy is arrogant, but he overestimates himself. If he provoked Matt, he would be killed. Well, we will lose a competitor in the future. "Someone sneered.

Deep in the forest, Brooklyn was attacking.


The Purple Power Diabolic Bull roared and rushed to Brooklyn. With a sudden force, Brooklyn's body flew out.

When his body fell on the ground, Brooklyn wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. There was no fear in his eyes but a stronger fighting spirit.

"Great!" Brooklyn murmured.

In such a battle, he could improve his fighting skills.

"Damn it! I'm so stupid. The strongest part of the Purple Power Diabolic Bull is its horns. But I choose to fight head-on it! "Brooklyn cursed in his heart.

"Sun Strike!"

The next moment, Brooklyn kicked the ground and leaped forward. At the same time, he used another Fighting Skill, and with this huge force, his whole body shot out.

He clenched his ten fingers; a bloody light spread out. It was a scene that his GY Blood surged to the extreme.

Blood vitality emerged, faintly surrounding Brooklyn's fists. He punched out one after another.

The two fighting figures soon went deeper into the forest.

What Brooklyn didn't know was that when he was fighting with the Purple Power Diabolic Bull, a man in a black robe suddenly appeared.

He was also a new disciple. The most striking thing was that his entire skin seemed to have been eroded by poison, and a touch of cyan and purple appeared.

"Haha, as for a new disciple, you are powerful. Unfortunately, someone wants you to die. "Sensing the aura around him, the man suddenly sneered. The next moment, he strode out and ran towards the depths of the forest with the signs of the fight.

A moment later, a roar came from the depths of the forest, and then the Purple Power Diabolic Bull's body, which was like a small hill, fell on the ground, dying.

"It's so rough and thick, but you cannot withstand my crushing!"

After confirming that the Purple Power Diabolic Bull was no longer a threat, he began to sit on the ground and recover his GY Blood and GY Power.

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