Chapter 10 Catherine Nalan, Divine Physique

by Xu Chen 09:51,Oct 30,2020
"Sister Long!" At this time, a young man in a red robe walked straight towards Brooklyn Zuo and Doris Long.

"Hi, brother Xue!" Doris also smiled and walked forward.

"Well, you're here. Our master will be very happy. Let's go and visit him." A gentle smile appeared on senior brother Xue's face.

"Okay!" Doris replied but did not leave. Instead, she turned around and looked at Brooklyn.

"Who is he?" Brother Xue noticed Brooklyn and his aunt.

A strong pressure came. Senior Xue's sharp eyes focused on Brooklyn, looking up and down as if he wanted to see through Brooklyn in an instant.

"He is my follower; please take good care of him," Doris said.

Hearing what Doris said, senior Xue nodded. His attitude toward Brooklyn was cold. He said indifferently, "you can go to the sect square to register. Someone will arrange it for you. You will be treated as an outer disciple even if you are just a follower. "

"Go ahead with your work. Leave me alone." Brooklyn said. Then he took a look at Doris, turned around, and left.

It was not because of Xue's attitude, but Brooklyn was not interested in him.

He left alone, leaving Doris and senior Xue behind.

Xue frowned and said in a low voice, "Sister Long, your servant is a little arrogant."

"Haha, you are wrong. Brooklyn is a follower, not a servant. Let's go to meet our master. Don't worry about Brooklyn. "Doris looked at the back of Brooklyn, with a touch of appreciation in her eyes. Then she subtly changed the topic. The two of them quickly went away.

"Auntie, let's go."

Brooklyn helped his aunt push the wheelchair up the sky roof. As they approached the top of the mountain, they saw the magnificent buildings above.

Brooklyn was not as excited and curious as others. In addition to his initial appreciation of the Marshal Palace, he looked calm.

In the Darkness Continent, there were eight regions. In addition to the Empire, there were also many powerful forces in every region, such as the Emperor Groups in the various regions. Any Emperor Group would be more powerful than the Empire. Although the Marshal Palace was extraordinary, it was just a top-level sect in the Empire.

Back then, as a disciple of the Zuo's Emperor Group in Endless Field, Brooklyn had seen many magnificent Sects. Therefore, he didn't admire the Marshal Palace a lot.

On their way to the top, Brooklyn suddenly stopped. A clear and warm smile immediately appeared on his face. At the same time, his aunt in the wheelchair also smiled gently.

Many new and old disciples gathered in front of a girl. They were all excited and showed themselves in front of that girl. More and more new disciples were gathering, and the people torrent seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

The girl was about eighteen years old. She wore a light red robe, with clear eyes. She applied some makeup, and her long hair fell down, floating in the wind. Every move seemed to have a breathtaking charm, which attracted the disciples around her.

Many people were talking.

"I want to marry Catherine Nalan. It's worthwhile that I can't cultivate all my life."

"Bah, what are you fucking saying? "Someone sneered, "what kind of existence is she? You have no right to get her!"

"She has the Star Divine Physique, and now he has six GY Marks. In Martial Palace, her talent belongs to the top level. In the future, once she gets the Divine Physique, she will definitely have the seventh GY Mark. At that time, she will be a rare talent in the whole Firmament Field! "

"Matt Bai pesters her every day, but Catherine doesn't like him at all."

The discussions were clearly heard by Brooklyn.

"Is that Catherine Nalan famous?" Brooklyn turned around and asked a disciple with a smile.

"She's not just famous. She's one of the three beauties in our Marshal Palace. In Marshal Palace, the most difficult task is not in the task list, but to win the smile of the goddess Catherine!" This disciple seemed to be extremely excited when talking about Catherine's name.

"Oh? Is it difficult to make her smile? "There was a strange expression on Brooklyn's face.

Brooklyn looking ahead quietly, there was a figure in a light red robe. She was really beautiful. What a crazy beauty she was?

"Well, her legs seem to have grown a lot, and her breast, which was not outstanding two years ago, seems to have grown a lot. Why didn't I find this girl is so outstanding before? Or is it because we haven't seen each other for a long time? "Brooklyn said in a low voice, his eyes flickering.

"You are new here. Don't make any trouble. There are many people who want to pursue Catherine. Each of them has an extraordinary background. For example, Matt's uncle is an elder of our palace. "The disciple kindly reminded.

"Thank you for your kindness, but..." Brooklyn glanced at that disciple.

At this moment.

"Brother! I knew you would come." With a pleasant sound, the red figure rushed to Brooklyn from the side of the road ahead.

The girl's eyes were filled with tears, and her tearful face was pitiful. When she approached, she directly threw herself into the arms of Brooklyn.

However, as the girl approached, those people's eyes, which were like killing knives, pierced towards Brooklyn.

Ignoring everything around him, Brooklyn gently held the girl in his arms and said with a rare tenderness, "good girl."

Back then, When Brooklyn escaped with his grandfather, and they lived in seclusion in the east of the Empire.

Not long after, his grandfather "picked up" a little girl. When the girl was picked up, she had a jade pendant around her neck, with the word 'Catherine' written on it.

Since then, the two of them had been familiar with each other since childhood. The difference was that Brooklyn's body had dried up in the past few years so that he couldn't awaken. On the contrary, Catherine became stronger and stronger day by day. In the end, she even directly awakened and got six GY Marks, with the Divine Physique: Star divine body.

Even the top genius like Doris couldn't compete with Catherine in terms of talent.

However, two years ago, a group of outsiders came to pick up Catherine. Before Catherine left, she cried and told Brooklyn, asking Brooklyn to work hard to become a Marshal Palace disciple.

This was one of the reasons why Brooklyn insisted on coming to the Marshal Palace. For Brooklyn, his grandfather and Catherine were the most important people in his heart.

"Brother, Catherine will wait for you here at this time every year. I know you will come to me one day. Don't leave me again, okay? "The girl kept crying, but her arms holding Brooklyn tighter.

"Leave? What are you talking about? I've already stepped into the Marshal Palace with my incredible talent. From now on, there will be endless legends about me on this land, and countless beautiful women will fall in love with me because of my arrival. All the inner disciples and true disciples will surrender to me in the near future! As the only designated witness, how could you cry? You should be proud of yourself. Come on, girl, give me a smile. "

"Bah, don't be so smug!" The girl finally raised her head and pounded Brooklyn's chest.

"Don't you recognize me when you see Brooklyn?" Sitting in the wheelchair, the woman in white looked at Catherine. There was a warm light in her eyes, and she couldn't help laughing.

"Of course not. Sister Yun, Catherine misses you every day. Now, we can reunite again! "Catherine blushed. At this moment, she hurried over and held the wheelchair.

The beauty smiled. For a moment, many people were absent-minded, and then they were all angry as if Brooklyn had become a big enemy. "Shit, who is that guy?"

"What? How could this guy be so familiar with Catherine? "The disciple of the Flame Sect, who had just reminded Brooklyn, stood behind and was shocked.

Meanwhile, many people also noticed the woman in the wheelchair at this time. Her face was natural without heavy makeup, but it was not worse than that of Catherine.

How could this guy be so lucky to have two beautiful women around him?

While many people were discussing, a man with an incomparably gloomy face, his fists clenched, and he was staring at them.

The young man seemed to feel that it was not appropriate for him to look like this. He adjusted himself and walked forward, heading straight to Brooklyn and Catherine.

"Let her go!" The depressed voice came to Brooklyn's ears.

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