Chapter 4 Awaken

by Xu Chen 09:51,Oct 30,2020

A loud slap was heard. Brooklyn Zuo strode to Lucas Jiang and slapped him in the face.

Lucas's face swelled up, with blood splashing in his mouth.

"I won't repeat it." After saying that, Brooklyn turned around and said, "Eric, give me the knife."

"Okay." Eric happily ran up and handed a dagger to Brooklyn.

Seeing the dagger in Brooklyn's hand, Lucas Jiang and the others were shocked. But after all, they were four people. The four of them started to fight back on the spot.

However, the game was one-sided. After his physical body recovered, Brooklyn's physical strength was so terrible that he trampled the four on the ground in a moment.

"I'll give three seconds to you. Three, two, one! "Brooklyn said word by word.


As soon as Brooklyn finished his words, the four men under his foot were scared to death. They took out their Dragon Elixirs and handed it to Brooklyn.

"Good boy!" Brooklyn put away the four Dragon Elixirs and patted Lucas' swollen right face. "Go back and tell Kris Jiang that I will find him soon."

Looking at the back of Brooklyn, the four disciples of the Jiang clan were directly shocked. They found Brooklyn was completely different from before. How could he be so arrogant and powerful?

A quarter later, in the Force Battleground of the Star Sect.

In Force Battleground, there were many cultivation rooms. Moreover, the magic Rune Array was here, which gathered Spatio-temporal energy every day.

Besides, there was a huge and solid central battle platform in the hall outside the cultivation room, which provided disciples to battle with each other.

Today, Brooklyn was going to awaken. He got four Dragon Elixirs from the Jiang clan's four people, which was a great resource. In this case, he began to awaken.

"Finally, I'm going to step on this road again!"

In a training room, Brooklyn sat on the ground. He was excited. The depression in his heart for ten years would completely dissipate with the awakening.

As for a GY Warrior. Awakening was just the first step. Only a person was getting GY Marks from awakening could he be a real GY Warrior.

Ordinary people only had two or three GY Mark marks. Kris, who had four GY Mark marks, was already the top disciple in a small sect.

As for Doris Long, who had six GY Marks, even the top force like the Marshal Palace had to compete for her. Therefore, when Brooklyn had nine GY Marks and Holy War Mars Physique, someone was jealous and terrified about him.

Brooklyn would never forget the person who obtained his talent. The successor of Zuo's Clan: Cyril Zuo.

Sitting in the training room, Brooklyn took a deep breath. "Father, mother, I believe that you are not dead. Wait for me to step into the Endless Field again. I will back to Zuo's clan and save you!"

One, two, three, four. Brooklyn swallowed all the four Dragon Elixirs. In an instant, the efficacy of the elixirs merged into his body. The powerful GY Blood was extracted from the pills and perfectly integrated into his meridians and bones.

His GY Blood trembled all over his body, and it was boiling like a raging fire. With the help of the strong Spatio-temporal energy in the cultivation room, Brooklyn began to awaken!

In the process of awakening needed the help of the GY Cultivation Method. All the GY Warriors needed to choose a kind of GY Cultivation Method. Only training with GY Cultivation Method could increase the GY Blood and GY Power. In the world, there were thousands of GY Cultivation Method, which were different. The powerful GY Cultivation Methods could make people train faster than ordinary people and get purer GY Power.

Unfortunately, in the past, when Brooklyn was disabled, all the GY Cultivation Methods in the Emperor Group were deprived.

Now in the Star Sect, the only GY Cultivation Method that Brooklyn knew was a common Human-Level GY Cultivation Method called the Meditating Skill.

With the method described in the Meditating Skill, Brooklyn successfully mobilized his GY Blood. As time passed, his GY Blood connected and operated in his main meridians.

At this moment, Brooklyn found that the jade in his body suddenly changed. The jade seemed to have become his second heart, and there was a mysterious connection between his body and this jade. Every time his GY Blood flowed around the jade, the operation speed of his GY Blood would double.

With careful perception, Brooklyn's GY Blood had increased by ten times!

How was that possible? It was as fast as the ordinary Earth Level method.

The jade was so mysterious. It was a treasure. If it was known to the public, Brooklyn might suffer the same disaster in the past and be targeted by countless people again. He had just come into contact with the jade for a short time. He didn't know what benefits it would bring to him? Brooklyn was looking forward to it.

Under the crazy operation of GY Blood, gradually, half an hour later, a lot of GY Blood flowed in the main meridians and finally activated a certain secret power. Feeling this mysterious power, Brooklyn couldn't help but get excited.

This strange feeling was comfortable and even a little familiar. Sixteen years ago, Brooklyn was born with a natural awakening, and his memory was unknown. But now it seemed that he had experienced the same situation in the past. If nothing unexpected happened, it was the sign of awakening.

"Succeed?" Brooklyn's body trembled, and the four Dragon Elixirs were swallowed by him. A large amount of GY Blood gathered in his body.


A thunderous commotion occurred in his body, followed by brand-new GY Marks that appeared on his body, shining with a bright light.

One, two, three... Nine marks!

In the past, he had possessed nine marks, which had reached the limit of the number of the GY Marks. He had a terrifying talent that ordinary people could not imagine. Now, he had awoken again. After his physical body had recovered, the number of his GY Marks had also recovered.

However, at this time, the vibration of his body did not stop. The flow of many forces returned to the center of his body. In an instant, a new mark appeared again.

"What? Ten GY Marks? "

"How is that possible? Is it an illusion? "Brooklyn shouted in his heart.

The number of nine GY Mark was the largest. As for the ten Marks GY Warrior, it had never appeared before.

"If ten marks appear on my body, then no one in the world can reach me!" It was not Brooklyn's pride. It was a fact.

"Cyril, you plundered everything from me. I hope you can have a good time these years. Now I awaken again and will return to the Endless Field. I will kill you!" A strong will spread, and Brooklyn's eyes burst out a terrible cold light.

For this day, Brooklyn endured for ten years.

Yes, he awakened, and he had a more terrifying talent than before. He had ten GY Marks, which could make the world tremble. Finally, he could study GY Move, and become powerful!

"Damn it!"

All of a sudden, the excitement on Brooklyn's face disappeared.

Inside his body, there were changes. Two of the ten marks disappeared, and then reduced again, only five left in his body.

"I see. I was disabled in the past. Although I have recovered, my hidden wounds have only disappeared, and my body has recovered in a normal state, but not the Holy War Mars Physique. Therefore, I can't control the ten marks for the time being, but it's not a big deal. As my physical body gets stronger again in the future, these ten marks will appear sooner or later. "

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