Chapter 13 Fifth Period of Attentive Realm

by Xu Chen 09:51,Oct 30,2020
After resting for a while, Brooklyn felt his body was still empty. It was a serious aftereffect of excessive consumption. Brooklyn was a little depressed.

He was a little reckless this time. He actually attacked when he saw the Purple Power Diabolic Bull. That powerful beast could even fight against an Arousing Realm master.

Just as Brooklyn regained his GY Power, a figure approached him from behind.

"Killing intent? Huh? What a powerful wave! It's Burst Demon Physique!" Brooklyn, who was cultivating, suddenly opened his eyes.

He had seen many special physiques in the Emperor Group, where there were many talents. As for the Burst Demon Physique, Brooklyn also knew something about it.

"Damn it!"

Brooklyn wanted to retreat. He knew that at this time if a strong man with a special physique appeared, he could not deal with him now.

"It's too late!" A hoarse voice came through, cold and dull.

A black chain tore the sky and wrapped around Brooklyn's shoulders.

His body was locked, and couldn't move. Brooklyn frowned.

"Who are you?" Brooklyn turned around and saw the young man in a black robe.

"It's not your business!" The young man said.

"Give me an explanation!" Brooklyn looked at the black chain wrapped around his body.

This chain was not a weapon, but a kind of GY Move formed by the Spatio-temporal energy.

However, being able to release GY Power, it meant that man was at least a strong man who had entered the Fifth Period of Attentive Realm. He was three whole levels higher than Brooklyn.

"Someone wants to kill you!" The young man in a black robe stared at Brooklyn.

"Give up resisting. Your physical body is very strong, but there is still a big gap between the real Divine Physique. Besides, you are only at the Second Period of Attentive Realm. The gap between you and me is too big. "The young man in Black said, holding the black chain and adding force. "I can tell you my name now. My name is Greg Xiao."

Greg operated his GY power to enter the chain. For a moment, Brooklyn felt a huge pressure. Not only that, but he also felt that his strength was blocked.

Looking at Greg's face, Brooklyn suddenly grinned and said, "What a powerful physique. But, you are not qualified to kill me! "


A terrible GY Blood tore everything and burst out from the limbs and bones of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn's shoulders trembled. An astonishing force forced out of his body. The originally black chain exploded and turned into pieces.

"Sun Strike!"

With a punch, seven terrifying fist shadows floated past Brooklyn's body in succession.

"What?" Greg was shocked, and his GY Power spread. In an instant, two more chains condensed and pierced forward.

Bang, bang, bang!

The light of the fist dissipated, and the two black chains were also completely shattered.

"How is that possible?"

Greg was shocked. He clearly felt that Brooklyn was very weak. No matter how strong Brooklyn was, it was impossible for Brooklyn to fight back after fighting with the Purple Power Diabolic Bull.

Moreover, he had used the GY Move. Even if the GY Move wasn't too powerful, it should be stronger than his opponent's Fighting Skill.

Just as he was distracted, Brooklyn disappeared instantly.

"Damn it! I was cheated. "

Greg said gloomily, "I want to see where you can escape? Even if you are not injured, you won't be my match. "

In the forest far away, Brooklyn felt that he got rid of Greg. He felt relieved, and his face turned red, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

There was a huge gap between him and Greg. Even at his peak state, he still couldn't resist the power of the Fifth Period of Attentive Realm.

He had used up all his GY Power. Now, the power in his body had dried up.

Although he lost this battle, Brooklyn also understood a rule, which belonged to this place.

In Marshal Palace, everyone was a talent. These people came from all over the world. In this environment full of competition, it was not rare for some people to risk something for benefits, and even to kill each other.

The word -- cultivation -- had been practiced in parallel with another word -- ruthless.

"He possesses the Burst Demon Physique. Although it's not rare, it's enough to make countless people admire it. But unfortunately, you shouldn't have offended me. "Brooklyn muttered, emitting a freezing aura:

After calming down, Brooklyn began to guess who wanted to kill him?

There was no doubt Matt Bai was the most likely guy. Besides, Brooklyn couldn't think of anyone else he had offended in this strange place?

"Thanks for my intelligence, or I would be killed today." Brooklyn wiped the blood from his mouth.

In the Proving Ground, there were many healing herbs. Although they were not precious, at least they had a good effect on the current realm of Brooklyn.

While he was looking for herbs, he took the opportunity to look for everything in this area, including powerful beasts, some suitable environment for combat, and so on.

With the previous lesson, Brooklyn was much more cautious and kept an eye on the surroundings. He knew that he was still inexperienced.

Fortunately, in the depths of the Proving Ground, there were many powerful Second Stage Beasts. Ordinary people would not come, which made the healing and cultivation of Brooklyn less troublesome.

In the end, Brooklyn decided to improve his strength first. Besides, if someone still provoked him, he wouldn't mind killing someone.

After recovering, Brooklyn continued his cultivation. He continued to look for opportunities to hunt the Second Stage Beasts.

On the way, although he had suffered some serious injuries, his strength had increased significantly as the day passed.

On the eighth day of the trial, Brooklyn reached the Third Period of Attentive Realm, and he had a complete understanding of the powerful move in the mysterious jade.

After stepping into the Third Period of Attentive Realm, his GY Blood and GY Power had increased significantly. Even if it was still weaker than Greg, the gap between them not as large as before.

"There are still two days left. It's time to have fun with you." Brooklyn appeared on the edge of a cliff and looked down.

Many beasts were gathering in this area, and many precious herbs were growing around the cliff, which attracted many new disciples. Many people saw Brooklyn.

"Is it Brooklyn? After this person entered The Proving Ground, there was no news about him." Someone fixed eyes on Brooklyn.

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