Chapter 11 Right Guardian: Gavin

by Xu Chen 09:51,Oct 30,2020
"What?" Brooklyn rolled his eyes at the man and ignored him.

"Is he Brooklyn? You refuse me due to this guy?" As the man asked Catherine Nalan, he looked at Brooklyn fiercely.

"Matt Bai, can you leave my brother and me alone? "The happiness on Catherine Nalan's face disappeared, replaced by disgust.

Hearing Catherine's words, Matt was embarrassed and angry.

"Brooklyn! If you leave Catherine, you can continue to stay in the Marshal Palace in the future. You only have one chance. Otherwise, I will let you crawl away like a dog. "

"Brother, let's go!" Catherine ignored Matt. Then she was about to leave with Brooklyn.

Brooklyn didn't move. Instead, Catherine saw a strange smile on Brooklyn's face.

"You want me to leave, right? Give me a reason first! "Brooklyn smiled.

"Humph! You are just a loser. How can you be with Catherine? Catherine's Divine Physique is extraordinary. Only my Treasure Physique can match it!" Matt raised his head, but unfortunately, half a head lower than Brooklyn, so he couldn't look down at the latter.

"Oh!" Brooklyn nodded, raised his right hand quickly, and slapped him.

"Didn't your father teach you to be modest? How dare you call Catherine's name?" Brooklyn's GY Blood vibrated, and five marks appeared. The GY Power in his body surged crazily on his right hands.


Another slap made Matt stagger and unable to stand steadily.

"Is the Treasure Physique awesome? Do you have great talent? Come on, let me see your strength!" Brooklyn took a step forward and kicked Matt in public.

Powerful GY Blood burst out a terrible force, and his right leg was fiercely lashed out like a steel whip. With a crack, Matt's two ribs were broken, and he fell on the stone steps three meters away.

"Fuck! Treasure Physique is trash!" Brooklyn said, "my hands become filthy due to this loser."

"Catherine, don't be scared. Although I know I'm domineering, it's hard to frighten your Star Divine Physique."

Without taking a look at Matt, Brooklyn turned around and said to Catherine with a smile.

"Five marks? You awaken five GY Marks! "Ignoring Brooklyn's teasing, Catherine was shocked.

"Yeah. But my Holy War Mars Physique hasn't been rebuilt yet." As Brooklyn spoke, he and Catherine pushed aunt's wheelchair out of here.

"I believe I can rebuild a stronger body sooner or later!"

After about a quarter, the three of them arrived at the front of a vast building. Besides the palaces and castles, the three halls were the most eye-catching.

According to Catherine, the three halls were the Classical Texts Hall, the Treasure Hall, and the Battle Hall.

Brooklyn found that these seemingly scattered buildings were well planned and arranged.

Moreover, with the telepathy of Brooklyn, the whole sect was wrapped in countless imperceptible Runes.

"Perfect!" Brooklyn praised. From his view, the Runes here was very extraordinary, not much weaker than the Rune array in the Zuo's Emperor Group.

After learning a lot about the Marshal Palace with Catherine, Brooklyn and Catherine arrived at the sect's square together.

The new disciples had to record here and receive the benefits the sect gave each new disciple: Space Ring, and some matters needing attention.

After a while, Brooklyn became famous. In the past two years, many male disciples admired Catherine, but only Brooklyn was able to be so intimate with Catherine.

For a moment, many people were inquiring about the identity and background of Brooklyn.

"Brother, you have attracted so many people's attention since you came here," Catherine said happily. In fact, the happiest thing for her was that Brooklyn could once again step into the path of cultivation.

"Really? It seems that you have contributed a lot to this, right? Don't you see those guys are hostile to me? It seems that I will have a hard time in the future. "Brooklyn sighed.

Hearing Brooklyn's words, Catherine raised her head. Looking at Brooklyn's resolute face, she suddenly felt a little distressed and said gently, "brother, you have suffered a lot these years."

"Haha, it doesn't matter!" Brooklyn gently stroked Catherine's long hair.

"Trust me; I will kill all the enemies and take back everything belongs to me one day." Brooklyn murmured.

The time always spent quickly with beauty. The night fell soon. Some new disciples like Brooklyn were arranged to live in some simple houses, and aunt was live with Catherine.

The stars and the moon covered the endless ground.

These new disciples were not calm at present. Some disciples who couldn't fall asleep came to the outside of the dormitory, and some of them gathered together to talk.

"The trial practice will be held tomorrow morning. As long as we can enter the top 100 of the trial practice, we can become inner disciples." Many people talked about this topic.

Brooklyn also remembered this trail. According to Doris Long, if he could get a lot of materials during the trial, he could exchange them for Contribution Degree, pills, GY Moves, etc.

While thinking, Brooklyn sensed something. He suddenly turned around and narrowed his eyes.

Many disciples looked at Brooklyn, unfriendly, and even a little cold. Moreover, in the depths of the darkness, there was a faint killing intent lingering.

At the age of six, many powerful warriors appeared in the Zuo's Emperor Group together to kill Brooklyn. At that time, Brooklyn was extremely sensitive to this kind of intent.

"Is there anyone who wants to kill me?"

Brooklyn was upset.

He just came to the Marshal Palace. What kind of feud would he have with others?

His mind was changing all of a sudden. In a moment, Brooklyn frowned and asked, "is it Matt who was beaten up by me in the daytime?"

Thinking of what he had experienced in the Star Sect, Brooklyn seemed to know something. Although there was no evidence and Brooklyn couldn't figure out why Matt wanted to kill him, he didn't need to know any reason.

Brooklyn just needed to know his situation. The world was always cruel. He couldn't be careless this time because carelessness might be the price of his life.

"Don't provoke me. I'm a grudge holder." Brooklyn looked around, revealing an icy smile.

In the trial, they could fight and plunder each other's materials. Although the Marshal Palace rules didn't allow new disciples to kill each other during the trial, no one could guarantee everyone's safety during the match. This trial seemed to be a good opportunity for Brooklyn to find out his enemy.

At ten o'clock in the morning, in the central square, thousands of new disciples gathered there, waiting for the trial.

"You must have known the importance of the trial. This is the first action to show your talent and strength. But I hope you don't forget the rules of the sect. You can form a team, but if you kill others, you will directly be disabled and kicked out of the sect. "A man about forty years old spoke in a low voice on the platform. He was not angry but intimidating.

"Is this the guardian, Gavin Xiahou?" Looking at this person, Brooklyn trembled, and his power surged. He was a little shocked.

Yesterday, when he chatted with Catherine, Catherine said that among the Marshal Palace, the highest status was the mysterious leader of the palace, followed by the two vice leaders, the Left and Right Guardians, the elders, the true disciples, the inner disciple, and the ordinary disciples.

Gavin was the Right Guardian. He was only inferior to the three leaders of the Marshal Palace. According to the perception of Brooklyn, his strength was unfathomable.

The Marshal Palace, which was famous in the Holy Sky Empire, was indeed extraordinary. Brooklyn has really underestimated this sect before.

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