Chapter 6 Sect Leader's Judgement

by Xu Chen 09:51,Oct 30,2020
Brooklyn looked at the person and sneered, "so soon? Lucas Jiang, how dare you to talk to me with an arrogant face? Your brother is just trash. Who do you think you are? "

After saying that, Brooklyn slapped Lucas' face. The other half of Lucas' face also swelled up, leaving five deep red fingerprints. They were on both sides.

"This slap is a lesson for you. Don't mess with the wrong person. "After that, Brooklyn strode forward.

"Damn it! You get into trouble! Elder Li won't let you go. And, the Jiang Clan also won't let you go." Lucas said viciously, looking at the back of Brooklyn.

In the hall of the Star Sect!

The Sect Leader sat in the middle of the hall, listening to Elder Li and Kris' words. There were a lot of things, such as Brooklyn hurting others and humiliating Kris in public.

According to Elder Li and Kris, Brooklyn would be expelled from the sect if the charge of Brooklyn was confirmed.

"Elder Li, are you serious?" The Sect Leader asked in a deep voice. He exuded an invisible majesty and an astonishing aura.

"Of course! He must sneak attack, Kris. Everyone can testify that Brooklyn is just a loser that hasn't awaken. How could he hurt Kris? It's a big joke!"

Elder Li was so angry. Kris Jiang was a disciple he valued. In order to help him win the quota to go to the Marshal Palace, elder Li had paid a lot.

At this critical moment, Brooklyn broke one of Kris's legs; it would not only affect that Kris would not be able to fight for the qualification but also affect his cultivation foundation.

Attentive Realm was a period for grounding. The foundation determined the potential. Brooklyn almost destroyed the foundation of Kris.

Just as Elder Li spoke, Brooklyn arrived. He strode with an extraordinary temperament.

"Sect Leader, I'm Brooklyn." Brooklyn came to the outside of the hall and said in a deep voice.

"Come in!" Sect Leader said.

"Sect Leader, please uphold justice: Elder Li gave the Dragon Elixir, which belonged to me, to Kris Jiang privately. Now he is talking lies and framing me. Please uphold justice for me." Brooklyn said to Sect Elder, without even taking a look at Elder Li and Kris.

The sect elders were so superior that they would not meddle in the disciples' affairs easily. In the Star Sect, disciples without strength and talent like Brooklyn were not valued. Only those with the most outstanding talent would be valued and secretly taught by some elders. The appearance of Elder Li and Kris showed that Elder Li had accepted Kris as a disciple.

Hearing what Brooklyn said, Elder Li was almost driven mad. How could Brooklyn be so eloquent?

The Sect Elder looked at Brooklyn up and down and then asked Elder Li, "is he Brooklyn? Is he the loser you mentioned before? "

"Yes, he is Brooklyn. Although he is sixteen years old, he is still a loser. He had some grudges against Kris before, and he injured Kris by tricks. "Elder Li nodded and stared at Brooklyn fiercely.

Today, he not only wanted to kick Brooklyn out of the sect but also wanted him to pay the price.


Astonishing aura vitality spread and exploded.

Brooklyn took a step forward. Five rays of silver-white light exploded in an instant, as bright as the sun.

"If I'm a loser, what about Kris? The Force Battleground was supposed to be a place for battle. Kris Jiang was so useless. He was already disabled before I really attack! Besides, according to the sect's rules, no one else is qualified to receive pills belong to others. Elder Li, you are the guard of the Elixir Tower. Why did you give my Dragon Elixir to him without my permission? I don't know who broke the rules of the sect. "Brooklyn said in a loud voice as if the sky was shaking.

When the Sect Leader was shocked, Brooklyn smiled. "It's a favor for him to cripple one of his legs."

"Five GY Marks?"

The Sect Leader was also shocked.

In the past few years, many disciples had appeared in the Star Sect, but none of them had such talent as Brooklyn.

With five GY Marks, although it was a little late to awaken, he would definitely be able to compete for the qualification to go to the Marshal Palace.

In the future, he would be able to enter the Marshal Palace and become an official disciple. At that time, for the entire Star Sect, the benefits would be unimaginable. They might even be valued by the big shots in the Marshal Palace so that they would get a lot of treasures.

What was hateful was that this kind of genius disciple was bullied by others?

Kris was one of the most talented disciples in the Star Sect, but he only had four GY Marks. Compared with Brooklyn, he was too weak. The gap between them was like a gap, which could not be crossed.

"Fuck off! How blind you are. Are your two eyes blocked by shit? Or do you think I am blind? Is the genius with Five GY Marks still a loser?" At this time, the Sect Leader laughed angrily, "Elder Li, I always think that you treat people fairly, so I asked you to guard the Elixir Tower. Now it seems that there is something wrong with my decision. "

Elder Li and Kris looked at each other and were also shocked. They couldn't believe that the loser would have five terrifying GY Marks!

If everything went well, Brooklyn would be qualified to go to the Marshal Palace. Although his identity was Doris Long's subordinate, he still had the chance to become a formal disciple in the future. He might even become the most honorable True Disciple.

At that time, even the whole Star Sect would be nothing in front of Brooklyn, let alone a little elder.

Looking at the expressions of these two people, Brooklyn sneered. 'What a loser! How could five GY Marks be so scared? If all of my ten marks appeared, what your expression be?'

"Brooklyn, don't worry. I will give you an explanation. As for the Dragon Elixir, one is not enough. I'll reward you with ten Dragon Elixirs. "The Sect Leader turned around with a smile.

"Thank you, Sect Leader!" Brooklyn smiled faintly.

At present, in terms of the strength of his GY Blood, the Dragon Elixir was not worth much, but it was useful to Eric for cultivation.

Brooklyn knew that he was treated like this only because of his talent. If it was in the past, how could the Sect Leader offend an elder because of an ordinary disciple?

In fact, whether it was the disciples of the Star Sect or other sects, there was only one way to be valued: to prove that they had absolute strength.

In particular, Doris was about to come. With his five GY Marks, he would be valued and get the opportunity to join the Marshal Palace. In the future, when he became an official disciple of the Marshal Palace, his status would be unparalleled. At that time, even the Star Sect Leader would bow to him, so it was normal for the Sect Leader to show affection to him now.

As expected, in addition to the Sect Leader's reward, Elder Li was not only dismissed but also apologized to Brooklyn in public and promised to fill all the pills that the sect owed to him over the years.

As for Kris, he had been half disabled in the past one or two months. There was no chance for him to go to Marshal Palace.

Brooklyn didn't show any mercy to this kind of person.

After leaving the hall, many disciples outside the hall lowered their heads, their expressions full of admiration and flattery. The previous arrogance was completely disappeared.

"Sure enough, strength is the most important thing. "Walking out of the hall, Brooklyn sneered in his heart.

A night passed. In the morning, the purple cloud rose to the East. When some disciples were still lying in bed, Brooklyn had arrived at the cliff's top behind the sect.

He always remembered that when he was a child, his father had told him that the day when the purple light rose to the East was the best cultivation time. In the past, Brooklyn came here alone to refine his body, but today was different. He came here to start his formal cultivation.

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