Chapter 5 It's time for Revenge

by Xu Chen 09:51,Oct 30,2020
Brooklyn Zuo was an intelligent man. When he was only five years old, he had read a lot of ancient books. Even some elders of the Star Sect might not be as good as him in terms of cultivation.

"Well, it's a good opportunity to keep a low profile for the time being. It's maybe a good thing for me. "Brooklyn murmured.

After calming down, Brooklyn pushed open the cultivation room and walked out. His awakening was succeeded. Although he only had five GY Marks now, his talent was still enough to be proud of the entire Star Sect.

From the moment of awakening, Brooklyn was no longer a loser but the Star Sect's strongest disciple.

"Kris Jiang, Elder Li, It's time to revenge. "Brooklyn whispered.

Stepping out of the cultivation room, the Force Battleground attracted the attention of Brooklyn.

At this moment, his eyes were focused on the central battle platform. Brooklyn smiled. "Haha, long time no see. I'm looking for you. "

On the battle ring, a slender young man punched his opponent out of the ring. This man was Kris, whom Brooklyn was about to look for.

The Force Battleground was not only a place for the cultivation but also a place for disciples to spar with each other in their spare time.

The moment Brooklyn appeared, Kris's eyes focused on him. "Brooklyn, how dare you steal my brother's Dragon Elixirs? Are you really don't afraid of death? "

"Your useless brother has overestimated himself. He has mocked me many times, so I gave him a little punishment." Brooklyn glanced at Kris indifferently and walked to the central platform at the same time. As he stepped forward, his aura became stronger, and in the end, his fighting spirit had increased to the extreme.

All the people turned to look at him. When they saw Brooklyn, some people laughed. "Brooklyn, what's wrong with you?"

"How dare you yell at Kris? Do you really want to die? "

Some disciples of the Jiang clan, including some followers of Kris, who were cultivating in the Star Sect, sneered.

Ignoring the ridicule of others, Brooklyn stepped onto the arena step by step.

"Is it time to spit out my Dragon Elixir?" Brooklyn said. He stepped into the center of the arena and came to Kris.

After awakening, a Dragon Elixir was no longer of great value to Brooklyn, but he was still furious.

Kris frowned but then said arrogantly, "resources are not for waste, so it's useless for you. I will let you go today. If you give back the four Dragon Elixirs, I can promise you that you will lose more dignity nine days later. "

"Haha, up to now, you still don't dare to fight? Nine days later? I can't wait for that time. "As Brooklyn spoke, he threw a punch at Kris.


His punch directly hit the middle of Kris' right face.

With a stagger, Kris almost fell to the ground. After taking three steps back, he touched half of his swollen face.

"Son of bitch! How dare you attack me? "

With a ferocious look, Kris pointed his sword in Brooklyn and said, "I'll kill you."

Kris was full of anger. Although he was a little afraid of Brooklyn, he was humiliated in front of so many disciples!

"I hate someone to point at me," Brooklyn said coldly, with a huge change in his temperament.

Brooklyn seemed to have seen the scene ten years ago. After plundering everything that belonged to him, the young man named Cyril Zuo pointed at him with his sword and said in an arrogant tone, "loser, fuck off."

From that moment on, Brooklyn told himself that no one would be able to stand in the same arrogant posture in front of him.

Brooklyn's GY Blood vibrated and spread in an instant. Then, the GY Power that appeared in his body after he just awakened also boiled in his bones.

Not only did Kris tremble, but also many disciples were shocked.

What did they feel? GY Power! How could GY Power appear in Brooklyn?

The fear in Kris' eyes turned into madness. Kris slashed at Brooklyn instantly.

Kris actually felt GY Power from Brooklyn. With the help of GY Power and Brooklyn's physical body, even Kris had no confidence in winning. He wanted to kill Brooklyn now, even if he had to break the rules of the sect.

"Haha! You underestimated me. "Brooklyn glanced at Kris and rushed to Kris in a flash. Before the other party could react, he grabbed Kris', Iron Sword.


The Iron Sword, which belonged to Kris, was suddenly broken into two pieces by Brooklyn.

Everyone was shocked. They looked at the shocking scene in disbelief.

Although the materials of the Iron Sword were not precious, they were at least very hard. How could a loser break iron?

"GY Power! Brooklyn has GY Power! He has already awakened. "Someone below sensed it and spoke.


"Yes, I awakened. Kris, you don't even have the qualifications to be my opponent. Even if I just awaken, you can't defeat me. You are the real loser. "Looking at Kris, Brooklyn said in a cold voice, "I heard that you got a Blood Herb, which is used to break through to the Third Period of Attentive Realm? Even if you reached the Third Period of Attentive Realm, you still don't have the qualification to fight with me,"

"You can't even hold the weapon in your hand. You are a real loser!" Brooklyn gave the word 'loser' back to Kris. He threw out the sword, and half of the sword pierced into Kris's right leg.


Blood suddenly gurgled from his right leg. Kris knelt on the ground. He looked at the broken sword and his broken right leg pierced by Brooklyn.

"You bastard!" Pointing at Brooklyn, Kris roared in a hoarse voice.

Ignoring his words, Brooklyn stomped on Kris's chest, and then his GY Power circulated. Five silver marks appeared on his head.

"Five GY Marks? "

Not only were the disciples trembling, but also Kris was crazy. Even his voice was trembling. He crawled on the ground, spat out a mouthful of blood, and then he fainted.

With five GY Marks, no one could be on par with Brooklyn.

"What a loser!"

Brooklyn looked around, and then he left the Force Battleground.

As he walked, the disciples on both sides separated into different groups, but each of them kept silent.

"It's so scary. Why does this loser suddenly become so powerful?" After a long while, someone looked at the back of Brooklyn and said.

However, someone disagreed, "If he is a loser, what are you and I? Even worse than a loser? "

After leaving the Force Battleground, Brooklyn walked in the familiar sect. He had never felt so relaxed before. He had too much pressure. Fortunately, he had finally stepped into the path of GY Warrior again.

"The path of GY Warrior: Attentive Realm, Arousing Realm, Fusing Realm, Transforming Realm. I still have a long way to go in the future, so I can't relax. "Brooklyn thought.

"Cyril, with my physique and mark, are you comfortable? I'll kill you in the near future! "

When many memories occupied Brooklyn's mind, a loud shout broke his memories. "Brooklyn, how dare you hurt your fellow disciple in the Force Battleground and ignore the rules of the sect. Elder Li ordered you to go to the hall to accept the Sect Leader's judgment."

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