Chapter 2 Mysterious Jade

by Xu Chen 09:44,Oct 30,2020
What's going on? Inside the beast, there might be Bestial Crystal, but nobody had heard of jade before.

The jade immediately attracted the attention of Brooklyn Zuo. He knew that every powerful wild beast would have a kind of "Bestial Crystal" in its body, but the Bestial Crystal was round, which was not the case. Moreover, the Rampage-Tiger was only the First Stage Beast; it's impossible to have Bestial Crystal in its body.

After wiping off the blood on the jade, Brooklyn picked it up and looked at it carefully. Mysterious lines surrounded the jade. Under the sunlight, Brooklyn saw these countless lines moving! Moreover, the lines formed a whirlpool, and in an instant, Brooklyn's sight was completely absorbed in it.

"Wow! No! "Brooklyn felt something was wrong, but it was too late.

"What I have done is irreversible!" Vaguely, Brooklyn heard a domineering and cold voice.

At the same time, a feeling of dizziness appeared. Brooklyn felt that his consciousness was in chaos and gradually lost. The next moment, he fainted in the middle of the yard. Brooklyn didn't know that after he fainted, the jade turned into illusory light and disappeared in his forehead.

After the jade entered his forehead, a silver light flowed out from the surface of Brooklyn's body. Countless Runes suddenly appeared, constantly flashing.

"Those who don't know are doomed."

"Either embrace the darkness or die in darkness..."

In a daze, Brooklyn seemed to hear these words.

Brooklyn struggled. He indistinctly felt that his whole body was itchy and uncomfortable, but he could not open his eyes. After half an hour, the struggle on Brooklyn's face slowly disappeared and was replaced by a calm and natural face.

When Brooklyn passed out in the yard, a young woman appeared from another room. This woman had a bright face and was wrapped in plain clothes. She didn't wear luxurious clothes, but it seemed that her beauty would overshadow even the most luxurious brocade in the world.

However, it was hard to imagine that such a woman was sitting in a wheelchair.

"Brooklyn! What's wrong with you?" When the woman saw what was happening in the yard, her expression changed immediately. She used the wheel to the center of the yard in a hurry.

Due to the inconvenient movement, she had to bow down with all her strength and slowly lifted Brooklyn's body, letting him lean against her. Then the woman frowned and touched Brooklyn's forehead, seeming to sense something.

Fortunately, when the woman was worried about Brooklyn, he woke up.

"What happened?" When Brooklyn opened his eyes, he found that he had fallen asleep leaning against his aunt.

"What happened? Why did you faint? "The woman was relieved to see that Brooklyn had woken up.

"I don't know. "Brooklyn stood up and looked at the corpse of the Rampage-Tiger on the ground. He shook his head and looked confused.

He vaguely remembered the scene before he fainted. He held the strange jade he got from the body of the Rampage-Tiger. The jade seemed to contain some strange power, attracting his consciousness.

What's wrong?

Maybe everything was a dream or an illusion? There was no jade at all? But why did he suddenly pass out? And during the coma, the voice that was echoing in his mind?

"What I have done is irreversible!" Brooklyn said word by word what he had heard in a coma.

Just as he said this, Brooklyn suddenly trembled. He finally knew what was wrong.

The jade that had disappeared was floating in his mind, beating like a heart. It was initially an object, but after entering his body, it was like a part of his memory. As soon as Brooklyn's consciousness was concentrated, he would "see" this jade.

What was more amazing was that there was a space inside the jade. When Brooklyn's attention was focused on this space, a mysterious and blurry human appeared in the center of the space.

The posture of the shadow was strange. His feet stood in a specific direction, breathing like a real person. At the same time, he raised his arms above his head, put its palms together, and hacked down. That person finished this move, looking very simple.

"What's this? GY Move? But, it's just a shadow. "Brooklyn murmured, but his body moved unconsciously. Like the movement of the shadow, he began to move slowly.

What surprised Brooklyn was that simple move was extremely difficult for him to finish it.

Thinking about it, Brooklyn deduced that if he wanted to complete this action, he needed the support of the GY Power in his body. In other words, only after he awakened he could completely imitate this move.

Just then, Brooklyn suddenly found that his body also changed. His body was full power, and even the operation of his GY Blood was much smoother than before.

"Wow! Did my body recover? "Said Brooklyn in a trembling voice.

Everyone thought Brooklyn was a loser, but more than ten years ago, the loser in their eyes was a top talent in the whole world.

Brooklyn was born with brilliance, which had nine GY Marks. What's more, his physique was the Holy War Mars Physique. The corporeal body and the GY Mark had the strongest talent at the same time. In this case, if he grew up, his fists would shatter the earth, and his moves could break the universe. Not to mention Kris Jiang, even the Doris Long, who had six GY Marks, was just trash compared with the Brooklyn.

Unfortunately, his terrible talent attracted everyone's attention and even alert. The disaster finally came when he was six years old. The successor of Zuo's Clan in the Endless Field had formed a shocking conspiracy.

He found an opportunity to plunder his GY Marks, ruined his Holy War Mars Physique, and even killed his parents.

If it weren't for the fact that his aunt escaped away from the Zuo's Clan with Brooklyn, traveled across ten regions, and arrived at the current Firmament Field, he might be killed now.

Even if he escaped from the chase, his aunt was seriously injured during the process. Her legs were eroded by the Bone Poison, which made her unable to walk. As for Brooklyn, he couldn't awaken again because his physical body was disabled, and his hidden injuries couldn't be removed.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn walked straight ahead, breathed heavily, and clenched his right hand into a fist.


All of a sudden, the GY Blood gathered and revolved crazily. The next moment, a strong force broke through, and an air explosion appeared in the yard.

Although the explosion was not loud, it was still shocking to hear. It meant that Brooklyn's physical body had at least a thousand pounds of force, and it also meant his strength had increased greatly. In terms of physical strength, this kind of strength had completely suppressed Kris. If the two of them fought again, Brooklyn would no longer be suppressed. He would have complete confidence to defeat Kris.

"My physical strength has increased by at least three hundred pounds. I've recovered. My body has been fully recovered. "Brooklyn said to the woman in the wheelchair in surprise.

After saying that, he continued to attack. The force of his fist caused the stone wall cracked and left a deep mark on it.

Looking at the mark on the wall, Brooklyn completely believed that his body had recovered, and the hidden injuries had utterly disappeared. From now on, he could finally awaken.

"Does the recovery related to the jade?" Brooklyn was confused. The existence of the jade became a little mysterious in Brooklyn's mind.

"Your hidden injury has been removed!" The woman choked with sobs. She was happy for Brooklyn.

"Auntie, when I awaken and become an inner disciple, my treatment in the sect will be totally different from now. I can get more pills, and I can also hunt more beasts and seize resources. Auntie, I will remove all the Bone Poison from your legs. "Brooklyn said excitedly.

Looking at her aunt sitting in the wheelchair, he felt sorry for her. If she weren't for him, how could his aunt be injured like this?

Fortunately, as long as the Bone Poison could be removed one day, his aunt could still walk like a normal person. Otherwise, Brooklyn might blame himself for the rest of his life.

"I've been poisoned for ten years. There's no need to be in a hurry. It's more important for you to cultivate." The woman in the wheelchair said with a relieved smile.

Just as the two of them were overjoyed, the door of the courtyard was suddenly pushed open. A tall fat man with about two hundred pounds rushed in. "Brooklyn, did you offend Kris? I heard that he would disable you on the day when he becomes the follower of Doris nine days later. It seems that Kris is furious. "

"Eric? Don't worry!" Seeing the man, Brooklyn couldn't help laughing. At the same time, he was a little moved.

After Brooklyn entered the Star Sect, he had very few friends. His only friend was Eric, and only Eric would help him at a critical moment.

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