Chapter 8 Brooklyn's Power

by Xu Chen 09:51,Oct 30,2020
"It's so funny. You are just trash. How dare you want to leave and go to Marshal Palace?" Just then, a sharp voice appeared, followed by a figure coming from below. He walked to the front of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn confused. At this time, was there anyone else blocking him?

For a moment, many people had strange expressions on their faces. Some sneered. After all, it was uncomfortable to see Brooklyn, who had been treated like a loser for many years, became a powerful genius suddenly.

"You hurt the disciples of our Jiang Clan, and your fate in the future is destined to be a slave in our Clan for atonement." As soon as the man spoke, he directly rushed to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn sneered and thought, 'I beat and disabled Kris Jiang. Does the Jiang Clan want to revenge? Do they think I am still weak and easy to be bullied?'

The Marshal Palace was a chance for him to promotion and revenge. He was qualified to get it today. He wouldn't give up easily.

"Fuck off!"

Brooklyn punched out angrily and hit the center of that man's palm.


A strong force exploded as a tiger roared.

The master took several steps back and looked at Brooklyn in disbelief. That man was the captain of the Jiang Clan's guards. His strength had stepped into the Fifth Period of Attentive Realm, which was stronger than all the disciples of the Star Sect present. Even the strongest disciple of the Star Sect couldn't defeat him. However, at this moment, he was unable to suppress Brooklyn!

Obviously, Brooklyn was also suffered a lot. Although the Attentive Realm realm was still dominated by the physical body, and GY Power was secondary. But, he had only reached the Second Period of Attentive Realm. He was still three levels weaker than that guy, who was at the Fifth Period of Attentive Realm.

Now, Brooklyn's physical strength was one thousand and one hundred pounds. However, the Jiang Clan guard captain's physical strength had vaguely reached one thousand and three hundred pounds, and the latter's GY Power was more powerful than Brooklyn's.

Many people were watching the battle, including Doris. No one knew what was on her mind.

"Jiang Clan? It's just a little bigger dog in front of me. "Brooklyn snapped. As he took a step forward, the earth shook.

There was a difference in the cultivation realm, but it was not a big deal. Although this man was strong, he was only at the Attentive Realm. In this way, Brooklyn would have a chance to win.

"You deserve to die for insulting our Jiang Clan. Now you are not even qualified to be a slave in our Jiang Clan." This powerful man looked sinister and ruthless. He used the spear on his back, instantly stabbing Brooklyn.

A terrible sense of crisis appeared. Although Brooklyn's body was strong, he didn't even study any GY Move, so his fighting methods were limited.

Under the fierce attack of his opponent, he constantly dodged the attack of the spear.

"If I know a GY Move, it wouldn't be so difficult now." Brooklyn thought. Unfortunately, In the past few days, he had to work hard to improve the level of GY Power, so he didn't have time to study GY Move.

"GY Move? "Looking at the incoming spear, an action suddenly appeared in Brooklyn's mind.

Almost instinctively, Brooklyn moved his feet. At the same time, he raised his arms and put his palms together to make a strange posture. In the next moment, he slashed his hands to that man.

This slash contained some magical rhythm. It slashed from a special angle.


With a collision, the spear's power was completely resolved, and at the same time, the spear was violently bounced back.

The moment the spear bounced back, the warrior from the Jiang Clan screamed and flew out. When he was in the air, he had already opened his mouth and spat out blood.

On the contrary, Brooklyn just snorted and took several steps back.

The Jiang Clan's guard, who was at the Fifth Period of Attentive Realm, was actually defeated by Brooklyn, who was at the Second Period of Attentive Realm!

"So powerful! This move was not GY Move, but it's more powerful than many GY Move." Brooklyn was also shocked. Even he didn't expect such an outcome.

"How is that possible? You are only at the Second Period of Attentive Realm."

The guard of the Jiang Clan murmured, lying on the ground. A sharp pain stimulated his nerves, and his whole face was gloomy as if he was about to collapse.

Brooklyn's expression was cold and murderous. "Kris colluded with Elder Li to snatch my Dragon Elixir. Besides, he lost in a formal battle with me. So, it's not my fault, but he is so weak. "

"What are you fucking saying. You to hurt my lord! You are so lawless! No one can save you! You must die! "That man roared angrily.

At this moment, Brooklyn turned around and saw many people rushing over from afar, each holding a spear. They gathered, providing a cold aura.

"Jiang Clan's guard? Are you going to kill me? "Brooklyn quietly clenched his fists.

A large number of Jiang Clan's guards surrounded Brooklyn, blocking his way of retreat.

The spear pointed at Brooklyn, emitting a cold light that made people feel terrified.

"Enough!" With a cold voice, Doris suddenly shouted.

"I chose Brooklyn as my follower. Does your Jiang Clan look down upon me? "Doris looked around at the Jiang Clan's guards and walked to Brooklyn.

Seeing Doris's attitude, the people of Jiang Clan looked at each other with fear in their eyes. They did not expect that Doris would help Brooklyn at this time.

"Miss Long, what do you mean? Brooklyn hurt the lord of the Jiang Clan, so I need to punish him. You have no right to interfere! "That man of the Jiang Clan came out and said.

"Punish? I've just investigated this matter. Kris was beaten up because of his poor strength. He deserved it! It wasn't Brooklyn's fault. In other words, even if Brooklyn was wrong, so what? I will protect him. If you hurt him, you will be my Long's Family's enemy!"

Doris' voice was loud, not only to the Jiang Clan but also to everyone present.

People of Jiang Clan suddenly felt terrified, and then they took a step back.

Long's Family was a powerful family of the Dragon City, which was more powerful than Jiang's family.

It was not worthwhile to provoke Doris because of Brooklyn!

"Fuck off! If you still don't appreciate it, one day, when Brooklyn becomes stronger, he will destroy your Jiang Clan." Doris waved her hand and said directly.

Hearing what Doris said, the Jiang Clan's faces darkened. After weighing the pros and cons, they had no choice but to retreat.

After the matter was over, Brooklyn felt relieved. He cupped his hands to Doris and said, "thank you, Miss Long. I'll keep what happened today in mind."

"Well!" Doris replied.

Originally, Doris came to the Star Sect just as a servant, but she didn't expect to meet a talent like Brooklyn. Although his five marks were not as good as that of Doris, he was still outstanding. Moreover, maybe Brooklyn would qualify to become a formal disciple of the Marshal Palace in the future.

Doris understood that Brooklyn was destined to be extraordinary in the future. Perhaps he wouldn't be the kind of top-level master who could rule the world, but he must be a big shot.

She got a promise from Brooklyn today; what she would get in the future might be far more than what she got today.

This was also the reason why Doris helped Brooklyn. If Brooklyn was a piece of trash without strength and courage, how could she offend the Jiang Clan to save Brooklyn?

"Although you've become my servant, I'm not harsh on you. Follow me to Marshal Palace. As long as you are powerful, it's possible for you to become an official disciple in the future. At that time, I'll be your senior sister. So from now on, don't call me Miss Long. How about you call me sister Long? "Doris continued.

"Okay, sister Long!" Brooklyn smiled.

"I'll give you half a day to prepare. Tomorrow morning, we'll go to Marshal Palace." After saying that, Doris left.

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