Chapter 15 Third Period vs Fifth Period: Brooklyn vs Greg

by Xu Chen 09:51,Oct 30,2020
With Greg's words, Brooklyn knew that his speculation was right. This person was most likely related to Matt Bai.

"Damn it! Am I not low-key enough? Huh?" Thinking of this, Brooklyn let out a burst of resentment.

At this time, Greg attacked directly. A black chain, shining with strong ancient GY Power, directly wrapped around the body of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn took a step forward instead of retreating. His hands were wrapped in GY power, and grabbed the chains!


The chains were directly torn apart, turning into Spatio-temporal energy and disappearing.

In the next moment, Brooklyn pounced on Greg, and his right fist smashed down like a big hammer.


Brooklyn was as fierce as a tiger.

For a moment, the whole forest was shaking with dust, and the GY power was boiling. The two men's four fists exploded and intertwined, all incomparably fast.

Then, the two of them separated. Brooklyn swung his wrist, finding that the joints of his five fingers were swollen.

"The Burst Demon Physique is indeed overbearing." Brooklyn thought.

All of the Divine Physiques had their own special abilities, and most of them could enhance the strength and GY Blood. Therefore, the person with a Divine Physique was usually stronger than ordinary people.

"Damn it! If I have the Holy War Mars Physique, I can easily ruin your Burst Demon Physique! "

Brooklyn took a deep breath, and the GY Power all over his body suddenly surged towards his right hand.

In fact, Brooklyn, who had just been awakened, hadn't practiced any GY Moves, but he had completely mastered a move he had learned from the jade in his body these days.

"Soul Chain!"

At the same time, Greg's ten fingers trembled, constantly spreading the strong GY power. At the same time, he absorbed the Spatio-temporal energy outside and condensed black chains.

This time, he used his ultimate skill. Suddenly, ten chains intertwined with each other, as if they formed a Skynet to cover Brooklyn.

"That's all?" Brooklyn bit his lower lip.


Brooklyn let out a murderous sound, and a strong GY power burst out from his body. He made a gesture of slashing forward with his right arm as the saber.

A terrible destructive force appeared. The figures of them collided in an instant, bursting out an astonishing power. The vigorous GY Power, mixed with Spatio-temporal energy, disordered this place.

The next moment, Brooklyn took a step forward. His right arm seemed to have turned into the most terrible blade and slashed forward with a crushing force. The ten Soul Chains turned into dust and dissipated in an instant.

Brooklyn's right arm turned into a special blade and slashed out, instantly smashing everything. With an invincible destructive force, he slashed at Greg's chest.


Greg's robe exploded, revealing his bloody chest.

Greg took a look at Brooklyn in disbelief, and then Greg looked down. An eye-catching crack appeared in his chest, and blood kept flowing out. Instantly, his entire clothes were stained.

"No, it's impossible." Greg roared. He couldn't accept his defeat.

Simultaneously, Greg's eyes condensed on Brooklyn, as if he wanted to see through him.

"My Soul Chain is the Top grade of Human Level GY Move. How can he break my soul chain with only one move? Is he cultivating the Earth Level GY Move? "

Greg's mind wandered hundreds of times in an instant. "I heard that Brooklyn is just a kid from a remote place. He has no background. How could he control such a terrible GY Move?"

"Aren't we going to fight again? Come on! "

Brooklyn snapped. Greg was a good opponent. During the battle, Greg could vaguely trigger a portion of the Spatio-temporal energy. To fight with such a person was a good way to train.

Since Brooklyn was ready, he would not shrink back.

"You let me get hurt. Haha, a loser at the Third Period of Attentive Realm can hurt my Burst Demon Physique!" Greg endured the pain in his body and laughed in anger, staring coldly at Brooklyn.

"No matter how strong a physique is, it would be useless if it hasn't reached perfection," Brooklyn said coldly.

With a roar, Greg launched his attack again. Just now, his GY Move: Soul Chain was broken by Brooklyn, which was out of his expectation, but this was not his only move to fight.

"Originally, I planned to use it against others at the last moment of the trial, but I will use it for you today. It's also your fortune." Greg said with a murderous look.

The strong Spatio-temporal energy was absorbed at this moment and revolved around Greg's body. All of the energy was constantly shaking, waiting for an attack.

"Mythical Creatures Kill: White Tiger!"

Greg shouted and pushed his hands forward.

Under the activation of the GY Power, the Spatio-temporal energy around him condensed, and an image of the White Tiger appeared in front of Greg. Although it was an image, it was like the real body of White Tiger, faintly emitting a terrible murderous aura, which was incomparably fierce.

"Mythical Creatures Kill?" Brooklyn was shocked.

Brooklyn had heard of this GY Move.

The GY Cultivation Method and GY Move were divided into the Human Level, the Earth Level, the Universe Level, the Half-God level, and the God Level. Each level was divided into the Top, Middle, and Low levels.

For example, the Soul Chain that Greg used just now should only be the Human Level GY Move.

The Mythical Creatures Kill was the Earth Level Low GY Move. After cultivating, it had four forms, including the azure dragon, the white tiger, the vermilion bird, and the black tortoise. If the four creatures were all released simultaneously, this move would full of killing power.

Fortunately, with the strength of Greg, he could only condense the White Tiger. He could not fully unleash the power of the earth level GY Move.


A deafening sound wave spread. Under the urging of Greg, the White Tiger rushed to Brooklyn, crashing into the air. It bared its teeth and brandished its claws with an exceptionally ferocious posture.

White Tiger opened his big mouth and seemed to swallow Brooklyn.


With a serious look on his face, Brooklyn once again used the move he got from the jade. His entire right arm slashed forward like a sward.

Now he could only place his hope on this move.

As he moved, his energy directly locked onto the White Tiger. The arm of Brooklyn turned into a blade and shuttled forward.

However, in the next moment, an astonishing scene occurred.

The White Tiger, like a virtual body, completely ignored the attack of Brooklyn. As a result, Brooklyn's attack missed and passed through the White Tiger's head; Brooklyn's attack had no effect.

"What wrong?"

Brooklyn exclaimed and stepped back quickly.

The White Tiger was not a real shadow. It should be the Spatio-temporal energy and the GY Power, which were intertwined and condensed together. In this case, how could it not be affected by his attack?

In a flash, the White Tiger's head appeared in front of Brooklyn and bit him.


Brooklyn fell out, and the White Tiger had disappeared, but it was like it had pierced through the body of Brooklyn, leaving a fierce tiger shape mark on his chest and back.

In less than ten seconds, there were black and red marks on the wounds of his body. All his meridians were vibrating, and his body had an uncontrollable pain. This feeling was like his body was about to collapse, being eroded all the time.

"Ah! The White Tiger is so weird. "

Brooklyn groaned in pain and hurriedly used the Meditating Skill. He quickly absorbed the Spatio-temporal energy and continuously transformed it to GY power to replenish and repair his own body.


Seeing this, Greg burst into laughter. He had seen what would happen soon, and the battle was under his control. No matter how amazing and extraordinary Brooklyn was, it would no longer be a threat to him.

"You are lucky that you can live for a short time. If my Mythical Creatures Kill skill reaches the highest state, the four shadows will crush your body in an instant. At that time, you won't even be able to leave a complete corpse."

Greg walked up step by step, stared at Brooklyn, and then said, "you are so powerful that force me to use Mythical Creatures Kill, but the battle is about to end."


Seeing the man approaching step by step, a strange expression suddenly appeared on Brooklyn's indifferent face.


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